Another Perspective to the Disclosure we are Receiving


Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

May 15, 2022

Another Perspective To The Disclosure We Are Receiving

I recently (April 29, 2022), wrote an article on this site titled: The Mess We Are In, And Who’s Behind It. This will be Part 2 of that article, but I also want to include another perspective to the disclosure we are receiving.

In the aforementioned article I pointed out, it isn’t the Biden Administration that has us in the mess we are in, it’s the “White Hats.” They have repeatedly told us this, so why shouldn’t we believe it is true? I believe it is. If it were the Black Hats (The Deep State, aka the Cabal, aka the Illuminati) we would expect them to tell or show us what they are going to do, because they feel they get more power from “telegraphing” their punches. The White Hats on the other hand are using the puppet Biden, in an effort to get his supporters to wake up, and see their beloved “President” is destroying our nation, but in actuality, it’s the White Hats that are behind what’s happening. By directing the missteps of Biden, the thought is his supporters will lift their collective heads out of the swamp and expose themselves for who they are. This plan would allow the White Hats to arrest as many of the Deep State as possible. Not a bad plan. However, there comes a time when the collateral damage becomes too great. It seems we’ve already gone beyond that point. Too many innocent people are dying needlessly. 

Just yesterday, our fake President ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the “million” Americans that have lost their lives to COVID 19. Reasonably intelligent people know that’s a bunch of BS. It did bring out more of the greedy doctors, administrators, and other medical professionals that violated their oaths for bigger paydays. If justice is served they will, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, realize they made a huge mistake! What the announcement of the million American deaths did was to enable the call to go out again for everyone to get their vaccinations and boosters. Undoubtedly, there are still some on the fence that will be pulled in, causing more sickness and premature deaths.

I’m still coming to the perspective I mentioned in the title, I just have a few more points to cover beforehand. We’ve been told we are watching the end of a movie, a movie where the good guys have already won. Isn’t it about time we’ve see a decline in the amount of evil we see on a daily basis? If evil is being defeated like we’re told, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that the Satanic people still out there would begin living in the shadows? You only have to turn on the TV to see that isn’t the case, in fact evil abounds more than ever before.

Having for years watched one of the channels on TV (which has now evolved into three channels), which was to be the most family friendly channel (s) on TV, is (are) among the worst for their indoctrination of viewers. Years ago the flagship channel, as part of nearly every movie they produced, would feature a handshake that was always captured by the camera panning down to the hands, revealing a Masonic Handshake. I say nearly every movie, but I can’t remember a movie that didn’t feature a Masonic Handshake. Following the handshakes, and sometimes along with them, came the sign of the devil’s horns sign, and then the 666 sign, and many times both signs in the same scene. It started with just one actor flashing a sign, then advanced to multiple actors flashing the signs in the same movie. People that have studied signs realize there are very similar signs that have drastically different meanings so you have to view the sign within the context the sign is given. I always do, and I can guarantee you that a very high percentage of the signs are given, to honor their Satanic god. 


Now there are few, if any shows, or commercials, on TV that doesn’t use these signs. Along with the signs, many of the TV programs have begun to allude to the people that believe in conspiracies as being wackos. Those of us that know conspiracies are fact, and not theories, become their targets. To that I say, bring it on!

Can the evil seen on TV get worse? It can, and it has. The three channels alluded to above, and most every other show on television now pushes the gay agenda, first by innuendo, then it graduated to women kissing women, and men kissing men (think Sodom and Gomorrah). Just recently I watched a movie where two people became acquainted on a computer app. One was a gay woman, and the other a straight woman, both using screen names.. They arranged to meet in a coffee shop. The gay woman arrived first, then the straight woman came in looking around the shop in search of the man she thought was there to meet her. The gay woman soon made the straight woman know that it was she that had been texting her. The premise of the situation was to show how easy it is to become involved with someone of the same gender. They were kissing each other in no time. If you are a Christian you know that this type of activity is an abomination to God. Again evil abounds in this world!

Okay, now for sharing a new perspective on just a few of the things that have been disclosed on this site. First of all, a good friend of mine, and myself, have oftentimes spoken of the possibility of an impending can shortage. On this site the can gets kicked down the road so often, it would take a nearly endless supply of cans to withstand the abuse, so  consequently the cans have to be frequently replaced. When the cans come to a stop, we find out we are no closer to our destination than when we had started. It’s like trying to reach a point set at infinity, hence the concern over a pending can shortage.  

