Thomas Anderson: News Flash for May 20, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 20, 2022

News Flash
Dear Readers
here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last days…
there are upcoming rumors about a second sun.
interesting images on telescope…
upcoming food crisis
here : example: preparations from india
I posted a survey on my channel
asking the following questions:
[Do you think a world war will start? ]
– yes                                                                      15%
– no                                                                       77%
– not know                                                         8%
[ if a worldwar starts, when will it start? ]
– june / july 2022                                             22%
– august / september 2022                         28%
– october / november 2022                         28%
– december 2022 / january 2023              0%
– later 2023                                                        22%
[do you think a famine will start 2022 and will people be hungry for several months or even longer? ]
– yes                                                                     39%      
– no                                                                       49%
– dont know                                                      12%
[what did you do for preperation on one of the above? ]
– food storage                                                                  90%
– deepfreezer                                                                   55%
– gardening / farming                                                   55%
– weapons                                                                         35%
– special clothing                                                            15%
– change country of living                                           10%
– daily products storage / non food storage       40%
– emptied bank account                                              15%
– bought precious metals                                            45%
– sold shares                                                                     5%
I find it very interesting, to see that the majority still is quite positive.
I hope they are right. and I hope their common group consciousness will have the majority at the end.
North America
again mass graves of thousands (!) of native children have been found.
Finnland and Sweden officially applied for NATO membership
the WHO does everything to get all countries, or at least a simple majority of them, to accept now contracts,
so that the WHO can decide WHEN and WHERE and WHY there is a pandemic anywhere and overtake the government of those countries anytime
without any legal act against them.
the so called “sahara dust” which came over Europe several times already seems to in fact be manmade in Spain and partly North Africa
here are some explaining videos

something very strange happened in Egypt.
on the upper right side you see the picture taken some / any year before last week.
the eyes were open. I took a look at my personal pictures taken on site some years ago, also here the eyes were looking like being opened.
since last week they look closed.
VERY strange….
this is a german language video
for all those who speak german it could be interesting.
a german farmer telling what we are facing now and will face next year.
the simple logic behind that can not be beaten.
the food crisis will start early next year, if not some weeks before.
the simple facts of farming, harvesting, seeding etc. are brutal.
the time and seeds needed to counteract can not be organized this year anymore.
so… the crisis, for the moment, seems unavoidable.
ALL Hunter Bidens emails are online
for those who want to take a look….
for those who still think that the “war against the white race” is an invention of “right wing extremists”
see here a video of Biden speaking out.
the real Biden
some years ago.
for those who do not understand why this happens: please read my first book (see link below)
its all in there. history. ancestry. source of mankind. reasons.
the next plandemic could be Marburg Virus, just to hide the “side” effects of the Covid vaccines…
it could be also a nuclear catastrophy.
a friend with background information told me, that around the year 2014 / 2015,
governments worldwide began organizing and giving orders to buy for all equipment
needed for the p(l)andemic 2020/2021/2022.
now governments are buying equipment that you need for a nuclear catastrophy.  Iodine pills and more.
you might assume, what will come in around 2025/ 2026….
a german institution in health sector warned in an official letter to doctors, that there is a lethal risk with Covid vaccines
and that they shall decide themselves whether to take the risk or not to give it to their patients…
I wonder what time they will give the director of this institute to stay in job…
normally such people “resign” within days meanwhile…
in this “best of all Germanies ever”
“land of the free”
I guess the US citizens know these words…
such a shame what they made of this world


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