(Reader: Peter W) Self-Reflection Time: Purgatory, Self-Control, Acceptance, Ambition, 3D/4D/5D Beings, and Evil


Reader Post | By Peter W

Let’s take a short journey of self-reflection….

If you are reading this from some place NOT in heaven, then by definition you are in purgatory.  By now, and by your own experience, your life, for a moment, a reason, or a season has presented that opportunity, place or state of suffering or misery, where you get to work on you to become fit for heaven.  Thus, all of us who are alive are in purgatory working on those particular irritating lessons and manifested habits that each of us need to accept or change in order to become fit for heaven when our turn arrives.

There is but only one control mechanism that is necessary in this life…one’s own self-control.  Among other things, teaching that self-control habit to our children only strengthens them, our families, our communities and our nation.

Words matter; that’s why we have a 1st Amendment backing up your right to use words to communicate.  And, in my opinion, there is only one control to the 1st Amendment: common decency.   I acknowledge that there are certain legal limits on speech, such as you can’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater.  I believe that this limit falls under what I’ve previously listed as common decency which is within the “do no harm, unless in self-defense”, “use good judgment”, and “be responsible” life directive.  Still others argue there’s only one control: self-control, which I believe is aligned with common decency.  Fortunately, the 1st Amendment protects our right to use bad grammar, limited vocabulary, and poorly formed speech; otherwise, there would be an astronomical amount of litigation with the populace when the litigation should be with the various school boards.

We have been led to believe that there is such a thing as hate speech and political correctness; and, that these actions (verbalizations) cause harm to others.  For perspective, before he passed, my Grandfather shared several things with me that he observed when the Communists took over his home country.  He observed that the Communists pursued control of the illiterate and poorly educated masses first like the luring Pied Piper of Hamelin, supplanting what education the “have not” masses had with divisiveness towards the “haves” upper/ruling class; using a Master / pupil relationship to implement a divide and conquer strategy on the unaware masses in the cities.  And, then, after the uneducated “have not” populace were under manipulation control and the majority of the “haves” upper/ruling class were either eliminated or under control, the Communists started changing the definition of “haves” which opened the lens to allow them to target whomever they wanted.  

My Grandfather indicated, in the lead up to Communist control, the Communists went after control of certain government leadership positions; they went after the common man’s ability to communicate in public first then they went after private communications; then they went after gun ownership; and, eventually, the Communists (for the purpose of consolidating and sustaining power) went after the people’s ability to self-govern (my read…control of the ballot box vote counters (public) and control of the family construct (private)).  He said they first started in small pockets and grew like a cancer to encompass the country; eventually using armed conflict and periodic purges of independent thinkers in the final steps to take full control.  

My Grandfather shared that those who were weak of will and character (who, without self-control, would bend like a reed in the wind) and followed every word of the Communists were the turncoats that would sell out their mother for what they wanted; they were the untrusted.  Surprisingly, he indicated the hard core Communists he could trust because they were aligned with their ideology (money and power) and had no second thought about inflicting misery on others to get what they wanted; so, you knew where you stood with them.  He didn’t agree with them or what they did but accepted them for who they were…EVIL.  He said those willing to stand and counter the Communist ideology weren’t very bright not because of WHAT they did which resulted in their life’s end but in HOW they chose to end their lives which unintentionally caused more suffering on their family and those they left behind without any substantive results.  The vast majority turned into cattle that just wanted survival; they couldn’t think of freedom. 


Yet, despite all the buffoonery going on today, America is still a free nation because of the US Constitution.  We still have rights and are free in spite of the fact that our “elected” leaders and those government bureaucrats in positions of responsibility appear to be undermining those very rights to which they swore an oath to protect.  Because of our 2nd Amendment and a military sub-populace that supports and defends our US Constitution, we still have a backstop to retain our freedom.

I remember from my time in the field that mosquito bites initially used to irritate me.  After a number of times being in the field, insect bites became a cost of being in the field.  And, because I had ambition to minimize bites in the field and some level of self-control, I experimented with changing my diet before I went into the field; it proved somewhat helpful.  While my efforts didn’t solve my irritation problem, my efforts mitigated my problem to an acceptable level and then I moved on to my next irritant.  And, it is important to note that those irritating mosquitos have a purpose in the ecology of this planet.  Whether we agree or not, God has a plan and everything has a purpose.

Truly living means there are no perceived impediments to your life; you accept your life or you unleash your ambition to improve your life without harm to others, starting with improving your attitude about your life.  Clean attitude == clean heart == clean life.

