(Reader: Anita) Regarding “Another Perspective to the Disclosure we are Receiving”


Reader Post | By Anita

Mr. Miller, I completely agree with your perspective recently. I come from a long line of critical thinkers, we have always “Questioned Everything” and for good reason. At no time have we ever trusted or believed a word from our govt. My father and grandfather have did amazing research way before computers, which is very time consuming and difficult. I am so grateful for the truth they uncovered and happy to continue to keep it going. 

I am sickened to my core with the situation citizens are dealing with today. Not only am I absolutely frustrated but so angry. One thing I can not tolerate is lies, deception and wealthy elites. When I learned that Donald Trump was running for presidency, fear gripped me. I viewed this as the “End of this Nation Forever More”. Surely his background and history, which is heavily documented, was not the man this country would accept. He is cut from the same cloth as all other politicians in Govt for decades. “He is one of them”.  A loyal Democrat his whole life. To switch as a Republican suddenly was #1 red flag. Hearing his name I think of pathological liar. This is well known including sexual assaults which is public records. I have always been disturbed and disgusted with his fixation of Ivanka and the pictures of them. That is NOT normal.

I was sure Hilary would be elected and we would all be in detainment camps. I see no difference between the 2. I find it comical hes described as a “Successful Businessman”.  He has received an “allowance” from Rothschild and Jewish bankers since Rothschild bailed him out of his bankruptcy, the same that funded his campaign. He was very willing to run for president, his opportunity to to get out from under his masters and build his own wealth….off the backs of the people.

Many of our elected officials are in fact “actors” playing a role, the fact our govt is nothing more than theater to We the People is extremely insulting and beyond words. I’ve watched legal American Citizens go from Intelligent committed Patriots who loved and had pride in their country to brainwashed idiot sheep that cant be bothered with the Nations problems and are too busy attacking fellow citizens for what political party they support, defending BLM, erasing our history, looting, burning cities and killing. For not defending our country against millions of illegal criminals infiltrating our homeland and stealing what hard working citizens work for. So self centered and selfish caught up in their own worlds they couldn’t even be bothered to take to the streets over a govt out of control like the rest of the world.

Trump was groomed well and learned the key words to gain the peoples love and support and trust and believe anything coming from his mouth. I see the snake he truly is, he does not love the people nor does he support the Constitution. Otherwise he wouldn’t have ignored 100s of inventors pleas for help from their patents that were stolen. Especially the real inventor that wrote the source code for Social Media Networking used to create Big Tech platforms. Trump used his Constitutionally Protected Intellectual Property to create his own platform. Or supporting LEs illegal Asset Forfeiture, police violating our rights and killing citizens without accountability, wanting to confiscate elderly and disabled guns without due process. He’s still being investigated for a half million stolen from email donations by marking recurring charges from a 1 time donation. Draining their accounts.

I believe the people have been played. To actually believe and trust a pathological liar without NO PROOF, just his word and countless excuses is beyond insane and against everything I’ve been taught. Daily I watch my community transform into a 3rd world country. Long time neighbors, homeowners lose their homes, renters being evicted adding to an already high homeless, vehicles repoed, utilities shut off, food banks with no food, young adults and seniors committing suicides, streets of potholes, vehicles being vandalized and broke into, daily assaults by young illegal gangs terrorizing the few still here.

Jan 2021 I no longer listen to so called “Truther sites” since there is NO TRUTH. I refuse to hear the same old phrases over and over, “Follow the Plan, Military is in control, Make sure to have food, water, gas, cash etc.,  White Hats control actor Biden, NESARA/GESARA is activated, Assets have been confiscated, We are watching a show, 80% have to be awake……..”


Restored Republic/Rose Rambles tell you not to depend on dates or times, things change, then get upset with people for calling them liars. 16 months ago they printed NESARA was activated, 1871 Act was reversed, Trump was chairman of the Federal Reserve and NO money could be printed, Biden was chairman to a bankrupt corporation that couldn’t even pay employees and any day he would be removed, The QFS was activated, Quantum Internet was switched over, Any day, Any day now, Be prepared sometime this week, Queen died green light EBS. I had enough when tier 1&2–Govt, Military, Churches and Internet payouts were first and the people are last!!! What Govt?  Military for what? Churches, the mega ones? Internet what the hell? Its the PEOPLES stolen wealth, generations stolen wealth. There was no Internet decades ago!?!?

Gene Decodes podcast stated Trump DECIDED each person would receive 100.000$. 10,000$ on a debit card and 90,000$ be put in a trust account. Because we cant be trusted with a lot of money, like when people win the lottery and are broke in 3 months. Its not time to lay around watching tv all day, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and people still needed to work!!!!  Oh Trump decided huh? How dare him. Then the Italian Military found 100s of ledgers with exact details of peoples names and amounts taken. Trump has now declared we receive all taxes and bank mortgages??? He never heard of Birth Certificates worth money!?!? Foreign citizens wealth will come from their home country, so they will need to return home to get it.

You had to of worked 2/3rds of your life to get your wealth, since 71% of blacks have never worked and collected govt hand outs they get nothing, but Africa’s govt has their families wealth. Its been 2 yrs since gold was flown out of Vatican, where did Trump get all the money for his new media company and platform? How much has he taken? While citizens been struggling for 2 years the elite are the only ones with money. What a class act Trump is bragging to the people how much his platform cost and how much he plans in future profits.

How is a British citizen allowed to be involved with picking up all the gold? One so closely connected to the DS? Charlie Ward was never a wealthy man, all of a sudden he spends a million on last Christmas employee party. And now owns many Burger Kings and McDonalds you know the ones who uses babies in their hamburgers?  Because gold was missing after it was delivered. Its stated in 3 separate documents. Where did Simon Parkes get the money to open up his med Bed clinic in Arizona and lives in UK? Biden’s bankrupt US Corporation shouldn’t have the money for the 2.5 Trillion bill that was passed or money to keep the govt agencies to keep going or the 3,000$ given to each illegal and every refugee or 40 billion given to aid the fake war. Why is the IRS still auditing taxes and collecting from those who owe?  How are all these banks still financing mortgage loans? Why are land developers and property owners able to now raise rents a 1,000$ more a month?

I was told Trump was taken to a safe place 2 months ago while the last remaining evil ones are rounded up, But he just hosted 2 fundraisers at Mar a lago. A fund raiser for the LBGTQ community!!!  I have seen NO PROOF of Military Tribunals or executions, NO corporate CEO arrested, Hollywood actors are still making movies, MSM is still reporting lies, Congress is still conducting corrupt business, I have seen no National Guard anywhere in Denver around the capital. How could Trump be sworn in Mar 11, 2021 by military if he has been president this whole time? Since audits were only a distraction, whos paying for it?

“We are watching a show. make some popcorn and relax, Enjoy the show. Things are not what they seem. Trust the Plan.”   Completely absurd. I have questions and demand answers. This must stop, its drug on for far too long. I’ve had enough of the lies, the mental anxiety and stress is effecting my health and my daily life. I find myself and people in the community on edge, nobody smiles or laughs anymore. Sheep are still wearing masks and stores requiring one to shop. People are starting to snap, they’ve been pushed too far, not only in US but every where. White Hats, Military, Alliance Trump are not listening. More aggressive options are needed.

Thank you.



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