Always the Same Questions…


Operation Disclosure | By Antonella and Werner, Guest Writer

Submitted on May 23, 2022

Always the same questions…

Why do some governments go visibly berserk when it comes to the war in [redacted]?

Why are some members of the elite so worried about the outcome of the war and that [redacted] may lose?

Why are these elites willing to do anything to save this irrelevant nation and make [redacted] look like the navel of the world, the most important state in the universe?

Other wars are of no interest at all, at the moment there are still at least 20 wars going on that are of no interest at all to the elites.

The Russians knew that [redacted] was the key to all secrets. The secrets of Big Money and all its corrupt governments were hidden there.


The documentation and computers that the Russian military confiscated from clandestine laboratories in [redacted] show a very clear picture.

Russia has put together the puzzle: a huge diagram showing who did what and all those responsible. At the forefront there are Modern and Pfizer with Obama, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Soros and others at the helm. The funding came largely from the US budget, as well as from other NATO members. Clinton, Biden, Soros and others also financed. The US Democratic Party is heavily involved as are the German and Polish governments.

Russia has confiscated and destroyed a large quantity of various corona viruses.

Also found were birds to which a small remote-controlled reservoir had been attached, which could be activated as soon as the birds reached certain territories to release bacteria and viruses.

Many governments and their elites were involved in this clandestine operation, but many were unaware of the true scale of the clandestine operation, and were victims like the entire world population. With a Covid pandemic invented in order to strengthen the fiat dollar to increase the global power of a minority of people to achieve the New World Order.

Now that Russia has uncovered everything, the elites try to use their tools to try to protect themselves, such as the WHO, UN, WEF, infiltrated by their lackeys.

All this is answered by the Earth Alliance, which has declared war on the elites. Behind the scenes there are many military units that are arresting these elites.


That is why the elites are trying to quickly put all nations under WHO by May, June and give global power to this private organisation funded by Big Pharma, Gates and others.

It was a brilliant chess move. It is not very important that the people understand what is happening and that they are informed, because they would not understand the connections of what is going on.

What is decisive instead is that the middle-ranking elites who have ruled the various states understand what has been done to them and where the deep state leadership wants to go with other pandemics and various crises. They too will be deprived of their assets and freedoms.

All this is now over. Intelligence sources indicate that this is a complicated war. It is necessary that the Deep Sate be stripped of atomic and biological weapons so that they can no longer do harm. This is a guerrilla action that has been going on behind the scenes for some time.

More and more members of the elite are siding with the Alliance. Their eyes have been opened: for example, Lavrov has declared that the one-world world has failed, there is no more chance of the NWO being realised. Xi with China, Modi with India and many other nations are firmly determined to rid the world of them.

We are in the final battle against the Deep State with its psychopathic elites who have gone completely mad. They will never surrender and will fight to the last man, with the last virus.

Even Hollywood has never managed to create a political trailer like this unmasked by Russia, when reality surpasses fiction.

All the people involved in this criminal conglomerate will be eliminated and replaced. This means that the military will take power in various areas of the world.

The peoples must give themselves new constitutions that protect them and not the politicians.

Then comes the new QFS financial system that will free people from the current system with the yoke of debt.


Antonella and Werner

*partially extracted from an audio message in German from the telegram channel Top 20 Radio


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