I want to know if it matters to you if your neighbor’s cow hangs out with a duck or a pig?  Do you, the neighbor, care what farm animals of your neighbor’s hangs out with one another?  If you do, then we really need to call an intervention on you to “help” you get your life compass oriented to true north; because, you really need to get / make a life better than the one you have.  Acceptance is the beginning of learning to live with irritating aspects of yourself and others; and, self-control is necessary to improve upon that irritating aspect in which you have ambition to improve.  Irritations draw attention and fixation at the expense of all around you.  You cannot truly live if you are fixated on an irritant.  

In my here and now world there is no Guru-stated 3D, 4D, 5D beings; those haves and have nots.  You know the ones…those ducks who should only congregate with ducks; those pigs who should only congregate with pigs; those cattle who should only hangout with cattle.  God, please help us if a 5D being hangs out with a 3D being…because, that ain’t supposed to happen; they can’t operate on the same frequency.  Well, let me ask you…What does kindness look like in 5D and is there a difference with 3D? 

I’m sorry but this is asinine to think that everyone has to operate on the SAME frequency to BE and to become enlightened.  Have you heard of that drummer who marches to their own beat; their own frequency, but can’t cook dinner?  How would you rate an infant versus an adult?  Would the infant be 3D and the adult be 5D?  Or, do you start out as a 5D infant and then grow more ignorant to a 3D adult?  Can either exist in the same space?  Do they operate at different frequencies? Are all adults irritated by all infants?  In nature, a particular “frequency” exists in a spectrum of frequencies; meaning that in nature a 3D individual would exist with a 4D or 5D individual in the same manner that Jesus (a perceived 5D individual) existed on this planet with other 3D and 4D individuals; and, all operating on their own frequencies.  If we all existed on the same frequency then we all would be like a purified homogenious substance…we call that plastic.

Did you ever think that these aforementioned and described 3/4/5 dimensional constructs are used by a GURU to subdivide in order to influence your behavior so you will follow them, hit their like / subscribe buttons, raise them up, give them an opportunity to feed off your energy, and buy their products and services?  Some negatively influence others to get those others to stroke their ego, feed their wallet, and give them power.  Guru secret knowledge is power over those who don’t have it but seek it; sounds a little occultist, black hat masonic?  Now to be honest, some actually believe in what they share as helpful.  There’s nothing wrong with that as long as it does no harm and it is not at the expense or put down of others.  I just keep in mind that God never called me 3D / 4D / 5D in nature; perhaps what “D” I am doesn’t matter to God which is why I’ve never heard God, the creator, use those terms in communications with me.


I learned in kindergarten that sharing is caring.  BUT, that was a situational thing…perhaps your mom divided your lunchtime peanut butter sandwich and you shared half with your classmate who forgot to bring their lunch.  Sharing wasn’t about you subsequently growing that lunchtime peanut butter sandwich distribution into you providing your classmates lunches every subsequent day.  That’s called hand out dependency which generates irresponsibility, influence, and power grab opportunities.  Could Guru information distribution be used to generate hand out dependency, irresponsibility, influence, and power grab opportunities?  Could Guru information distribution be used to generate “hand up” opportunities for those with ambition to improve themselves at their own expense?  The full spectrum is possible because people do the best they can with what they have.

Way back when this country started, tradesmen and professionals stepped up to serve a term or two in public office; and, then afterwards, they went back home to continue the lives they were building and developing.  Everyone had a right and a responsibility to take ownership for the decisions affecting this nation and their families and their communities.  People used to live more independently while thinking of their neighbors before they thought of themselves because they believed that when the day came and they needed assistance their situation wouldn’t be perceived as a “cry wolf” situation and their neighbor would help without question or judgment.  Somehow we’ve isolated ourselves from our neighbors and let material things cloud our judgement of what matters in this life.

Among others, there are those who do not accept who and where they are in their life; who want more without earning it; who believe they are better because of who they are; who want to shine brighter at the cost of others; who seek nefarious ways, means, and ends to get what they want.  Now to be honest, again, some actually believe in what they do as helpful.  Others entertain the growth of their bank account.  The example of Jesus Christ during the process of his crucifixion was that he bore his life burdens and made efforts to relieve the burdens of others; he bore his cross and then some.  He didn’t ask others to bear his cross and demonstrated that much of the suffering of life is foisted upon us by ourselves and others who fail to accept the value proposition we present.  In essence, failure to accept is rooted in our own life’s fears.  

Some people need to vent on occasion; I get that.  But venting is usually a one-time experience to relieve the built up emotional pressure.  When we go personal in our response and criticize others, are we not presenting the case where we fail to accept the value proposition of others, what they bring / potentially bring to our community, and judge them through what we fear in ourselves based on what they communicated?  How do we know they’re not venting their emotional frustration during their journey towards a higher level of self-control?  In compliment, when we foist our fears onto others and go personal with criticism, we add to other’s misery and unfairly burden them further as they journey through purgatory.  Is it not fair, if you have to, to prefix your communications as “venting” when it actually is venting? To essentially tell others that “I’m human” and I need to release some emotional burden to the universe.  Is it that difficult to exercise kindness and lend an ear through listening?  Wouldn’t a demonstration of kindness uplift both the listener and the one venting?  In contrast, if we are ALWAYS venting our emotional burdens are we not failing to embrace our suffering and failing to carry well our own cross to bear.  Is it not unheard of for an individual to experience the same situation repeatedly until they have learned to accept that situation and bear their own cross?

