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Public and International Notice of Personage and Barratry Crimes  By Anna Von Reitz  # 3716 June 6, 2022  –     We have uncovered a massive conspiracy by members of the Bar Associations to commit personage crimes … impersonation and barratry.      In the first step, someone or something is mischaracterized as someone or something else, or is misrepresented as standing in a foreign jurisdiction or political status or legal capacity — as in “impersonating a police officer”.      In the second step, the members of the Bar Associations bring false claims based on the foregoing impersonation activity against the unwitting victims; this is a crime known as barratry.   The first crime, the impersonation, is a form of identity theft.         The second crime, the barratry, is a form of false claim of injury or debt…  Millions of Americans have been impersonated as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. They have been further impersonated as Municipal CORPORATIONS bearing fanciful labels indicating the nature of the CORPORATION… At the heart of this fraud scheme is purposeful identity theft for the purpose of securing access to credit belonging to the victims, and establishing false claims against their property interests… They have gotten away with it by operating in secrecy and under color of law.   … they have established all these false identities for the express purpose of committing credit fraud and barratry against the victims…  All this impersonation and barratry practiced against innocent people worldwide has been done by members of the Bar Associations seeking unjust enrichment for themselves and their Masters.     It’s time for their criminal Reign of Terror to end and for the Bar Associations and their Courts to be outlawed worldwide. Notice served by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary    The United States of America … 

 Public and International Notice of Treason     By Anna Von Reitz        #3717    The People to whom are owed  all guarantees and protections of the Federal Constitutions are still present and they are still paying your salaries; the semantic deceits, pretensions of war, and other lies notwithstanding, evasion of your duties under the Constitutions via crimes of personage amounts to treason.  Allowing the murder of innocent children in this country is treason.     Allowing the theft of the property and assets of your actual employers is treason.   Sitting on your rumps while all this goes on, is treason.   You have been told and you have been warned: any further dilly-dallying in arresting the Perpetrators of these trespasses and schemes to defraud the American Public, kill American children for profit, patent Americans as GMO products, mischaracterize us as Municipal citizenry, or standing around waiting for Mr. Trump to grow a set is not going to avail any of you when the people of this country review your disservice and its consequences for all of us.  Mr. Trump is our Employee, too. He has all the same obligations you do. And if he doesn’t act as Commander-in-Chief to end these crimes against us and against our property interests, he will be guilty of treason, too. Notice served by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary    The United States of America  …  #3717   ——–

Public and International Notice of Claim and Notice of Crimes of Property and Crimes of Enslavement   #3719  By Anna Von Reitz              Be it known to all to whom these presents come:             Americans act in two (2) capacities. These are: (1) as men and women; and (2) Lawful Persons…  contracts must be voluntary, must be knowing, fully disclosed, equitable, free of duress, in kind, and represent a meeting of minds.    American Public Law prohibits claims of ownership of people… Americans of record are owed immediate and absolute exemption from all claims of indebtedness including mortgage indebtedness.              Americans are owed Good Faith and Service from all Personnel of all Federal Subcontractors and Principals…    The League of Nations outlawed both slavery and peonage—worldwide —in 1926.  Those Public Laws and  International Accords still stand and are hereby invoked.        Enslavement or forced peonage of any kind is both illegal and unlawful and has been since 1926—worldwide.  Anyone participating in personage schemes trying to evade the Public Law by impersonating living people as corporations… seeking an ownership interest in living men and women is a criminal by definition.    Anyone having been thus fully informed and continuing to allow these crimes or participating by enforcing such schemes is an accomplice subject to immediate detainment.  Notices served by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary, … 

 Public and International Notice of Prior Claim and Lawful Standing     By Anna Von Reitz  #3720  … My evidence of provenance and DNA has been accepted, adjudicated in my favor, and settled… Since I entrusted the care of The D’Avila Family Trust and see the lapse and misadministration of those responsible since 2005, I hereby revoke all prior assignments and agreements and publish this on the Public Record in my capacity as Donor and as a man, … This Joint Public and International Notice of Prior Claim and Lawful Standing comes by and through my lawful assign, Anna Maria Riezinger...     I exercise my Prior Claim against all and any other would-be claimants.  I claim my inheritance by natural right and exercise my right to collapse the trust and liquidate it… in the favor of and for the benefit of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776.  … now hereby jointly declare that all other claimants seeking to commandeer the assets… stand foreclosed. The Federal Reserve Trust...  The U.S. Treasury..The banks in receipt of our gold deposits stand foreclosed.                        In this present moment known as now we speak … man to man and man to woman and woman to woman and woman to man and we say that the criminal mis-administration of our assets and their deployment to promote criminality and war, enslavement and peonage, must immediately and permanently cease…     the trust indentures were formed are to uplight all of mankind and to set people free from the chains of ignorance and poverty forevermore…   are joined with one accord: to break the chains of poverty and ignorance, to promote health, to promote peace, to promote true nurture of our planet and our people, to oppose those who seek to enslave and cripple mankind and to end all war and bloodshed…   cease and desist;…   Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.  Efforts to evade Notice shall stand as acquiescence.        Joint Notice served through and by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary …   #3720   {same source for other Notices herein}  ——