Addressing the first perspective: Copied and Pasted from the Special Report dated May 13, 2022

  • Not even believable that Joe Biden just cancelled a major Alaska oil lease where not only big dollars would be made by the United States (instead of another country) but also massive amounts of oil would be produced when gasoline is at the highest price ever. …President Donald Trump.  

My Perspective: It’s true, it isn’t believable that Biden didn’t do those things, as he is just a puppet of the White Hats, doing what his leader, in this case, possibly Donald Trump has instructed him to do.

The second perspective: Copied and pasted from the April 28, 2022 Report

  • Tues. 26 April 2022 at midnight the United Nations lost all power over any sovereign nation per national treaties. Sovereign nations were switching from the World Bank fiat Dollar SWIFT system to the Chinese gold/asset-backed CIPS system. 

The following was taken from the Very Very Special Report dated May 11, 2022

  • The world expects China to announce its gold holdings in Beijing, Midday, tomorrow (Thurs. 12 May) midnight Central Daylight Time.
  • This is established formally as the “Gold Standard” under the “UN Paris Agreement.”  China is fully compliant with the Paris Agreement.   

The United States is not, although Biden Administration has capitulated, versus Trump’s withdrawal. The principal reason being our Constitution. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, being another one. The Paris Agreement requires that participating member nation states be peaceful. Any nation with nationals holding weapons is considered a breach. Could this be ratified simultaneously? Perhaps the DoD will comment?

My Perspective: First, did you catch the contradiction? On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, it was stated the United Nations lost all power…, then on May 11, 2022 it speaks of a UN Paris Agreement. And this is where we should become concerned. Note the part where it states, THE PARIS AGREEMENT REQUIRES THAT PARTICIPATING MEMBER NATION STATES BE PEACEFUL. Then comes the concerning part: ANY NATION WITH NATIONALS HOLDING WEAPONS IS CONSIDERED A BREECH.

It seems they are getting ready in earnest to come for our guns. The Second Amendment to our Constitution ends with these words, …the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

We as a nation have stood by and allowed much of our freedom to be taken from us. It’s the 2nd Amendment that has allowed us to keep the freedoms we have left. It’s the 2nd Amendment that protects the remaining nine amendments along with the 2nd, that is known as the Bill of Rights, it doesn’t matter who it is that asks you to give up your guns, the answer must always be, MOLON LABE (come and take it)! 

It could very well come to be that the leader of our country comes to us and tells us that it has been determined that if we do not give up our guns, we cannot participate in NESARA/GESARA. First you must know if you’ve done any research on your own, that a condition like that was never part of the program. So it matters not how much faith, or trust, or even love you have placed in whoever our leader may be, he/she would never try to sell a lie like that to us, if they cared about us as Americans.  

Do a little research on your own to see what has happened to every nation in world history that has given up their arms. It has never ended well.  

A third perspective, this one taken from: Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 4, 2022

  • For all Zim Bond redeemers a $100 T Zim note was equal to $100 T US Dollars

My Perspective: On this site we have read about Zim holders ad nauseam. We have for, I’m guessing at least a year and a half, heard that Zim holders and those with other uncommon currencies will be the first to be paid out. And finally, we’ve heard that those of you that own a $100 Trillion Zim note, would be paid out with $100 trillion dollars in digital currency backed by precious metals. If you think about it, this takes the term R.O.I. (return on investment) to a much higher level. after all, what did you pay for your $100 Trillion Zim note, was it $10 or $15, now to be able to exchange it for $100,000,000,000,000, you’ve done very well. Even though there’s no way for me to give you a lead that will pay off like that one, I can provide a lead that is still very lucrative. You’ll have to act fast, but if you go onto Amazon right away you can purchase a $100 Trillion Zim Note. There are still a couple of notes left, they are selling for $299. I guess that’s the price you will have to pay as there are no used notes available. NOTE: Sometimes I use a little subtle humor in articles I write. Many times it is missed and the thing I was kidding about is at times believed to be serious. I did use some humor in this paragraph mostly beginning after the words precious metals, however it is TRUE you can purchase a $100 trillion Zim Note on Amazon.

A perspective of one of the personalities often featured on Operation Disclosure. 

I was an early follower of Charlie Ward. He had approximately 20,000 subscribers at the time. One of his main topics back then, was in regard to the removal of 650 plane loads of gold, documents, treasures, and artifacts from the Vatican, and flown to the US. He spoke of this many times with his guests during that time.


