(Reader: Hawke) Only Grey Head Attire Wearing Klingons


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

I’ve been reading much from many equally minded folks that are seeing the truth as for what it is… The whole ‘White Hats’ in control spiel… Nope. Truth is from what I keep saying like others – Show me the Proof…

Given the amount of horse chit to keep minds upon the White Hats narrative – It all pseudo popcorn… Let me ask you something – Has anyone even connected the meaning of ‘Popcorn’ to mean What they think it means i.e.  “Hold my bear – It’s all covered, done, actioned so sit back, relax & enjoy”

Nope! – Think about it. What is ‘Pizza’ i.e. the wording & term used by the D|S? What did it actually mean – Child Sex including Traff|ck|ng upon a scale – they didn’t even hide it… They even showed you the pictures of former Presidents, The Spirit Cooking parties, The NBA stars including Hollyweird etc etc etc.

So these ‘so called’ ‘Patriots’ who I’m gonna say are sitting on their asses thinking DJT is gonna save America – Wake up, he’s a dictator & his whole clan is the D|S.

Sorry to go Star Trek mode here – They are all ‘Klingons’ – who don’t care about anyone except themselves & their Empire. So if the D|S are Klingons, What did they do to the Federation – Yes, go Genesis device on everyone, use their stealth, cloaking, space firepower & destroy you. You couldn’t reason with them & from them came the fabric of the Jem’Hadar – the Military arm of the Dominion. They they most powerful military force in the Galaxy.

Now, this whole Horse Chit about the ‘White Hats’ – There is no White or Black Hats… Only ‘Grey’. Only one faction exists – Grey like the Little Grey ET’s that actually entered via the spaces in the Dome to traverse through. Grey Head attire wearing Klingons are WHO exist. They are in control – No Blanco Beings & certainly not DJT.


Seriously – You believe DJT is in charge. He’s a dictator, following orders, seeing how foolish you are to believe that after 18 months – Still he’s not President – claims to be as you say he is yet with all the power & money – Has he stopped the D|S plan – No – He has forwarded it.

Did he not roll out ‘Operation Warp|speed’ – So how many military claims going on right now? How many Military Brothers & Sisters have died / injured / cannot be cured now & the claims, data, proof – our soldiers still being lied too. Don’t say – he had no choice – it was that for forever lockdowns…

Let me tell you something – It is always going to be lockdowns once they complete the Financial meltdown. They’ve done the food, supply chain, health – now they almost there with the Financial to wipe out all our money. Each being with a Bot inside them – You know, you know you are property of the Government & Pharmaceutical. Ain’t no “1776” gonna save your behinds as the one’s that can, are sitting on their behinds, completely behind on what is really going on.

This whole show, pantomime infact – Stop being fooled. Where is the evidence – There is none – All fake hearsay. Why with all the money & connections – DJT not have news channels running 24×7 showing the ‘disclosure evidence’…. You still believe NE/GE SAHARA is for us. Each day, they are gaining more towards their plan – WAR is always being mentioned but the Klingon D|S got smart – Instead of brute savagery, they learnt to be subtle & install puppets for us to marvel upon…

Fellow beings – Show me the proof of the Blanco head attire wearing folks as there is none. Credible, Fact, Truth, Real – None exists. Look around you, see the level of destruction to halt this surviving kingdom. We are weeks away from no fuel, no food, no finances – Please, stop eating Popcorn & watching this Pantomime that nullifies your duty to God.

Get with it STAT (Statim) as the NWO end already did begin… If all bind together & fight, chances are slim otherwise, life going forward is only grim, dim & Fin…

Klingons don’t care about sin, only the win…. Qapla!



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