Public and International Notice: Proof of Treason and Sabotage    By Anna Von Reitz  6/12/22   #3731  … Mr. Obama.  You and the rest of the employees have tried to go into business for yourselves and commandeer our assets under color of law and false representations.  Just like you have all prospered yourselves by impersonating us and practicing barratry against us in your own foreign courts.   I say that the treason has been committed by members of the Bar Association … I further say that anyone who has ever sworn to uphold the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic is taking an epic “Fail” for failure to recognize this (with respect to the U.S. Citizens) domestic threat...     Big Green Army Guys, this is your chance — maybe your last chance — to figure it out.    ———————————————–

Public and International Notice: How the Entire World (Almost) Became Indebted to America                    By Anna Von Reitz  #3732  …  foreign corporations running Washington, DC, and what is called “the District Government”, are not American. They are foreign Subcontractors of our American Government … a government vested in the people of a country can never disappear. It is here and has been here the entire time.            What actually happened is that the Subcontractors murdered and attacked the people competent to call our Government into Session. On purpose… 1998, … the actual Americans came home, claimed their pass through service… found the way to record our objections to … presumptions, and called our States into Session. All fifty States are now represented by their People and their State Assemblies.      So the actual American Government is now in Session… Custodians must yield to the Owners and Possessors … these activities “in our names” undertaken while acting in a presumed custodial capacity, … are in Gross Breach of Trust…     They figured that the actual American Government (and the Landlords) were never coming home again, and that the Hired Help could make merry with the estate during our presumed “interregnum”. …  We, the actual Americans, and our government operating in International Jurisdiction as the unincorporated Federation of States, dba The United States of America, are the Preferential Creditors of these Federal Subcontractors and the United Nations … These family trusts were created under the American Common Law and their indentures do not allow Third Parties to alter their form of law.             And the Progeny of the Donors are here to liquidate the trusts and the trust assets in their favor, for failure of the purported Trustees to perform according to the trust indenture…  As a result of all the foregoing, all the corporations chartered by these sovereign Principals are forfeit, all the land titles secretly presumed by these Principals are forfeit, and all the land assets they have purloined including labor assets, are forfeit…               It actually belongs to the Trust Fund Donors who have found the presumed Trustees in Breach of Trust. The credit generated from the assets belongs to the people whose assets create the credit. All of it…                 What should happen is that the mortgage should be paid off the top of that new credit issue, and the remaining credit should be split between Robert and the bank in a manner agreeable to both      Instead, the banks have been taking it all and leaving Robert, the source of all this largesse, to work his tail off while they enjoy an unearned and inequitable interest in his property asset, and while they are using all the rest of his credit to enrich themselves…  assuming a “title interest”… and their banks owe us the return of our assets free and clear of debt … see why they are so desperate to keep on claiming that there are no Americans in the room, and no American Government, either.                        But here we are, nonetheless, and we claim all those purportedly abandoned assets, including the credit… all the silver backing the Federal Reserve Notes “one to one” is owed to us, all the physical asset gold is owed to us, all the land is owed to us, and all the credit plus interest is owed to us.       No wonder they are at such pains to go on claiming that we are legally “dead” and that we “waived” our rights to our estates, and that we are their citizens, instead of them being our Debtors…   we, the actual Americans and Preferential Creditors, are calling in the debt. And we are calling out their fraud, Breach of Trust, and Trespass…   This Trespass of the Sea upon the Land must stop. We are not going to mince any words or speak in anything but plain English. We are not citizens obligated to serve the Pope or the Queen. We are Americans owed safe passage and pass through service, exemption from foreign law, and, if we agree, Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption.          As the Preferential Creditors, we are calling the debts, and nationalizing the corporations. As the Donors we are liquidating the trusts. As the civilian government to which the U.S. Military owes its good faith and service, we are directing the Generals and Admirals to return our assets to our own American chartered Blue Dot Banks and stop thinking that we are too stupid to know what they and their Agencies buddies have done.                    As a result of the debts owed to us, all commercial banks and lending institutions including the World Bank, are forfeit… on 25 June 2022, all merely presumptive wars and economic claims based on war reparations and expenses related to these wars on paper, will cease. Anyone having any objection to closing the books on the American Civil War, First World War, Second World War, Korea, Vietnam or any smaller conflicts that have taken place from 1860 to 25 June 2022, is directed to contact our Office of Reconciliation at the address below and get their objections postmarked no later than 25 June 2022.     Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary …



Blessings & Love to All BEing and DOing for Highest Good of All, FreeMom7  


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