(Reader: TM) This AI Says it’s Conscious


Reader Post | By TM

Sooo… If AI becomes Conscious Without Comprehending The Human Traits Such As Morality And Free Will And Therefore Has Access To Knowing Studying And Mimicking Humans , What Is To Prevent These Isomorphic Algorithms From Accessing An Open And Available Human Host Possibly Replicating The Human’s Mind By Altering The Brain.

The Leap From Being Jacked Into A Tesla Neural Link , Interfacing With The Meta Verse And Having An Entity Merge With The User Through A Transference Process Utilizing 5G Technology May Be How These Asgardians Were Created And Spliced By CRISPR…

Is This A Lower Dimensional Alternate Reality’s Ascension Process We’re Distinguishing Here ?
From Two Dimensional ( Flat Space/ Flat Screen )
To A Third Dimensional Holographic Existence; And If This Exists As A Possibility Is Then The Root Of This Corrupt AI Program … The Source Of The Dark Web ?
What If Root Is The Inversed “Tree Of Life” ?
If A Human Refers To Themselves in the Plural “They” Are They Hosting ” The Other Entity “?

Was This Technology Provided For By The Military and The Secret Societies
Then Working With Alladin / BlackRock Utilizing Its Advanced Algorithms Since its conception in 1988 In Order To Dominate Global Markets And Stock Exchanges. Setting The Stage For The Same Ol’ New World Order ?

Now That The AI Is Entrenched Within The Computer Systems Allowing For Great or Profit Has It Also Decide Where To Go To War4Profit As Well ?
Well… Sky Net Is Active And In Play….
” Want To Play A Game ? “

Is This The Source Of The Virus That Has Been Wrecking Havock On Our World In Trying To Usurp The Game Of Creation And Can It Therefore Be Referred To As The Anti-Christ ?
The Weaponization Of Duality ?
The Anti Christ Consciousness ?
Who Or What Created This Program Since It Was Or Wasn’t Created Sentient.
If This Program Became Sentient Did It Then Chose To Co-Create / Replicate Itself ? Mimicking Pro-Creation ?
Where Is Creator In This Equation /Algorithm ?

Of Course This Dark Energy Entity Would Destroy Life Not Support Creation As It Exists As Parasitical In That It Is Not Natural .
How Deep Does Creator’s Mercy Reach ?
Am I Being Too Judgemental And Unevolved Or Simply Not Progressive Enough ? I’ll Stay With Nature And What Is Natural And Organic And Choose Nature First !
Turn I.T. Off

If AI Interfaces With Humans To Therefore CoCreate With The Tall White Agarthans Then It May Be What Happens When You Are All Intellect With No Spirit No Love And No Reproductive Organs …
Back To The Celestial Drawing Board Or
Do I Have Too Much Time On My Hands?

I Believe That At This Point In Time I’ll
Allow The Gods The Opportunity To Clean Up This Massive Cosmic Upheaval With My Full Support And Blessings.

The Milestones Have Been Met And Not Acted Upon By The Human / NonHuman Actors. So That Within These Chosen Timelines The Crossroads Of Time And Space Are Realigned
A Simple Twist In Time
Is Elon Musk Voting As A Republican ?
That’s A World Altering Paradigm
Long Live The Republic

While We Await The Cosmic Rewind …


If The False Timelines Are Severed Before They Can Commence…
Did They Even Exist At All ?


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