(Reader: Le_HaRk) Paralysis Treatment Suggestion, Virus Breaking Method, Anionized Vacuum Warp Drive Method, and More…


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(Paralysis Treatment Suggestion, Virus Breaking Method, Gradual Curve for Moon in 40 Minutes, Anionized Vacuum Warp Drive Method, Un-Massive Artificial Gravity Method, Nanoimplosion Bonding and Nanoseparation Method Substituting Specific Heat, Making Resources from Proton to Neutron Bonding with Cosmic Radiation, Broken Capillary Bridging and Wired Aqua & Aeroponics)

Le Hark on Twitter: “To solve paralysis after spinal cord severs, & for 0-DNA decellularized organ transfers, use copper wire(s) to anionize frayed neurons, give N & S poles, to aid neuronal ion transfers at damage sites.” / Twitter

Le Hark on Twitter: “#Coronavirus By ionizing the human body, using a battery, to provide an electric charge, and then, by alternating an EM field to vibrate the viruses, you will kill any virus, by frequency resonance, within seconds, without side effects. As long as the freq. was harmless.” / Twitter

The implication of harmlessness was with the condition of low enough wattage output, short enough duration, to prevent potential damage to host body cells. Using one or many electromagnets was not restrictively claimed. 

Le Hark on Twitter: “Use the solar system’s flying speed, 720,000 km/h, by using a gradual curve, instead of using only the space shuttle combustion speed. I have already told NASA. The moon landing flight journey could have been 40 minutes. Mars in 3 days, during closest season.” / Twitter

Le Hark on Twitter: “Alcubierre Warp Drive should instead give electric charge to space, and use a ring electromagnet to compress the front, and expand the back, using EM attraction. So, adding two intense C-force discs to front and back, w/ Freq. Resonance to reduce time energy, req. J is reduced.” / Twitter


Implied claim states anionization to “vacuum” contained or ambient, can induce electromagnetic polarization to the space region, whether that space was types of energy masses, or neutrally uncharged, previous to ionic charge being provided by having extra electrons enact as attractive agents, binding the non-neutral space area as manipulable. 

Combining anionized electromagnetic pole alternation hertz resonance, specific vibration rate achieved per specific molecules may substitute additional heat for the specific molar groups, enabling separation andor bonding of atoms, depending on their intrinsic hertz which would resonate most with, additionally to geometric structuring of compounds’ in formation with the other atoms, with consideration to logistical lattice symmetry patterns of energy collisions, deflections, observed in cases of sound waves traversing a solid platform, when affecting liquid or powder masses. 

Excerpt with elaborated details added here, from “HarkHyun”‘s 2016 Facebook note summary:

A hypothetical remark at previously known rules of freed protons which become neutrons upon receiving sufficient energy to bond and convert; as a suggestion of how we could create new material resources from outer space, using cosmic radiation. 

‘…and use enough pressing energy to cause the protons to become neutrons, overcoming the ++ repulsion, to gather with strong force attraction….’ , seen when scrolled down to August 2017. 

Le Hark on Twitter: “To cause bridging of broken capillaries, bio rx in crops [active transport], anionize microamps near “strands” or seed(ling), use EM over hours, with[out(?)] {i} intervals of rest, and disrupt if soil; Specific Hz {i} switching to/from DC polar directions. Wired Aqua & Aeroponics” / Twitter


‘To cause bridging of broken capillaries, bio rx in crops [active transport], anionize microamps near “strands” or seed(ling), use EM over hours, with[out(?)] {i} intervals of rest, and disrupt if soil; Specific Hz {i} switching to/from DC polar directions. Wired Aqua & Aeroponics’


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