(Reader: Mondexmomma) Response to Rambo and Thomas Smith


Reader Post | By Mondexmomma

Hi guys!  Kudos to you both… I would like to think I am a Truther. I spend hours on about 8 platforms getting the message out. Waking up the masses. Faciastbook, I have gained my honorary jailbird stripes over and over again. Surprised not banned permanently.  BOTH of you are spot on.  I am beginning to believe the Whitehats are as big of a hoax as Covid plandemic is.  I have been through the Devolution plan and Law of War and have listen to as much ” Intel ” as I can.  But enough is enough.  When I see no CORRECTION outwardly towards “We The People” I begin to wonder… Is there really a Military operation protecting the innocent population? Just recently, the baby formula shortage is the real kicker.  How long are we going to let this clown harm the American population? 

The excuse…. “we need to wake people up” but to do it by causing harm to the majority?…I am calling bullshit on the Whitehats. Not only is the Military sworn to protect the constitution… but to their land, and the people who reside (legally may I add) there.  Every day not one thing gets done with our southern border. SO we have a bigger problem! When and if these illusive White hats come in are they going to come in and scoop up every illegal ALIEN  and send them back?  Hell no!  The damage is done and we are stuck holding the bag.  So if Military is the only way….why isn’t something being done NOW????? I am starting to get pissed. How about baby formula shortages?  We HAVE STARVING BABIES GUYS!!!! People are ready to call into work saying they just can’t afford to go to work.  THESE GAS PRICES ARE OUT OF CONTROL.. Now let’s talk about the misinformation.  Are we ever going to get a straight answer on anything?… it is just about as bad as the Truth Ministry the CLOWN IN THE CIRCUS HOUSE is trying to put together. IF there is a Military to correct these issues why isn’t anything done?  At this point, I want to see them come in with guns a blazing! Throwing people out of the Fake Whitehouse and rounding people up being arrested. Hell a good hanging would be good too. I want to see it on the FAKE NEWS !!!!! That would really wake the sleeping sheep. I am starting to believe we have been bamboozled guys.  I am very angry.  I am ready to take to the streets and do something about this myself.  The Hell with the Military.  In 1776, there were militias. It is now time to revert back. That is how militias got the job done way back then.  1776 style!!!!

Let’s not even talk about this WHO treaty bologna that is going on. THAT needs to be stopped dead in it’s tracks. It shouldn’t even be on the table for discussion. SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD ON ARRIVAL.. Our administration needs to go.  We had a slogan ” Let’s go Brandon”  now we need a new one. It needs to be “JOE NEEDS TO GO!!!”  and he needs to go NOW.  SO  both of you, Rambo and Thomas thank you.  Kudos for BOTH of you being Spot-on. I think that is how most of the 80 plus million are starting to feel.  

Sincerely, Mondexmomma


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