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I think it is time to routinely question everything the “White Hats” are doing.

There are so many stories that don’t add up that I am beginning to believe as many do, that the Alliance and White Hats are an elaborate Hopium strategy by the dark-side.  Here are a few of the contradictions we have been fed.

1.  “We have it all!”  Really?  Then, why do we need to wait to gather more evidence before shutting down and arresting all the dark-side players?

2.  The White Hats have arrested about 2 million dark-side participants.  Really?  Why do we still see hundreds if not thousands of government workers totally committed to destroying nation after nation?

3.  We have arrested and executed scores of the elite.  Really?  In any organization, if you remove the top people, the organization has no direction, starts to fall apart, has infighting among the lieutenants etc., etc..  Yet, we see NATO, the UN, the CDC, the WEF (and many more) operating at full tilt to attack us, control us, kill us, steal our money, etc., etc..  The dark-side plans continue unabated.

4.  We have been told that several countries have gone on the Gold Standard.  Really?  Not one word by their presidents or in the financial news…including in reputable alternative financial publications.


5.  We have been told that the reason we don’t see progress from the arrests is because the dark-side had clones to take the place of public figures.  Really?  So, the dark-side made clones, in advance, for Tom Hanks, his wife, talent agency employees, all of the leadership in all the 3-letter agencies, all the royals, all politicians, etc.?

6.  We are now told that instead of using the EBS system to explain to the public all the bad that has occurred and the good about to start, it was decided to take the slower approach of quietly replacing employees of the major media throughout the entire world, so that eventually the messages coming from the news would gradually inform the people of this entire, giant Satanic conspiracy.  Really?  How is that to be accomplished any time within the next few years?  There are literally thousands of true believers (in the Satanic, leftist lie, view of life) among the staff of news rooms, throughout the world.  So, you gradually replace the top people and now the AP or Reuters suddenly starts broadcasting the news to all the local outlets but instead of woke/leftist lies, the news is now about how the leftist lies were a pox on the planet.  Do we really think that all those true believers in the editing, reporting, writing departments will accept those reports as news they must report?

7.  We were told that Russia would go into the [redacted], clean out the bio-weapons labs and the Nazis and do it in about two months.  Now, we are told that this war will probably go on for years.  In addition, wars are threatening to break out in many different countries now.  There are currently 10 full-fledge wars plus an additional 8 military “conflicts” in the world now.  The Hopium peddlers would have us believe that these wars are all signs of the White Hats fighting the dark-side yet at the same time, the GCR “insiders” have been telling us, despite Gesara requiring peace on earth before it can manifest, that we are any day now, to start the humanitarian efforts of Gesara.  How many contradictions can we believe before we start questioning our sources of information?

8.  We were told that this war (between light and dark) has been going on for 1000s of years but now we are in the final moments of it.  We have also been told that the Alliance and White Hats have won the war and only a mop-up operation is now in effect.  Really?  Why are the plans for starving the people, mandatory vaccines for Monkey-pox, natural food restrictions,  violent crime in the streets of many cities, currency manipulation, price manipulation, wars and this woke crap still going ahead full-blast?

9.  We are told that Special Forces are fighting for the White Hats and that at the same time, much of the top leadership in the militaries of the 32 countries making up the White Hats, is corrupt.  Really?  The military is totally based on chain of command.  How are the Special Forces sneaking out at night to fight in Tunnels, for instance, without their commanders knowing about it?

10.  Lastly (for today) we are told that the Earth Alliance is a small group of patriots fighting for humanity and that like in any war, there have been casualties.  Two questions:  A.  How can a small group continue to take casualties and still match up against superior numbers?  B.  Why, since there are many retired military and police in these countries, have the White Hats not recruited any of these people?  There are retired Generals who totally agree with the motives of the White Hats who have never been contacted, in addition to all the trained fighters.  Maybe these fighters (retired military and police) won’t go down into the tunnels but they certainly could help with arresting the politicians, for instance, who have sold out.

At this point, without true evidence (looking at the tea leaves to discern if some event is evidence of the White Hat activities, does not qualify as real evidence) we don’t really know, amidst all the contradictions, if we are dealing with a sophisticated CIA type operation against the one group who could oppose the dark-side, we the people.  I realize that a giant group of angry public indiscriminately killing all politicians, for instance, is not justice but…if there really is an Alliance and they really “have it all”, why couldn’t a list of arrests be provided, along with some evidence, to the retired police and military to take care of?  Then, figure out where you can publish these “wins” so more and more of the public is aware.


How about hacking the major media TV news to deliver some of these truths?  That would certainly be faster than waiting on a gradual replacement of people in the major media.  The point is, the “master strategists” in the Alliance are allowing the destruction of countries, families, etc. while they slow roll everything…or, they simply don’t exist and we are losing everything we hold dear, at the hands of these dark demons.  Don’t get me wrong, I am fully invested in the spiritual win for humanity, but lies don’t belong in reports to the one group of people who actually support you, Alliance.


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