(Reader: Thomas Smith) Response to Rambo about “Enough Already! Open Letter to the White Hats”


Reader Post | By Thomas Smith

White hats if you think Rambo and his statement is a rare occurrence you and your looking glass or super duper computer are in default. I started out on this journey with a group of elderly patriots of 26 people now there is only me and my sister and I fear in the near future she will fall by the wayside. I’m going to tell you the last one that drop out said to me. “Do you know what they call a president who leaves office knowing that the government was over thrown and did nothing to preserve the constitution a traitor he committed an act of treason “ I told him Trump signed the insurrection act and he said prove it all you can do is show a post that nobody can prove are military is in control prove it every thing that you can come up with is circumstantial evidence he said call when you have physical evidence I need to figure how to survive all this bs. They all dropped out one by one. Now there’s just me and my sister and she’s starting to doubt. Doubt is the enemy of the white hats they lose patriots every day do to doubt. For a patriot the definition of doubt is the uncertainty of living in a future you fear, they are already living in a reality that they fear.

It’s time for a change now not later the longer the white hats put this off the less everyone trusts them . White hats are losing more patriots every day than you are awakening sleepers. First it was 70 percent had to be awake than 75 than 80 percent the latest estimate by David Straight is now 85 percent what will it be tomorrow. My son had his mother in law die from cancer waiting for the medbeds my youngest son who’s a sleep double vaxed and a booster just went to the doctor with hart problems. These sleepers that are a sleep if you even mention something to them they go off the deep end the poster Rambo is right you need to throw it their face and remember in a war people die if someone has to be a casualty of war let it be the sleepers instead of your own ranks through attrition. War is hell the sooner you get the blood letting done the sooner we heal as a species. I have given all that I have I’m penny less I’m in default of my loans I fear in the near future that I may end up homeless.

If the White hats think it’s going start a civil war by the military stepping in than let the chips fall where they may Like the White Hats told us many times the victor write  the history books. There is something holding the military back from ending this what I don’t know. You expect us to sit back be picked off one by one. we have a government bent on our destruction and you expect us to sit back  and wait for you to decide to stop it .People are at the end of their patient’s.

I believe Trump took care of the bad actors in his term gitmo executions which leads many to believe that the White hats ran into something that they didn’t anticipate . Remember you work for us you don’t get to decide our fate with out our approval we the people want you to end this now no more kicking the can down the road you are on our dime get to work and take our country back today not tomorrow not next week today .Our white hat leaders who have for lack of a better word celebrity status act like a cheerleader squad and you know who you are .every day you tell us ra ra ra wear almost there any second it flip well it should have flip long ago get it done we are tired of waiting for you don’t let it become citizen against citizen that would be a nightmare you said many time the military wouldn’t step until the people begged we are past that we demand you step in if you can’t do it find someone who can there have been literally thousands of posts asking the president and the military to step in it’s time take action get rid of Biden the actor and give us our country back so everyone can get the help they deserve 

Respectfully yours
A ardent Patriot
Thomas Smith


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