Helping Freedom Win: Great Awakening — Wake up, it’s the Revelation


This isn’t what I envisioned The Revelation would be like, but it’s nevertheless The Revelation right here and right now. The Great Awakening we’re having right now is The Revelation (of the Bible).

Open Your Mind and Heart and Allow the Secrets to Be Revealed

So many “hidden secrets” that we all need to learn are so completely evil, that learning the truth of it all is likely to be mind-blowing in a very negative way. You might think you should spare the majority of people (including yourself) the horror and shock of it all, but that would be a mistake. The Revelation is part of God’s plan. Use this as an opportunity to establish or enhance your connection with God.

Read the Bible

Christ came here to help prepare us for this very time, we’re in right now. Reading the bible with this in mind will help you.

My Own Personal Awakening

I only just woke up right around the time of the 2020 election. I knew there was corruption before, but what I knew was only to the “Fox-News-level”.

When I found out about all the horrors, such as adrenochrome and all the rest, going on in the world for centuries, after crying my heart out for hours I had a personal, spiritual awakening (i.e., born again Christian).

Seeing the truth of Satan brought me to realize the absolute truth of God.

There is a Truth of Satan, and it Does Have to Be Revealed

All people should be born again at this very time we’re in right now. This is why I say it’s a mistake to spare people finding out about all the horrors in the world. I don’t think one could rise to as high a level of awareness of the truth of God if you had no notion of the truth of Satan. People have been tricked, away from God and toward Satan, even people I love and who are smart, good people. Here are some of the tricks. We all know many more.

  • Be kind and caring of others by getting vaccinated. (i.e., Alter our God-given bodies.)
  • Ban others from acting or speaking freely in the interest of “the good of all”. (i.e., Alter our God-given free-will.)

When Worried or Upset, or You Don’t Know What to Do – Ask God

This time of The Revelation is a time to become and stay fully connected with God.

It’s such an irony, that in these times of Revelation I swear I don’t know anything any more. I’m sure, though, that my ability to use my own discernment is being developed and tested by all this. I sense this is all according to God’s plan for me and for all of us.

These are also times that can try the patience of a saint! For instance, any time I hear someone say the word “soon” (referring to the GCR, arrival of the military, Trump’s return, etc.), I’m tempted to scream. Instead I ask God what he wants me to do. Sometimes I ask many times…depending on the day.

My discernment says I’m here to help. I think most of us came to Earth (here & now) for this reason.

So, keep close to God, keep you heart warm and focus on whatever you can do to help others.

Helping Freedom Win

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