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For starters, thank you Rambo, Helen, Tiger, and others who responded in agreement with him. I feel the same way and am sorry if I didn’t respond sooner. But for those who still believe in “the plan” without questioning and going on the same script as repeated by others who believe “it’s a great time to be alive”, in their minds.  While they believe what works for them, works for everyone else.  Playing God always ends badly.  As there is a line one should never cross, bottom line is people have crossed that, while playing these psychological operations and drip references to keep people distracted, diverted, and deceived.  Ignorance is beyond no defense, right?

If anyone hasn’t read the latest of what I wrote, you should.

TLS, UNIFYD, DUMBS, & MEDBEDS: If this whole plan was to save the children from the DUMBS, while children are still being sacrificed onto the altar of Pharmakeia thanks to the years of indoctrination thereof.  There was more than enough time to prevent the mass deaths of children from the Convid depopulation weapons, but there is no telling what they really got despite being okay for now?  If anyone has heard of Unifyd (formerly Academy of Divine Knowledge) by Jason Shurka, there was a three-part Disclosure series with an organization they are affiliated with that are not tied with “Q” called The light source (TLS) that deals with the spiritual side via Jedi-light side style.  Ray, an affiliate of TLS, not a member as he sat down for these interviews as he pretty much gave to you straight. With the DUMBS that he was a part of the operation of rescuing the children, he helped to de-activate the bobby traps hidden in the walls, etc.  Most of the one million children, including cloned children rescued from the tunnels didn’t make it and died.  Those who did survive the horrors, live off-world.  How that was done under the guise of darkness during the lockdowns, as ships transported the kids a little at a time, then were taken off-world.  Ray talked about how the fake alien invasion could easily be done and the evil psychopaths have the technology to do so very quickly. If that were to happen, the people would thank them for saving them from the aliens.

Ray did see a real MedBed owned by an evil psychopath, that’s why he knows the MedBeds are in control of the evil psychopaths.  He knows that most of the work has been done, knows that more can be done to be rid of the evil psychopaths from the face of the Earth. This can be done very quickly via on the spiritual scale of causing the evil doers to die in their sleep for example. Ray’s had issues with TLS for not going more on the offensive and go more aggressive and get the job done, the pain will be there, but it would be over and able to rebuild quickly. Ray talks a lot of “universal awareness” and connecting to God within, and other topics of energy, frequency, and other BS.  I thought it was interesting and Ray might be telling the truth.  That’s my take from when I reviewed the three-part Disclosure series on Unifyd by Jason Skurka. I do understand that Unifyd/Academy of Divine Knowledge is tied with the UN through Sasha Stone. From there are tied with other New Age people within the Truth Community, conditioning the masses to accept the false light and christ consciousness. That’s why it’s important to question everything.

Trump is no different than the rest. Trump did invite so many swamp critters in his administration, including the heretic prosperity gospel wolf in sheep’s clothing Paula White to be his spiritual advisor.  One should find that non-Christ like as Trump is not a Christian and serves his gods Mammon and Moloch plenty.  He lives in a different world, as one can see he is fueled by ego, $$, and is a narcissist.  He allowed Big Pharma to continue their poisons, pushed for vaccines such as the measles, including the Convid depopulation weapons. Pushed for Red Flag Laws after the Parkland FF event, fueling the military industrial complex, continued civil asset forfeiture, militarized police, signed off $6 trillion of fiat $$ printing from the Federal Reserve, buddies with Zionist Israel, & continued the same policies as the other banker puppets. Which is one should ask how did Trump get out of not being owned by the Rothschilds, after he was bailed six times?  From the children coming out of the White House after his administration was allowed to be seen.  God only knows what really happened during the Trump administration than from what we are being told?  Voting is a suggestion box of slaves, if voting really made a difference, they wouldn’t allow us to do it.  Why continue to vote for any of these political parasites who serve corporations, pharma, industrial complexes, and overlords, when the policies never change and to whom benefits, think about that?  Don’t waste your time voting for any of them.  Beware of the many false prophets out there past and present who deceive humanity claiming to have the divinity to see into the future. Divinity, according to the Bible is forbidden, it’s sorcery/witchcraft.  Be careful what’s being present and question everything. Anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.

Updates of these evil doers pushing for gun/people control. NY Governor To Require 3 Years Of Social Media History To Obtain Concealed Carry Permit    Any gun/people control that violates the right to keep and bear arms, but free speech and privacy rights.  I want to see 3 years of the demon Hochul tyrant’s social media. Very sure it’s unhinged and trashy. Because anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.  Resist and don’t consent. Our rights come from God, not Government!

