Thomas Anderson: Visions about the Future from 100 Years Ago


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 10, 2022

Dear Reader,

the german book “Vision 2004” tells us about what some people saw as visions about the future

back in 18xx and also before the first and second world war there were several people who had visions about the future

you find this book here:

I strongly recommend for every german reader to read this book

it was published in 1994 and tells us about visions from 100 years ago

and many of those came true

for example the World Trade Center demolition

in german language you read on page 13 about the coming gas and energy crisis and the visions tell you not to make yourself dependant on gas.

which we did.


the nucelar powerstation in austria, ready to start but never allowed to start, shall somehow start to produce energy right before WWIII

the city is named Zwentendorf, where 1978 they stopped this nuclear power station from running.

given the actual situation on the european energy market this small fact seems to me to very interesting.

(page 13 right side)

            (we should be able to verify this and ask our Austrian readers if there is anything ongoing regarding this powerplant)

heavy energy crisis

page 14

            (we see it beginning now)

food crisis

page 14

            (we see it coming because of the food plants burning and the farmes in Europe being paid for not to use their fields for farming)

you can survive the war nearly only on the country side

not in towns

page 14

            ( I  told you exactly this in one of my last postings)

massive immigration into Europe from south and east before WW III
page 14

            ( we see this happening all over the western world, and especially in france, germany, italy and spain)

war “south of Poland” before WWIII

page 15

                (urkaine IS south of Poland…)


page 15

                (we see this process already very good in motion)

world trade center

nothing to do with WWII

but longer before

page 20

                ( we all know it happened 2001)

Europe in the hands oft left wing parties

before WWIII

page 21

                (also true)

Austria as the main logistic and food hub for foreign armees in WWIII

page 23

while WWIII nearly all cities will be destroyed

page 24

                ( see one of my last postings about save places to be and where not to be)

several nuclear detonations over Adriatic see from North to South

page 24

Chinese forces against Russian forces on European soil

page 25

80m high tsunami destroys London

page 26

                (some weeks ago there was a mainstream headline about russias new tsunami weapon system called POSEIDON which could easily destroy … “London”)

90% of people dead

page 28

                (if we count vaccination victims and war victims together..

well… we might end up there…)

“the time after the war will be about restoring national states within legal borders”

page 29

                (this reminds me of course on the rumors about the restoring of the legal situation of 1871 with restorings of the old empires of that time)

german Kaiser restored after WWIII

with an east Austrian man on throne

“first law: no more abortions”

page 33

                (remember the supreme court ruling….)

do not go to Australia, because its going to be wild there

page 35

                (well… they are forcing now the 5th vaccination and I think the people will soon end up either being dead of armed and in civil war)

black paper on windows to survice

page 44

                (this reminds me of the fact, that black paper could collect more energy from sunlight and make your house warmer if you have all windows black.

you could have it even more warmer, when you open the windows and put a plastic cover in front of it, painted black outside. your inner house would heat up during the day and you would close the window at night. very simple system for heating…

when you read the book, you will have your bells ringing every second or third line

because what those visions presented a century ago seems pretty accurate given the situation of today.

of course everytime there are years named in exact numbers, they are often wrong.

but the described happening has happened anyway, just not at that time but some years sooner or later.

this may have to do with the rumors about the “time corps” who seem to be responsible for the timeline resets of Earth in the last decades, everytime we recognize a blackout of the Schuman resonance frequency


it was good to take a look at this book again

I strongly recommend to read it

perhaps somebody has the time to do an OCR on this pdf and translate it into English?

keep you posted




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