(Reader: KS) Response to Doc P about False Prophets


Reader Post | By KS

Thank you brother for everything you just stated. I agree 1000%!! Anymore, it seems that so many of the Real Patriots are so Starved as it were for Actual Truth from SOMEONE, ANYONE, that they Have Indeed become Sheep. Only sheep on the other side of the fence from the Liberals. All still Sheep none the less. And I do NOT Mean that to sound Disrespectful to Anyone. So please do not take it that way. I am merely Stating what I see. 

We have All, including myself, been searching for so long for Something to Legitimize FINALLY, what we have all been told by Q and these so called White Hats, only to STILL, have Nothing. But the one thing we CANNOT DO, is just Grab Any bit of “So Called INTEL” and Run with it as Fact when No one has Verified it to be True, then go spreading it around like some wildfire. That is entirely Counter-Productive to say the least from Everyone! I understand how desperate this whole situation is for many, including Myself, but we MUST USE CAUTION about What We run around REPEATING, because if it is NOT TRUE, then You yourself are Undermining this whole thing while Believing you are doing GOOD and Trying to Help!

This whole BS with Phil, started a day or two before HE even said anything from a woman in her car who posted a video online saying THOSE EXACT WORDS. Then Phil jumped on it and Repeated it as tho his “Secret Source” and the White Hats had given it to HIM and him alone to Break. Well if HE alone, was to BREAK that story wide open, how the Hell, did I see the Woman’s video the day before his?? More Proof he’s NOT who he Claims he is. Same will eventually happen to all the others Claiming to have some Special Military INSIDER of sorts who gives Them and ONLY THEM, Some bunch of Secret INTEL when THEY DO NOT! Military, WILL NEVER USE CIVILIANS TO ANNOUNCE ANYTHING!!! I know this, Doc P knows this, and so does just about Anyone who has served in any type of Intelligence or Combat Occupations in the military! And before anyone tries to make the claim, NO, they Also Will NOT use a “Civilian” as some sort of Liaison between them and us! They just don’t operate that way. It goes Completely against ALL Military Protocol. Again, almost anyone who has ever served KNOWS THIS to be True!

So PLEASE Stop just Repeating every little tidbit you all hear from this source or that source as fact! If YOU YOURSELF Cannot PROVE IT, STOP CLAIMING IT’S TRUE!!! That is only making Everything WORSE FOR EVERYONE, and it is NOT HELPING like many of you Think it will/is!!

I myself, am apparently, just like Doc P in this mess. I Really WISH I AM PROVEN WRONG and Wish that EVERYTHING Being CLAIMED Does in Deed COME TRUE FOR ALL OF US!! Trust me when I say, that I could use Nesara/Gesara and those MED BEDS just as much as any of you all. So could My Entire Family. But I’m not running to them Telling them oh This is Happening and That is Happening IF I CANNOT PROVE IT TO THEM Right There On The Spot! Neither should You all be doing that! You’re making enemies of your own families by being far too Over Zealous and all you are Really doing is making matter Worse more than you are helping! Many of you just don’t Know that or realize that tho. Which, is why Myself and Doc are trying to point this out TO HELP not Hurt or Not to be Disrespectful. We are full aware of how Anxious many people are. So are We! But we used to have a nickname for people like that in the military, who were all Gung Ho and Ready to run off charging Headlong into battle blindly. We Called them Wanna be Heroes who would end up Zeroes (dead) from running in without LOOKING and CHECKING and CONFIRMING things Beforehand! Even Patriot Street Fighter has posted how SCOTUS had NOT Overturned 2020. And I don’t like even Listening to him because of my own reasons I won’t go into. Some I Used to follow regularly, as of late, I have Stopped following altogether now. Because they have repeatedly given nothing that came to pass, even From their “Military Source” or whoever, or they and their “Source” have become quite frankly, Belligerent when what they CLAIM is Questioned due to Lack of PROOF! If they are Telling the “Truth”, why be upset when questioned? Truth has NOTHING to HIDE, and Truth, doesn’t MIND Being Challenged!

Anywho, Please be Much more SELECTIVE and Mindful of WHO you go off Repeating with No Proof to back up their Claims! It’s Not Helping matters! Q posts keep saying, that Every Lie would be revealed. I think personally, that some of these Fraudulent “TRUTHERS” are Now being REVEALED as well and their never ending Lies and Bullshit is coming to an end and they know it. But I digress.

Much Peace and Love to all of you Patriots! Stay Vigilant, stay Safe, Keep your Families safe, and Be Careful WHO YOU FOLLOW!

Doc P, I’m Right there with you Brother! Hoorah!

Reader KS


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