Please watch this video by Brian of Here’s the Deal. As on the 4th of July was another FF event of a shooting at the Chicago 4th of July parade with six dead and over twenty injured.  It’s the masses consent to tyrants commandments and doctrines are why this insanity continues.  Gun control/confiscation leads to total enslavement and genocide.  The ATF and Highland Park LOCKDOWN – Happy Independence Day   Another mkultra graduate, wouldn’t doubt the supposed suspect is a computer generated image comprising of different people such as Adam Lanza. That’s what the suspect looks like.    Highland Park is a wealthy white neighborhood, north of Chicago on lake Michigan. It’s home of Chicago’s northernmost water treatment plant.  Beatle juice Lightfoot LOL!!  No surprise that the evil doers would do another FF event to push for more gun/people control.  Good news is more are waking up to the BS, in the battle of Good vs Evil.


Thoughts and Action. I said what needed to be said with my other posts, because I’m not the only one whose had it with the lies and deception. Playing God always ends badly. The more these lies continues, the worse it gets and everything falls apart.  God’s timing depends on one’s interpretation thereof.  God works through each of us, some of us need the extra help, work, etc.  None of us are perfect and neither are you.  How does one know which form of $$ is safe?  How will our data that we have online to be safe and other matters, because that hasn’t been explained in full?  What really works and what doesn’t?  For one, the controllers such as the white hats and others claiming everything is in control, while the real one’s suffering are we the people.  Because we the doing the living, the working, surviving, and dying here.  The operations still continue, people are deceived, and others are fighting back in various ways. We will never know how many in the millions died in the battle of good vs evil.  Need more “show and tell”, no more BS, no more psychological operations, no drip references, show everything on the TV. Am not saying one needs to see what happened in the DUMBS & other satanic rituals, but the rest of the truth 100% needs to be revealed.  The longer that this continues that you claim to be in control, the blood of the innocents and those deceived are on your hands.  There’s a line one shouldn’t cross, not giving the tools for we the people to remove the evil doers from the local level. No matter what is revealed, you will have those who get it and are awake, those who refuse to believe it, are stupid, crazy, or evil.

Would you accept that white hats and other groups that people aren’t going to operate the same as you, people won’t change unless they want to change, playing God always ends badly.  Yes, there are plenty of those who need to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions, we are all guilty of that and more.  Forget this woke crap that you white hats and other groups are doing playing these games and claiming that 80% or more need to wake up otherwise the military won’t do anything to save you.  Really? Then, how come there are mass injuries, disabilities, and deaths from the gene therapy Convid death shot within the military as revealed by whistleblowers within the DOD? How come there are over 120,000 army troops resisting the clot shot?  If you white hats are for real and truly side with we the people and serve the Lord Almighty Jesus Christ, stop lying, and get the job done, eventually people will know who you really are.  But allowing people to be homeless on a mass scale, including being hungry, dying of famine, destroyed by weather warfare, etc.  No excuses for allowing evil to flourish as good men and women do nothing to hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity.

Agree with Rambo on waiting until the end of August.  Still not everyone has that time to wait, as more are suffering and dying.  Not everyone has the ability to grow their own food and among other things due to weather warfare, etc. No matter how much or how little one prepares lasts temporary.  Why wait until no one is able to do anything, are in various civil wars, chaos, destruction, and mass suffering and deaths? Is that part of the plan?  We all have our issues, you too white hats and other groups have your problems from within you need to be straighten out and resolved, not be greedy, and defeat the evil doers.  That’s why I brought up with my last piece, if you White Hats refuse to stand up and remove the evil doers, those such as myself and others would be happy to do so because we don’t have weeks, months, and years of this insanity.  The longer this continues, we won’t have a future.  Am sorry to rant, but I’ve had it am not the only one who feels the same way.  It’s painful and difficult to sleep knowing the crap and the stress that others are going through and the lies that the controllers on both sides do to benefit themselves at the expense of many.  From the beginning of time to the end, there will always be the battle of Good vs Evil.  For those controllers and other channels promoting the script, while living comfortably $$, you have no business telling us what to do while you have your own issues.  More importantly whom do you really serve God or Mammon, as one cannot serve both masters.  Why repeat the same mistakes as others, doing the same thing and expecting a different result are signs of insanity?  Truth bears no scrutiny and no good measure to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.


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