(Reader: EJ Marko Jr) The Finish Line


Reader Post | By EJ Marko Jr


Mr. President Please Take Us Across the Finish Line!

So, I have read on Real Raw News that there is discontent among the high-ranking Generals, Admirals, and Colonels.  It was said that there are 12 high ranking military officers that are calling the shots, of which General David H. Berger of my United States Marine Corps is the leader.  They said that Major General Richard E. Angle Commander of the 1st Special Forces Group and Colonel J.D. Keirsey of the 75th Ranger Regiment have spoken out in favor of immediate mass arrests.  General Berger told them that unless President Trump authorizes it then there is nothing he can do. 

Here’s my issue with that:

We have been told from the beginning by Q that we have it all.

The NSA has captured every email, text message, phone call, chat room chat for the past 15 years.

We have been told about Project Looking Glass which allows the White Hats to see the future.


We have been told to Trust the Plan.

So now at the Eleventh Hour we’re being told that there is disagreement between the White Hats.

If you, have it all and you can see the future, they should be able to see all of this.

They have always said that President Trump wanted to limit the collateral damage and deaths as much as possible.

How many people must die from the Bioweapon Fake Vaccine?

I see babies born with BLACK EYES.

I see high school kids dropping dead on the gymnasium floor.


I see people shaking uncontrollably and having seizures.

I see Professional Soccer Players in Europe dropping dead on the field.

I see young children and infants dying after being jabbed.

I see pilots dying in the air and the rest being grounded.

I see our military being poisoned, losing pilots, cases of HIV, Cancer, Myocarditis are skyrocketing. Military members losing their career because of non-compliance.

They have said that a lot of these vaccinated people will be dead in 2 or 3 years.

How many more people must die?

You want to wait 5 more months?

We “The People” don’t Resonate with that Mr. President.

I Stand with the White Hats that want to FINISH THIS NOW.


Mr. President, you always said that you are not a Politician and now you want to play Politics.  That is Unacceptable!

All the lies, special counsels, investigations, and assassination attempts on your life are not enough for you to PULL THE TRIGGER?

You’re not in touch with reality, you’re not out here like we are. 

You live a very comfortable life, and deservedly so, you busted your ass to have that lifestyle.

You are not losing your family members, job, house, car or business!

We are not interested in waiting for November midterms.

We don’t care about elections anymore.

We have been told that the government will be 5 to 10 percent the size it is now after the switch is flipped.

Personally, I think the House of Representatives and Senate are a beaurocratic waste of time and money.

I think a Council that has 3 representatives from every ethnicity that has over a certain amount of people living in the USA is more in tune with the direction we are headed.  The Council would elect a Chairman or Chairwoman.


The dumbass, braindead, brain washed, entitled ass, lazy ass sheep need to SEE with their own 2 EYES physical proof of the consequences of the atrocities that these people have committed.

And Quite Frankly, we “The People”, need to see it as well.

As we say in The Marine Corps “Reach Down and Grab Ahold”, “Man the F Up”.

We have been out here defending you and your family since 2015.

Being called Crazy, Conspiracy Theorists by our own families.

My whole family are Libtards.  They all got jabbed as well.  Dumbass Sheep.

I personally have no sympathy or empathy for ignorance.

Any time I brought your name up their TDS would kick in.  There just weak people!

There not strong like the truth seeking, truth loving Patriots.

So, I say to you Mr. President, as the old saying goes “Shit or get off the Pot”!


The time is NOW!  Not November!

If you can’t get it done, then I am in full support of the White Hats finding someone who can. 

If that is Governor DeSantis from my great state of Florida, then so be it.

By the way, Mr. President I was born June 14, 1968, same day as you.

Ooh Rah. 

In Love and Light,
Peace Be with You,

EJ Marko Jr
USMC / Semper Fi


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