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Submitted on July 3, 2022

Dear Readers,

yesterday I had a meeting with an interesting guy.

the main info coming from this meeting is the following.

Switzerland is preparing for a possible hot war starting in around around 10 months.

maybe a bit earlier, may be a bit later.

Switzerland seems to be well prepared regarding food and defense.


However, energy is indeed a problem. electricity and gas and oil.

As short as this information is, which comes from a guy with military and service background,

it tells you a lot.

Switzerland has better resource planning and guarding of national emergency resources than Germany or France.

or the United States.

If Switzerland says, energy resources will be a problem this year, you should listen…

what can we, as a private person, read and learn from this information.

  1. you should think about how much and for what you need electricity in case of emergency.
    1. if there is an emergency, internet might possibly go down, television is not that important anyway.
    2. for news and information a small battery radio might be enough.
    3. kitchen might be a need for electricity. however… gas could be an alternative.
    4. heating? -> gas…? or wood?
    5. if you need electricity because you want to work on your computer or watch movies on the tv,

then you should look on the back or bottom of your machine and read the number about the electric consumption of your machines which you

want to have running. adding all those will give you a number of kilowatt hours. let us say 10 or 20. whatever number you will have calculated,

you will then need a generator which is able to provide this amount.

and of course you need this amount for several hours a day. so you will have to calculate how much will be the petrol or diesel consumption of this generator. and then you will multiply this number by your expected number of days for the duration of the possible crisis. this will give an amount of litres of petrol or diesel you will have to store somewhere.

or if you do it with solar cells, you will need some bigger panels of solar cells plus the amount of batteries to store the needed power.

  1. if you want to stay mobile with your car, your motorbike, your motorhome, whatever, you need to add that amount of fuel to your tanks volume.

I guess you pretty fast talk about 2000 or more litres to store somewhere.

  1. please think about how you get your water into your apartment or house.
    1. is it with an electric pump?
    2. or with simple downhill water pressure?

                                                              i.      to answer this question you might need to get information about your municipal water station.

                                                             ii.      however, if you live on a flat area without any mountains, you can be pretty sure, those municipal water plants need electricity to run.

                                                           iii.      so you might end up in a water supply problem….

yes I know, this is prepper stuff.



  1. for people in Germany these thoughts are very much more important. Germany gets cold in winter.

                                                              i.      you (in Germany)  might think about your floor: do you have carpets to cover all rooms? carpets are warmer than just plain wood or tiles.

                                                             ii.      do you have enough gas / fuel resources stored? water resources?

  1. there is a way for providing more heat in your houses.

                                                              i.      you could simply use the greenhouse effect of farming greenhouses.

  1. think about a normal greenhouse. they use plastic to cover a simple metal construction so that the inner area of this metal construction can be heated up.
  2. think of your house. it uses insulated windows. for keeping the cold out (or in).

                                                             ii.      now the principle is very simple. buy yourself some transparent plastic covers form your local construction market, which you would normally use to cover some thing while painting walls etc.

                                                           iii.      buy some frame wood

                                                           iv.      open your window and build a simply frame within your window , on which you then tape or nail the transparent plastic cover.

                                                             v.      while the window is open, the sun will now heat up the inner room, when the sun goes down, close the window and the heat will stay inside for a long time.

                                                           vi.      yes, I know it might be not as convenient as a normal heating system, but it will help you having a warm room.

  1. the political dimension of this information can lead us the question where you might be safe and where not.
    1. Germany:

                                                              i.      NOT SAFE

  1. bigger towns like Berlin, Cologne etc
  2. all towns with heavy industry (ALL and everywhere!)
  3. all towns near military installations, especially airports, missile bases
  4. all towns near gas or fuel storages

                                                             ii.      pretty much safe:

  1. somewhere in “nowhere”, on the country side, away from towns
  2. according to visions “all south of the Danube (Donau) in Germany is safe
  3. U.S.A.

                                                              i.      NOT SAFE

  1. I assume all military installations could be dangerous and the towns nearby

                                                             ii.      safe

  1. same as everywhere: country side. mountains seem to be a good place to be

                                                           iii.      however, the water and electricity problem is still there…

I heard from an insider that he expects the first hits on London, not Berlin, Paris of Madrid. London is the place NOT to be.

Because if you are somewhere else you have the chance to react on emergency when you see that London is falling.

the food problem is of course something we have to think of.

the grain fields burning in Europe and the food processing plants burning in the U.S. are surely not a relaxing sign for me.

the food and energy crisis is well prepared.

for all those problems you might find something useful here


indoor vertical farming,

generators, radios, whatever…

I will start working on the topic of electro-culture, because I think it might help everyone of us in short time.

for more information about it see here:

first intro

the named time frame of 10 months fits very good in a normal crisis development.


we have the blockade of Kaliningrad now.

this situation will slowly heat up for some weeks. it will surely lead us to a military action against the Baltic countries taken by Russia.

Those countries are small. so it will probably take a short time only.

but this will end up Baltic /NATO countries being invaded by Russia to protect their people in Kaliningrad.

Invading NATO countries will of course be exactly that situation, NATO seems to dream of right now: finally in state of war with Russia.

then it would be official.

the domino effect of that situation again can be imagined by everyone.


for me there are two possible scenarios:

white hats and trump allies will stop these lunatics buy leaving or dissolving NATO sooner than 10 months.


this will then lead to a very impressive and total destruction of the Cabal  in front of our eyes in very short time

and perhaps to a renewal of the legal status of 1871 worldwide in order to remove everything illegal done by the Cabal.


we will experience the last war of the coming 1000 years.





in any case.





And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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