Helping Freedom Win: The Qualities of True White-Hats


As white-hat patriots shouldn’t we support our country and defend it against enemies or detractors? So, why are some complaining and what about?

This is not a one-year war, or even a 200 year war, that we’re in. It’s an all-time war of Good vs Evil, God vs Satan, freedom vs domination, pride & selfishness vs love and good-will toward others.

So, if you feel like complaining, look harder at what’s really happening. Are we not learning about the centuries of corruption that were formerly hidden? We now know about crimes related to trafficking of children, Satanic ritualistic murders, banking crimes, election crimes, political crimes, and so much more.

Watch Out – These “White-Hats” May Actually Be Dark

  • Kimberly Goguen: She claims to be doing tons of things to help humanity, most of which are non-comprehensible. She puts herself up as the single-handed “Kim-Possible” wonder-woman, basically doing all the computer and financial “work” herself, with the help of “source”. The clue to her “darkness” is that she throws out all kinds of covert generalities about Trump, General Raymond, Space Force, and other patriots. Is she trying to turn people? Her answer to our various world crises is for all of us to find new ways to manufacture our own goods, make our own foods, rule our own selves, etc. None of these “suggestions” are in and of themselves bad, but for heaven’s sake does she think we should throw out all the babies with the bath water? It’s hard to follow her, and whatever “facts” she gives are void of proof and obviously intentionally divisive.
  • Clif High: Clif High has made many good predictions, but his knowledge is limited to what his computer algorithms tell him, and he’s biased. For instance, he can predict things like finances, pandemics and elections, but for some odd reason has no knowledge of the necessity to help all of mankind with spiritual ascension. Our planet has been suppressed with evil (which he talks about) for so very long that the majority of Earth’s residents will not make it through the next 20 years without help in the spiritual area. Clif mentions all kinds of anger he has with people like Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, and things like NESARA/GESARA (which are clearly here to help with spiritual ascension).  Is Clif actually objecting to these? He may be agnostic or something and simply can’t wrap his logic around it.  Or, maybe he’s trying to create division.

Be a Patriotic Role Model Rather Than a Divider

Some people claim to be patriots, yet they spend time complaining or trying to divide people. I don’t see how whining about others can help anyone. Isn’t it more patriotic to focus on the positive in times such as we’re having right now? Of course, if you see something bad, point it out, but always tell why you say that and give specifics. Otherwise, if there’s a chance you don’t know, then shut up. Ask God for help, because we all need his help and there’s very little the average person really knows right now.

True White-Hat Patriots are Working Round the Clock

  • Trump: Trump never conceded. This is important to realize. The election was stolen from him and I know for sure this wrong will be righted. I see a lot of people complaining about Trump’s handling of this, but these are people who assume he’s doing nothing about it. If you don’t know, then don’t assume (it just makes an ass out of u and me). Do you ever see Trump complaining about other patriots? No. He only rightly-so complains about people who pretend to be patriots, like RINOs, and enemies of our country. He alerts us to those losers, so we can vote them out.
  • There are many other high-ranking true-blue patriots, such as Flynn, JFK, Durham, and Kash Patel, (and so many more) to whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude.
  • Also, in all walks of life you can see real patriots, big and small. I thank them with all my heart.
  • You too are a true white-hat patriot if you try to help people as best as you can every day.

Helping Freedom Win


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