One thing he never mentioned was that he ran the operation, or was any part of it, other than having been told of the operation by his contacts. Later it was written on Operation Disclosure, that Charlie had led the operation. Then still later we were told that the US Military removed the 650 plane loads from the Vatican.

This version makes a little more sense to me, as they have the resources to accomplish a mission such as that. But I guess both scenarios could still be true. All we need to believe is that a civilian British man, living in Spain, was given the clout and the authority to command a multi-multi-million dollar US military mission without rank or experience. I have a difficult time believing that could be true, however, it could just be jealousy on my part, thinking I could have been the next person in line to lead the mission.- I’M JOKING!!

Now, it seems Charlie, is one of the key players in the GCR. That’s a little easier to believe if it’s true his previous job included moving very large sums of money for some very wealthy people. 

I do like Charlie’s persona, and I like, and respect, many of the guests he has on his show. I can tell he’s learned a lot from them over the last couple of years, many of us have, and I pray we all use the discernment God gives us, to absorb the nuggets of truth, and to discard the rest.

Now a perspective on this site and its viewers.

Many of us on this site believe ourselves to be awake. It’s true, relatively speaking we are more awake than the people you may see riding their motorcycle down the road while wearing a mask, or those showing their pride in having taken their vaccination and all the boosters, and all the millions of others that have their heads buried in the sand. But even those of us that have spent many decades doing research into the corrupt and evil governments, while proving scores of conspiracies to be true, and totally devoid of theories, are we truly fully awake? With all the misinformation, disinformation, manipulation, indoctrination, and brainwashing, we’ve been subjected to all of our lives, it would be nearly impossible for any of us to be 100% awake. Being 100% awake would mean that what we know is 100% true. You can only get absolute truth from God. No matter how observant you are, and if your truth antenna remains up at all times there are still those that can deceive you.

Let’s play what if. 

What if there was an internet blog that was continuously viewed by people that were regarded to be the most awake of their generation. People that seemed to know much about the Deep State (aka Cabal, aka Illuminati), and their sub groups: Freemasons, Jesuits, Zionists, Knights Templar, Black Pope, Gray Pope, White Pope, CFR, Bilderbergers, the Committee of 300, Skull and Bones, etc., etc., etc. They know about underground tunnels and DUMBs, they know about Area 51, S4, they know about the Denver Airport, they know about the Bohemian Grove, they know about the many Fortune 500 Companies involved in human trafficking, they know about adrenochrome, they know about poisons in our air (Chemtrails), our water, our land Monsanto (Bayer), our drinking water toothpaste (flouride) aspartame, MSG, and various other poisons, etc. etc. The people that know the truth about the Bush Family from Germany, much of the family lineage of Hitler ( including Barry), they even know the truth behind beloved persons like Billy Graham. These people know the truth concerning Homeland Security, they come to have deep admiration for guys like Phil Schneider, and William Cooper. People that detest organizations like the baby murdering Planned Parenthood, the child trafficking organizations like CPS, DCS, etc.

So what if the the Black Hats decide to use a site like this as a test case thinking if they can dupe us, they will be able to to dupe anyone to believe their lies. Isn’t it possible? Perhaps that’s why the site openly displays the All-Seeing Eye at the beginning of every report. I hope not, but isn’t it possible.

As I finish this article I’d like to ask you to consider a couple of perspectives that may help you to see the flip side of the coin.


Because we have been told the Military is in control of our country, it may be good to know more about the flag officers that call the shots. Many years ago I watched a series of videos titled:  Illuminati Wife Tells All, the name of the wife, is Kay Griggs. During these four 2hr. videos she names names and places much of which she obtained from her husbands diary. It shows a very dark side of our military commanders. I recommend you watch the videos in their entirety even if you do so in thirty minute segments.

An article that provides a very different perspective, and one I believe is worth reading is an article titled The Truth on the Truth, by a person that is called Ivo of Vega, and it’s via Sharon Stewart. To find this article go to, then go to the many blocks of links on the right side of the page, Go to Ivo of Vega, click to open, then scan down to the article posted on April 24,2022. Use your own discretion when reading this article.  

And a request I have made in many of my articles, will someone please tell me where they are keeping all the rescued children an adults that have been rescued? And how were they able to keep the roughly 100 million people necessary to keep this under wraps, from leaking their secrets. And why are we still seeing Chemtrails , and experiencing all the strange weather, inquiring minds want to know?!

Will President Trump return tomorrow (May 16th), or do we just kick the can farther down the road?

To end on a positive note, We know God wins, so we that are His children wins as well.

God bless you all!



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