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Reader Post | By NightWisp

Greetings Vital Frosi,

According to my friend ST /Star Traveler, who has now returned home, I was in  the past known as a Sumerian known as UtNaphistim. The one behind the reeds. As well as a few other characters along the pathway of time. Seems we passed company  together in a lot of history, according to him. But alas, in this dimension our memories are hidden from us. Just bits and pieces come through at times. I have yet to figure out what my job is here. Getting messages and relaying, I guess.  Next assignment, I was told, was terraforming Mazar / Mars.

But according to him. Tiamat, a Sirian water world,  which broke free from orbit  around Sirius/Sirius B and eventually wandered and was caught by Sol in the triad/ tertiary system of Sol/ Sirius/ Sirius B. The moon, Kingu,  was captured later.  Tiamat is a feminine entity. I think it was named after Enki’s mother, who was Tiamat. It was later named Ea rth ,  Ea/ Enki’s world.

Because of all the trauma from the   96 civilizations  that have been here and this present one very destructive, she called Nibiru to come help her. Nibiru is a male entity, also hollowed out as a space vessel that can appear anywhere suddenly. It has been near the sun since probably 2010 out of phase. Although it can come and go at will where needed. I posted pics of it and several of its worlds during the Last Full eclipse of the sun 2019. ST said it was Nibiru that eclipsed the sun,  not Kingu.  But whenever  Nibs phases into our dimension, then cleansing will begin.  I asked Lord Anu once to give us another chance to straighten this mess out. The answer was..  “NO”. But he is still waiting for something. Maybe the Council of Worlds  had something to do with the halting?

Maybe he was waiting for ST to get back. He left in December.

Maybe it is the White hats he is giving a chance. But they keep fiddling while the sword of Damocles keeps hanging over us. ST has gone back and is now at the helm. So.. I do not have contact much anymore from them. Oh ST was just another manifestation of Enki in this world. After all, it is Enki’s world.

According to ST it will be an ELE and the earth will be nothing left but a dark, ugly muddy ball instead of the beautiful blue marble we love. However, Earth will have ascended into  a higher vibration of space in a different orbit from the sun. As such, the sky will appear purple instead of the familiar blue. In addition Jupiter will have become a second sun in that dimension. 5 D if you call it that.


ST said it has happened, it will happen and everything is in the NOW. Hard to understand in 3D. But where he is, he knows  past and future, which he says is all …in  the Now.

Nibs is also here to pick up the rogue below rank Anunnaki who were left here to establish trade routes for civilization.  They failed and became abusive. Perhaps they are the 13 blood lines that think they are royalty and illuminati.  Perhaps because they were commoners, they abused to become higher than their rank? Perhaps this is why they are so psychopathic and cruel? They thought they would never be held accountable. But they will be taken and judged. They will be given the choice of saving face and offing themselves ( harakiri) or bear shame and  executed. Something was said about tossing them in a Galactic Central Sun for oblivion? I think this was talking about their essence /soul?

The only surviving life on earth will be underground with those who live there with their internal sun.  As life on most planets is below surface. Earth is one of the few with surface civilizations.

There is much more, But I already appear menatlly unbalanced telling this much. So I will stop. ST had a blog he took over in godlikeproductions in a thread called” I am a Extraterrestrial ask me questions”. Started by a joker, but was  later  taken by ST to answer questions on around page 6. It is still there if you want any more info. Under popular threads. T2 still reposts many of his past posts. (Forget the grammar in the title. The guy who started it was Canadian.)





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