(Reader: Doc P) To Rambo and those that have Put Faith into False Prophets


Reader Post | By Doc P

As I have written many times before, one must only take the time to research.  Thus I challenge those that write here to base their findings on facts with evidence, otherwise you give false hope and are no better than the MSM.  I again researched the dark web and internet to find any proof of the SCOTUS election decision and have found nothing in direct quote or documentation about it.  That which can be found are baseless hearsay and hopium remarks without credible proof.  Yet too many continue to fall for these baseless and unproven remarks from those false prophets and especially from convicted criminals known for fraud and pedophilia.  There was enough court documents in both webs on Phil G.  Still sooo many fall for the scams instead of researching the claims.

Sheeple will always follow and it doesn’t matter if white hat, black hat, or no hat.  Start to confirm your intel.  If SOF-D is not tracking then you can count on the intel as being fraudulent.  Wake up patriots, those that have served understand what a counterinsurgency operation looks like and how they function.  Why would Patriots place so much value on sensational news that has no proof.  Phil has high debt, from what I can tell his websites and followings are what finance that, see financials for him on the dark web.  A statement like this only sensationalizes his following and boosts his income.  Everyone is here for the truth, well then research it, spend the hours searching for answers instead of blindly trusting a convicted felon.

Using that unverified intel is just as sketchy as MSM following their narrative.  I have mentioned before, I truly pray and hope that the path that has been described will happen for the People, those suffering and those fighting to survive.  But if we blindly rely on false prophets and unverified intel, what will our future be? Lies over lies, again repeating our past. 

To the researchers and info surfers, ie digital warriors that spend hours looking for info, do your due diligence and explain why PG is given so much credence in his intel.  He has never served in the military and the supposed NSA job was over twenty years ago. Since then arrests in 2008 and 2021.  He states he worked on a top secret program, that’s like me saying I was an Asymetrical Warfare Group Operator Delta.  No, I am not, but I did serve in three combat tours and was part of a task force that conducted secret missions of which several in the unit went on to become SF, and Delta operators.  Brothers in Combat are brothers for life and once in a while I get a bone thrown my way.

There was a reason I wrote my last post because our operations in Iraq were all Counterinsurgency and Counter Intel.  I sadly do not have the plan, and I don’t use a crystal ball to see the future.  I trust in God, I study the Bible in its relations to things happening today, I spend hours upon hours researching the web and dark web for evidence and intel, and rely on common sense and Instinkt in plowing down rabbit holes.  Finding real truth is hard work, throwing out an unverifiable statement is lazy money-making.

Patriots, do not be led around like fools on a bound nose ring by felons, you all should know better and have checked your sources credentials.  But in the end without an outright quote from the horses (DJT or Mil) or written evidence it is no more than drugging those that should know to do their due diligence with hopium.  The fall will be harder afterwards.

In closing, do not stop finding truth, do not give up hope, pray daily to god for help, and know that there are many of us that not only research but have sworn our oath many years ago to serve this nation, that oath only ends when our nations flag is draped over us.  Protect your homes and families, be non compliant towards unconstitutional mandates, live your life in Liberty, plant a small garden if able, stock up on the 3-4 weeks of supplies as recommended, and pray that this will end peacefully and in Liberty for all mankind.


My prayers go to every Patriot, Soldier, and Minuteman that has prepared for whatever battle may lay before us.  Bless all of you and your families.  May God bless our nation and the World.

James “Doc” Powers (Doc P)
SGT 91W20G Ret. USA


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