There is only here and now and what you make of your time in your body.  Let others dream and speak of places they believe / perceive / desire to be.  Does it really matter if your neighbor believes they are or desire to be 5D? Or, 3D for that matter?  What does it say if you are always going around and telling others you are 5D and they are not?  Are you really something if you have to tell others that you are all that?  If you both are working on becoming better versions of yourselves while you do no harm, use good judgment, and be responsible…who cares?  

Life is suffering; and, suffering isn’t pleasant.  While some find a temporary rush of adrenaline from pain or onset of joy and pleasure…a non-stop rush of adrenaline can be quite overwhelming.  The same holds true for suffering; non-stop suffering can be quite overwhelming.

Viktor Frankl in his book Man’s search for Meaning described what behaviors he observed of his fellow prisoners in the Nazi death camps.  He assessed that those prisoners who died on their own (not of external action) were generally the ones who died because they couldn’t see beyond the misery; they didn’t have a purpose and ambition to complete that purpose.  He further observed that those prisoners who survived had ambition and a purpose outside of themselves.  Essentially, those who died gave up on their lives because they refused to accept where they were and couldn’t see beyond their own misery.

In war, self-control, ambition, patience and intentionally deliberate action are required to structure the context for the strategic fight such that any path taken will arrive at victory.  Many who have never seen or experienced war firsthand only think in terms of battles fought and objectives achieved; the Hollywood projection of war and the War College educational experience.  But, that kind of mentality is vastly unrefined, generates never-ending conflict, anchors in a one-size-fits-all recipe approach, and fails to account for the fundamental aspect that war is about two or more belligerents refusing to accept the intentions or actions of the others.  More importantly, never-ending war is a result of a lack of completeness of the solution defined by the hostilities.  Because a truly complete solution is, by definition, always an acceptable solution.

Imagine that you are in purgatory; you refuse to accept that you are in purgatory; you believe you deserve to be in a higher place; and, you start a war with your neighbor because you refuse to accept your spot in the cash register line and that you have to wait your turn.  Perhaps you believe, “Why can’t everyone see that I’m better than that?  It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that I deserve to be at the head of the line because I am ME!”  Really?  Really!?  “Why can’t everyone else see that I deserve to BE without having to put in the required self-control, patience, time, and effort?  How jealous!”  So, why not start something that intentionally inflicts more misery on others because you refuse to accept where you are in your journey through purgatory and feel that you deserve better; and, thus, are only a success over others when everyone else is a failure.  Well now, to intentionally inflict more misery on others is by definition ill-will; and, ill-will manifested through action is always EVIL.  Thus, to intentionally inflict more misery on others is EVIL.

And so, how do you subjugate others and command and control in purgatory?  You start a club with your friends; you take care of one another and give each other hand ups and hand outs at the expense of your neighbors.  You keep your efforts secret and operate in the background.  You separate the people into the “haves” and the “have nots”; and, you make sure you and your friends are in the “haves” grouping.  Then you get secondary people used to an easier lifestyle through bags of money and you infiltrate your way to the top; placing your friends in high places, secondaries in lesser key roles, and then you become a Mafia.  An interesting thing about Mafia…they always have competition.  Competitors like to compete; some wins and some losses.  A sector here changes hands; a sector over there changes hands; battle after battle the tides of war ebb and flow until one day a battle gets a little real and one side goes over the line.  What happens next is that the Mafia is taken down and another one replaces it.  Are the so called white hats (WH) following any of these efforts?  


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some wonderful experiences living overseas in a Mafia controlled neighborhood; because, that controlling Mafia was very family-centric.  And, as is the case with all Mafias, they are all business-flow focused; work stoppage is bad for business; gotta keep the cash flowing in to fill the increasing sizes of wallets they keep acquiring.  However, as the case with all Mafias, when someone in the chain of leadership gets a little too hubris or too greedy or too ambitious then there’s usually an event that gets a little too real and goes over that line of acceptance.  Then there’s change; and, change can be smooth / rough or it can be good / bad.

So far, we’ve been led to believe there is a PLAN; that some WH group is executing this plan against another black hat (BH) group (sounds like a Mafia war); that this plan is a plan worthy of trust and will deliver good results; because the world will be saved, the BH group will be made to suffer, justice will prevail, and eventually all the BHs go away.  This great “Mom and Apple Pie” kind of stuff, right!?  I remind you of the aforementioned definition of EVIL.  There is a fine line between JUSTICE and EVIL; JUSTICE is righteous and quick while EVIL is prolonged manifested ill-will.   And, I know and have witnessed EVIL, first hand, from overseas warzones; I do not wish to associate with nor wish to consciously support EVIL in any way.   I digress.

