(Reader: TM) Doomsday Stonehenge in Georgia



Reader Post | By TM

Let’s take a moment from our Oh, Sooo Busy Lives To Revisit The Georgia Guide Stones.

In this long and hard fought journey of Self Discovery one might bear in mind that If You Do Not Learn To Decipher The Slave Language , you will always misinterpret the intended definition ( As Was The Original Intention… To Create Dissent ).

Now If You’re “Captivated” by the word Doomsday in the title of this “piece” then your 3D mind will file this under the Doomsday Conspiracy Theory and relegate it to the “Mental Dust Bin” of MisCreation.

If one continues to View A Fifth Dimensional Reality Through A Third Dimensional Filter ( Language/ Perception / Thought Processes ) one then cannot Transcend From These Lower Density Belief Systems …

If One Can Perceive The Possibilities By Comparing NESARA LAW With The Georgia Guide Stones Instructions (Written in Stone 20 years prior)
Could The The Guide Stones Then Be Viewed As A Precursor For NESARA ?
Preparing For Our Human Thoughts To Transcend , To Aspire To Greatness ?
Would Your Interpretation Shift?
Would You Be Capable Of Comprehending The Purported Meaning Of The Words ?
This Is A Process !!

For the sake of this discussion I will only refer to the 1st and 2nd instructions.




As All Great And Inspiring Creations On Earth Have Been Corrupted And 3D Beings Are So Easily “Cowed” .
The Statement Indicating 500 Million Inhabitants Can Spread Fear in the “Herd” For Obvious Reasons.
Allow Your Higher Self To Guide Your Thoughts ,Please …
Remain In A State Of Grace ,Please

A Planet Where Humans Were “Naturally” Long Lived ,Would Aspire To Create A Template By Which To Base A More Natural Way Of Being/Living That Requires A Diverse Humanity ( Healthy DNA) To Express Living Our Lives In Harmony With Each Other And With Mother Earth.
Within Our Universal Community !
A Living Breathing Earth Where The Surface Dwellers Live In Harmony With Nature …
( Note… Double or triple that amount may be scattered throughout the planet by living underground )

Marriage and Procreation Will Be “Guided” By Common Sense Laws That Will Be In Place Through Properly Managed Communities With The Highest Values To Live By ( not our present 3D foolishness created for fools and run by fools).

There Is Nothing Ominous In The Language With Which The Guide Stones Were Written If You Read The Words As They Stand.

# 3 A Unifying Language (is in existence)
Not our slave language

# 4 Use “Tempered Reason”
A Living Loving Faith

# 5 & #6 Return To Common Law
State And National Sovereignty




# 7 Smaller Effective Legal Government

# 8 self explanatory… Learn to Coexist

# 9 Prize Truth Beauty & Love
Seek Harmony With The Infinite
Can a Human on this Journey Interpret This Concept as Sinister ?

# 10 Live In Harmony With Earth

As Far As I’m Concerned These Are Words To Live By…
If You Doubt … Revisit This…
Because Wisdom Will Be Derived When You Revisit Something You Weren’t Ready To Learn Interpret or Evaluate and Process When First Being Introduced To These Concepts …
Beware The Pitfalls of Misinformation Misdirection and Disinformation …
By Learning To #Think4UrSelf



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