(Reader: Peter W) Self-Reflection Time: Shall we Play a Game Called “You be the Judge”


Reader Post | By Peter W

Meltdowns, mayhem, and movies…

This has been a long journey for all of us.  For me, in particular, I’ve been at this for decades and decades; my entire conscious life.  I am the “original soul” by gematria.  As such, I’m old school; I normally communicate directly with intended recipients and have not previously broadcast to wider communities.  I am not a Guru nor am I one of the “chosen” ones; I am unremarkable in many ways.  God, family, country…and, ship, shipmate, self have been my watch words governing my world.  Previously, I didn’t feel the need to weigh-in and potentially impact discovery opportunities of other people’s journeys.  So, why pipe up now?  It’s time.  

Before it gets too crazy with all the meltdowns envisioned to occur if this transition isn’t managed well, I wanted to share some experiences and thoughts for your consideration that will hopefully inform.  You be the judge.  Let’s start at where we are today.

In today’s on-going information war there have been seeds of doubt, fear, and belief cast around that have called into question the validity of all written word generally accepted as source materials.  I would add the Bible, religious books, and our Founding documents, among others, to the mix.  Since I was not present in mind at the time of those events described or at the time of generation, how do I know what I’m reading is source?  And, who exactly put pen to paper to write said words?  A typical method to manipulate is juggling fear, doubt, and belief.  I will leave up to your research to determine the sequence as well as how to conduct such manipulation, if you are so inclined go gain better comprehension of this approach.  I digress.

You don’t know what you don’t know.   Unless you were present at the time of an event to witness it, or personally hear what was spoken by whom, or received a copy of the manuscript from the author of the ideas shared directly to you, then you don’t know if what you’ve received is source or manipulated material.  Thus, this is our world, now, and (as always) life is what you make it to be.  Life is NOT what others tell you (project onto you what) it is or has the potential to be.  PROOF: I cannot live your life.  I can not truly control what drives you to take action (thought, word, and deed).  Only you have the keys to the “car” that is your mortal body.  Those “car” keys are forged in your will.  Now, if you install a network interface into your body and connect to that network, allowing the free flow of unchecked information to/from your body, then that’s a different situation because everything network-connected can be hacked through its network connection.

What you truly know is what has come from your own efforts; your FOCUSED thoughts, words, deeds, and developed intuition.  These are the only God-given methods of learning.  Your UNFOCUSED thoughts, words, deeds, and intuition are merely practice.  Everything else that others provide to you are supplements to your own effort.  Be mindful that nefarious people have figured out ways to insert their own influence and control through the supplements on which you depend; your networked connection.  Depend more on yourself and you’ll know the quality of the result because you know the quality of the effort.  

Fate, timing, and the creator have allowed us to occupy the same bit of turf concurrently.  However, there are some ground rules.  “Do no harm” is the first of the prime directives one should live their life.  Nice, but, what happens if you have to defend yourself up to and including your life?  Matter-of-fact, there are three categorical reasons for taking the life of another in view of the “do no harm” prime directive: Safety, Security, and Survival.  If the threat jeopardizes your safety, security or survival to the point that you have no other way then you have the right to take action to neutralize the threat under the inherent right of self-defense.  In the words of Gen Mattis, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet….” Of course, being prepared to do so, should the need arise.  


The second prime directive is merely a warning: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions; the road to heaven is paved with good judgment.”  You may find it more helpful to develop good judgement over spending time developing good intentions.  Your impact will be more lasting with developed good judgment.

And, the third prime directive is a call to action: “Take care of what’s yours.”  Meaning, take care of yourself (your mortal body and immortal spirit); take care of your family; take care of your community; take care of your state/province; take care of your nation; take care of your region; and, finally, take care of this world.  It is important to note that “to take care of” means to take an appropriate degree of responsibility; or, in other words, to “Be Responsible.”  The U.S. military has 11 general orders of a sentry ( whose “take care of” words have far reaching meaning if you choose to spend time pondering application of those words in your life.  So, in essence, there are but three prime directives governing life: 1) Do no harm, unless in self-defense, 2) Use good judgment, and 3) Be responsible.  Spoiler Alert: Don’t be surprised if you see these again at the end of this ride in the exit line.

At this point in our shared experience, we’re witness to meltdowns from all sides because of the hubris of many, a heightened sense of entitlement by the un-informed, and a desire to control by the ignorant.  Your presence here does not mean you are entitled to anything beyond your opportunity to better your soul / spirit.  But, that responsibility is on you.  If you choose to do nothing, then you can expect nothing as the outcome.  Your life is a process whose results are directly attributed to the quality of your inputs; “garbage-in equals garbage-out.”

Those, tending to be mortally anchored (to this body) in mindset / mind frame, often seek gratification as a success metric; they unreasonably want it all; they want it their way; and, they want it now.  These are the young in spirit.  In contrast, those, tending to be immortally anchored (to their spirit / soul) in mindset / mind frame, mainly take the long view with time-to-time confusion as to why other people can’t perceive what they see. These are the seasoned souls among us who continue to learn and are happy to see improvements in their self-driven efforts but also still experience disappointment.  

Then there is me.  I’m not in either camp.   I’ve seen this for decades, the recycling over and over of that “ah ha!” moment.  Your life is a process; some processes are longer than others.  Break the process and the process will break you.  Be mindful that revelation is on the Creator’s time / timeline; not necessarily that microwave moment that some envision or wish for.  And, revelation is not just about what is happening in the world around us but also about you to yourself.  We cannot hide the truth about ourselves from ourselves; we are our own judge, jury, and attorney.  For any attorney, it is quite challenging to argue a “good intention” position when everyone involved in the case knows all the details as well as all the facts of the case; a level playing field of comprehension where all know all.

There is a difference between taking responsibility and taking ownership.  I may take responsibility to guide someone for a period of time on their life’s journey.  This doesn’t mean I own their life’s journey or I own them for the period of time to which I take responsibility.  Taking responsibility alongside others means to give care and support through a “hand up” instead of a “hand out.”  Be mindful, the only thing you own is you; your thoughts, words, and actions.  You should take ownership for you; your thoughts, words, and actions; what you choose to do; and, what you fail to do.   While you own yourself, you interact with others.  Hopefully, interacting more on the side of positive than negative.  It’s helpful to remember that positivity adds while negativity subtracts; it’s just that simple.

In your life, if your body is damaged, then unless you choose to allow the damage to impede your soul’s maturity, what then has your soul suffered? Nothing.  Allow me to give you another metaphor…your soul is “water.”  Water can evolve into many forms from solid to liquid to gaseous based on the situation, circumstance, and environment; water is formless; it can go anywhere; and, it has the power to shape things.  Be like water, my friend – Bruce Lee.  There is nothing that I or anyone can say or do to you that matters in this life.  What only matters is how you choose to live your life and interact with others; day-in-and-day-out.  Yourself is what you truly are able to control; all else is but an illusion of control.  Your true span of influence amounts to those people with whom you help and face-to-face interact on a daily basis; your family, your spouse, your children, your friends, your neighbors, your work colleagues, etc.  Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future – Dan Pena.


Your soul cannot mature without experiences from time in a mortal body; energy doesn’t get sensory inputs unless through a manifested bridge such as a mortal body.  Your mortal body has a limited time of existence.  Maximize your existence by maximizing your experiences.  Be who you truly are; your best self.  But, make your best self better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today by living in the present and maximizing the three prime directives governing life.

Have my words got your attention?  You be the judge.


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