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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 3, 2022

News Flash

Dear Readers,

here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last days…


I posted a survey on my channel




asking the following questions:

[Do you think a world war will start? ] month  before           last month                results  NOW

– yes                                                                      15%                               17%                   15%

– no                                                                       77%                               76%                    75%

– not know                                                            8%                                 7%                    10%

[ if a worldwar starts, when will it start? ]

– june / july 2022                                             22%                                 22%                   20%




– august / september 2022                           28%                                  26%                   32%

– october / november 2022                          28%                                  26%                   24%

– december 2022 / january 2023                   0%                                    4%                     4%

– later 2023                                                      22%                                  22%                    20%

[do you think a famine will start 2022 and will people be hungry for several months or even longer? ]

– yes                                                                     39%                               36%                    38%

– no                                                                       49%                               50%                   47%

– dont know                                                        12%                               14%                   15%

[what did you do for preperation on one of the above? ]

– food storage                                                              90%                    88%                     88%




– deepfreezer                                                               55%                    56%                     53%

– gardening / farming                                                 55%                    52%                     53%

– weapons                                                                     35%                    32%                     34%

– special clothing                                                         15%                    12%                     11%

– change country of living                                          10%                    12%                    11%

– daily products storage / non food storage          40%                    40%                    42%

– emptied bank account                                             15%                    16%                    15%

– bought precious metals                                           45%                    40%                    42%

– sold shares                                                                    5%                     4%                       3%

I was wrong in expecting no more big changes. It seem that slowly the picture is starting to get negative in people expectations.




First of all there is a link for those who are able to read German language books.

this is a link to an archive with lost and forbidden books.

mostly in german language, but quite a few also in English.

it covers history and science.

and another link is an archive with only English  videos

about very special topics

its called

British government starts to tell people officially that there might have been problems with the vaccine




and that vaccinate people with problems might have a right to claim 12.000 pounds from government.

imagine all vaccinated people would get that amount in Europe and U.S.

government would be broke in 2 minutes.

People, who are professionally dealing with dead people, claim, that they find blood clots

in all vaccinated people of immense proportions.

and those blood clots not seem to be dead but triple in size in just a few days, even after having pulled them out of the body.

last place on list.

all (!) vaccinated develop AIDS




especially visible after being boostered (faster)

and monkeypox seems to be the perfect camouflage explanation for the AIDS caused skin problems

because it looks very similar.

meanwhile insurance companies are paying out high amounts for especially young peoples deaths

of course it was covid, not the vaccination…

and at the same time world wide the birthrates are Imploding.




so the depopulation, this conspiracy theory, has started both by more deaths and less births

here is a video of a Russian hypersonic missile destroying a buner in more than 100 meter depth

it looks very similar to a nuclear explosion.

there are rumors, that the whole story about nuclear bombs is a fake story, a fear porn

well… judge yourself

all is done to make the energy crisis in Europe happen

now a LNG terminal in Mexico went off in an explosion

and the food crisis will also come because it is also very well prepared




producer price inflation was 33.6% last month

highest ever recorded.

it will take some more months for this to be visible in the supermarket but there is NO doubt it will be visible then.

so we are starting to go into the last phase of inflation.

grain fields in Turkey are burning

no mainstream media talking about it

the blocking of the landline between motherland Russia and Kaliningrad seems for  me to be one of the most important developments in the last weeks

By doing so, for me its like Lithuania is begging for being overrun by Russian military.

this is a direct threat to Russia and their people (although of course Kaliningrad is still an occupied German territory and Putin is very well aware of this)

anyway, this could be the seeding point for an actual hot WW III

Austria is a country of free speech and free right for demonstrations.

of course.

however, non vaccinated people have lost the right due to the risk that they might spread the virus.

its law now in Austria

And Austria already informed their people of the start of the new vaccination campaign on August 27th this year.

so we will enter this second rollout.

no matter what.

Also the rest of Europe will start over in August this year

for history interested people:

Tartaria is surely one of the most fascinating topics you can think of

a hidden and lost history of a huge empire with lots of HighTec

there was again a small gap in the Schuman frequency

last week

very small

however, we still need the explanation

I gave you some guess about it in the NewsFlashes of the past

UFO filmed entering portal of Geneva / CERN?

BRICS is growing fast

now Iran and Argentina want to join

Turkey now is ok with northern countries entering NATO

which will bring us also closer to war with Russia and NATO


this is a topic I would love to know more about


it seems this knowledge was already there a century ago but then killed, most probably by BigPharma

because you cant make money with it

only giant fruits and vegetables without any chemicals.

I put several videos and books into the channel.

perhaps you can find out more and share.


government is warning you:
gardening can be a risk for your health!!


that’s all for the moment.

I´ll keep you posted.



And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

My Channel on Telegram:

World Conspiracy in English language (ebook / paperback)

In German language (only paperback, sold out in new condition, used still available)

Space Conspiracy  in English language (ebook / paperback)

And in German (only paperback)


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