(Reader: KS) So Called White Hats vs. Uvalde Police


Reader Post | By KS

You know, as a person who has been looking for someone to tell the Truth for over 30 years now, It seems I STILL haven’t found anyone who can or Will! Not even these so called “White Hats”.

They claim they are Slowly revealing the Truth about certain people (DS). Well, little do they know, they are Also Slowly revealing the Truth about Themselves as well for those of us who are paying attention that is.

There are a Lot of things that We True Patriots are way past sick and tired of. Namely, a lot of their BS in their thought processes in all of this crap!

Here are 3 things that I have noticed myself about these “White Hats” and their actions or Lack thereof.

1. It appears to me, that DJT has some sort of grandiose ambitions of getting his head added to Mt. Rushmore as the Savior of mankind.

2. It appears to me also, that these Generals, are also self indulgent in their own visions of Grandeur by all of them Competing to each be the Next General George Patton with a glorious Hero’s glory.

3. This one, ties in to the title of my post. It appears, that these White Hats figure heads, are doing EXACTLY the same thing that all of those Cops did at the Uvalde School Shooting last week by standing idly by and ALLOWING all this havoc and damage to be done to the masses, only on a much larger scale (globally) and Millions of victims.


I USED to believe in this effort on every point. But, with the last few months of how things are going, I and hundreds of thousands of others across the planet are no longer vested into ANY MORE WHITE HAT LIES and BS! We’ve heard all those lies for decades from the DS. We do NOT need any more from the people who are supposedly In Control of it all, and HAVE AND KNOW EVERYTHING as of Q Drops 5 years ago! We don’t Need any more TRAPS to be “Set”. We don’t Need, to be SHOWN what many of us have KNOWN for decades now but had no way to Stop it. We don’t NEED, to be BLAMED for something that YOU ALL YOURSELVES are having such a difficult time stopping, Even WITH so called “Off Worlders” help. So how in the Hell do you think that WE could have stopped this? You all were here too for all of what you are blaming US ALONE FOR!

So when is it that YOU all, will be held accountable for doing exactly what those cops in Uvalde, Texas did? HUH? If you refuse to see how you are doing the exact same thing WHILE BLAMING US and making all of Us pay (suffer) for something even all these Militaries and Off Worlders are having such a hard time dealing with, then What makes you think YOU ARE WHITE HATS? 

In My opinion, and I know I’m not alone in this either by reading some other posts on here, You Every one, have such EGO ISSUES that none of you seem to be able to see YOUR OWN GUILT IN TREASON and SEDITION and Crimes Against Humanity by STILL ALLOWING THESE CRIMES TO CONTINUE! If YOU, can’t learn to search deep within your own selves AND BE TOTALLY HONEST ABOUT YOU AND YOUR ACTIONS, Who do you think you are to sit in Judgement of anyone else?

WE, did not Elect JFK Jr as our VP IF, he is indeed alive. We know NOTHING about him OR his Politics. So once again, YOU, are Again GUILTY of Placing YOUR PICKS into Offices of Power without giving WE THE PEOPLE the Choice! Once again, Proving to be absolutely NO DIFFERENT than what we have seen from the Cabal for the last 40 years!

We are SICK of Hearing and Never SEEING! You Don’t Want people to “Wake Up” or you would understand human nature after being LIED to for Decades BY EVERYONE in Politics, that You Refuse to accept that YOU DON”T KNOW EVERYTHING like you Think you do about People! When they’ve been Lied to for so long, they will Only Believe YOU ALL TOO, for Just So Long before WE ALL CONCEDE, that YOU TOO, ARE LIARS. Just like the Rest of DC!

I know You May not LIKE what I’ve said, and frankly, I don’t care. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR CRAP TOO! Get it Done NOW OR SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR LIES AND BS!! PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

Signed, KS, a Reader!



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