(Reader: Michael Murdock) Happy 4th of July 2022!


Reader Post | By Michael Murdock

Happy 4th of July 2022!!!

Once a year America comes together on some levels to celebrate our Independence Day. Yes, one day we will declare our independence from Aliens attacking our country, but right now it’s not like in the movies, THANK GOODNESS!!!

For those who are for abortion, June 24th was Independence Day from ROE v Wade which was wrong from the moment the case was opened nearly 50 years ago. For those who are against Abortion, June 24th was a WIN for those unborn in our country who also have rights. People claim MY BODY MY CHOICE, they forget that once the embryo starts to grow, that’s their body, their choice! yea, that’s how that works. There are so many ways to prevent getting pregnant and yes there are those cases of rape & incest that should be considered, as well as times when having the baby will kill the mother, of course ensuring the safety of the mother is key and protection of the fetus if that can happen. Most important. Don’t forget, that baby could be the next President, CongressPerson, Governor, Pope, Rock Singer, etc…Preserve LIFE when you can. Adopt out when you can. Abortion should never be used for birth control. Yes, my opinion. Isn’t that something. We all have the right to express it. It doesn’t have to be violent, but it should be truthful.

For those who are concerned about the Supreme Court now that Liberal Justice Breyer is stepping down, don’t be. We still have a conservative majority in the court and the next Republican President TRUMP or DESANTIS will make sure to appoint another conservative to the court should someone else decide to step down and retire.

Celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY this year and keep in mind those unborn who are now going to be protected and will eventually celebrate their independence from those who might want to exterminate them for no good reason.

Also this year keep in mind those who will be serving overseas across the planet to ensure that your country remains INDEPENDENT and FREE. Those Mother’s Father’s Sister’s Brother’s who serve, our prayers are with you as the holiday approaches.

For those who’ve left us waiting for the RV/EXCHANGES to happen, we pray for your families, your souls and that you are now enjoying your independence from waiting for the event to happen.


For those just now arriving into the world of the RV/EXCHANGES, I still have faith that things will take place, with the exception of ANY TIERs that are mentioned as there truthfully have never been actual TIERs of payouts created by any of those involved in the treasury of the USA or other countries. TIERS/GROUPS are a MYTH. 

To all of you, your families, your friends, your relatives, your contacts, may you all have a HAPPY & SAFE 4th of JULY WEEKEND which officially starts tomorrow and remember that MONDAY is the actual holiday which means things are going to be crazy until TUESDAY at least!

God bless, God Speed, and many prayers to and for all of you.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

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