Back to the PLAN that we all need to Trust.  I haven’t seen this plan with my own eyes; so, I can’t speak to the existence nor (my own assessed) viability of this plan.   I’m not aware of who is in charge of executing this PLAN or who are all the identified belligerents.  Maybe I know some of those engaged in the execution, maybe I don’t.  I hope to God that “The PLAN” the Patriots are supposed to be trusting isn’t someone who plugs in a set of criteria and runs a number of simulations in order to develop options for another computer to guess at the probability of certain outcomes from the options.  I hope that’s not the PLAN. 

The proof of action we are given is strategically circumstantial.  We are given some GURUs to talk us down off the ledge.  Some speak with forked tongue; others speak with egg on their faces.  I know, it’s tough not being the consistent source / wellspring of credible information.  I used to point out to staff after an intelligence brief that the intelligence officer is promoted based on how well they can tell a story of the enemy’s intentions.  Occasionally, they would tell a good story but eventually their sources became questionable.  All of them deliver no concrete path to perceived good results; but, then again, all of us do the best we can with what we have.  And, no matter whether you put lipstick on this pig or not; or, you agree or accept things as they are or not; we’re all in purgatory together, and, using the WH bumper sticker…WWG1WGA!    

In my youth, my mother always brought a camera on every venture outside the house.  We had photos of everything; we purchased small souvenirs; we had proof we were there and all of us experienced the journey together.  Later, we could present our extended family, friends, and acquaintances with a story and the artifacts to back up that story in order to convey what we did.  We are told that what we are witnessing has already occurred some years ago and that the WHs are trying to wake up the populace by telling us a story of intentions.  I suppose the WHs have a healthy respect for the fact that America has a lot of guns and probably doesn’t want to trigger war in the streets due to an incomplete comprehension of what has been happening / has happened over our known past.  So, it would appear we collectively are in that pot of water being turned up one degree at a time to wake up that sleeping Giant as “gently” as possible by slowly turning up the economic heat and buffoonery rhetoric.  I get it, they don’t wanna make mamma bear mad but at the same time they wanna make a lasting memory to prevent future repeats.  

Well, I would like to point out that there are only so many tomorrows.  To make reality meaningful then the full truth has to come out so people can fully comprehend what has happened and what shall never happen again (to the best of our abilities).  A lot of work needs to be done to get the populace focused on living their lives now (in the present), not in the past that we can’t change, and certainly not in a future whose path and outcome we cannot guarantee.  We can only control what we do or do not do, in the present; that is our only guarantee.

I would like to point out that it does little good if the WH take a trip to space mountain and their leaders leave everyone in the parking lot or in the back back 40 in the middle of the night with no transportation to the park entrance.  We are all in purgatory together.  Could it get worse?  Always.  Could it get better?  Depends. Words mean little when correct action is required.  And, it’s helpful to keep in mind that there is a difference between holding someone accountable and taking down your competitor / opposition under the projection of accountability.  In all cases, a story has to be portrayed with artifacts to back up the narrative in order NOT to leave everyone (from whom both sides need their support) in the back back 40 and in the dark.  The power rests with the majority people.  You can’t occupy any position / seat of power without the majority people’s support or at the very least the majority people not being against you.  Because, if the majority of people are against you, everything is a hard sell to make.  Everything, in between Majority support and no support, can be somewhat manageable but the amount of required effort and expended energy goes exponential walking towards no support.  

So, I ask you…to consider…

How do we know that what we’re experiencing isn’t the process of one mafia (WH) replacing the existing / ruling other mafia (BH)?  Could I live with this case?  Is it Right?  “Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.” – Thucydides.  Do the WHs consider “We the people” equals?  We all know the BHs don’t consider “We the people” as their equal; we are but the sloven unwashed masses, the mindless “beasts of burden”; the deplorables to them (BHs).  Because if the WHs consider “We the People” as equals, wouldn’t it be more respectful to involve us (the audience of this “movie”) in determining the outcome of this “movie” and our future world rather than leave us in the abyss of ignorance? 

 My relationship with God is solid.  My relationship with everyone else?  Depends.


Trust, in my view, is earned through consistently demonstrated correct public action.  Thus, words mean little when public action is required.  When the WHs eventually take overt control, will they truly have the trust of “We the People” because of not WHAT cause they fought but HOW they fought that cause.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions; the road to heaven is absolutely paved with good judgment.   Let’s hope the WHs choose good judgment over good intentions as we, the audience / populace, suffer what we must. 

Have my words got your attention?  You be the judge.


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