Planned Food Shortages Created by Destroying Food Processing Plants

(Photo Shutterstock: A fire broke out at Perdue Farms facility in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake, North Carolina May 2,2022 (courtesy: Shutterstock)

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 12, 2022

Planned Food Shortages Created by destroying Food Processing Plants in America!

Again, fake MSM (Main Stream Media) wants to say that almost all food processing plant fires in America is another “Conspiracy Theory” by real informed citizens.

There have been twelve food processing plants just in this calendar year of 2022, and more in the last two years. That clearly is NO consequence; with airplanes crashing into five of the processing plants. And they want to call us “conspiracy theorists” and “stupid”! The fake MSM will go “out of business” sooner than the owners think. Here is a twitter quote by Charlie Kirk; “Food processing plants don’t just “accidentally” burn down at this rate and they certainly don’t “coincidentally” become landing pads for plane crashes at the rate they are. Our food supply is under attack in America. The question is—by whom?”. The “by Whom” is the real question.

My investigation has led to the fake Biden Administration and the Deep State part of the FBI and the military. On the military side, the patriot source from the DoD (Department of Defense) via Nick Fleming: Quote on May 2, 2022 post “Today we are told in whispers, that the US Military is actually responsible for destroying the food supply chain. These actions, along with the destruction of our health, our strength to resist, our ability to survive, are perpetrated by a few on the many.”

In the week of April 13th; an airplane crashed into food processing plant in Idaho, and on April 21st; a plane crashed into the grounds of a General Mills plant. My other source (that I will not state who): “The Georgia General Mills airplane crash was of a remote-controlled aircraft, and no people were in the aircraft, it was loaded with explosives. But this small aircraft did not hit the main General Mills Processing Plant, but did hit a parking area for Semi-Trucks.” He also stated, “the FBI got involved to “cover it up” while the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is supposed to investigate ALL airplane crashes in the United States.” In this case, the damage was not at the main plant to cause the largest damage as possible in food production.

But in Idaho, the small aircraft did make its mark on a potato storage facility.

As in April 2022 too; in Azure Standard Headquarters a fire destroyed their headquarters in Dufur, Oregon.  In a communication from the company; it describes itself as “the USA’s largest independent food distributor. It notes that “basically any…liquid product,” such as honey, oil, and vinegar, will be out of stock as a result of the damage.” In the month of March 2022, “a fire severely damaged a fresh onion packing facility in South Texas. In Oregon, a potato chip factory reported a boiler explosion that sent workers to the hospital.

Therefore, accidents happen, but not in a tightly packed timeframe; and over the last two years, it is NOT possible these types of facilities can be that accident prone. This goes without saying that Fake President Biden has warned us of “Food Shortages” hitting the U.S.  Also, on camera Joe Biden: Expect “Real” food shortages in Europe and the United States”.

Daily Dot writer Mike Rothschild’s article quotes “A salad packaging plant in Salinas, California is destroyed in a massive fire, while at almost the exact same time, an onion processing plant in Texas is engulfed in flames. Airplanes nosedive into the heart of food processing plants in Georgia and Idaho. A warehouse with 50,000 pounds of food burns, as well as an animal feed mill, a cereal processing plant, and a meat packing plant.” 

Here is another link to a great report of twelve processing plants in America and some fertilizer plants that have gone up in flames:


“The story comes in the wake of a presidential prediction that food shortages were about to become a reality due to the war in Ukraine. While addressing the subject, President Biden made a gaffe that made it seem that the food shortages were, in fact, planned.

“We had a long discussion in the G7 with the, with both the United States, which has a significant — the third-largest producer of wheat in the world — as well as Canada, which is also a major, major producer, and we both talked about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food, food shortages,” Biden said at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on March 24. The video has been removed by Facebook. The transcript of that address has also been altered slightly. “With regard to food shortages, yes, we did talk about food shortages. And it’s going to be real,” Biden said at a press conference last week in Belgium after attending meetings of NATO and G7 leaders. The president referred to 8% inflation as “the price of sanctions.”

Please understand and learn that the Deep State has used advanced D.E.W. (Direct Energy Weapons, precision laser weapons) to destroy homes, people and a town in America in 2018. This was Paradise, California in November of that year; killing 85 people and destroying 18,000 homes or structures in that area. From my intelligence this was to kill people they wanted killed and to destroy the hidden structures for positive humanity happenings, under the town.  The Deep State does not have the D.E.W. capability now. The White Hats have taken that away. Here is the link:

In these actions, fake Biden is just a Deep State puppet who wants to harm and hurt the public anyway he can. One can look at history to killer leaders using starvation as a tool to kill their citizens or an invading enemy to starve the people they are trying to conquer. In a quote from an article in the “New York Review” by Timothy Snyder published “between 1932 and 1942 some eleven million people in the Soviet Union starved to death, first as a result of Soviet policy, then as a result of German Policy.”  Joseph Stalin punished Soviet Ukraine for shortfalls in production of agriculture, allowing 3.3 million people to starve to death in that republic alone. Some research articles reveal seventeen million people died from the Nazi regime, but research shows an estimated 2.5 million died directly from starvation. Now, the Chinese Communist Chairman Mao allowed 45 million to starve to death in China between 1958 to 1962, according to research and his book “Mao’s Great Famine” by Frank Dikotter. These were all in the name of power and money; for they were all totalitarian governments of the Nazi’s and in the name of “Communism” in Russia and China. What an awful way to die; by starvation.

If the illuminati cannot kill the general public by vaccines, they are going to try any other way they can. But understand the illuminati has already failed, big time. The People of the World have won, and the mighty Alliance has won this war, all over the world. We are in the closing “chess moves” which will finally reveal the truth to the general public.

Now, I do not want to alarm people too much. Why? Because I do have information that the fake Biden Deep State regime is almost over. From a quote from the DoD again; “although Biden Administration has capitulated”. This means that Biden and his Administration has surrendered. President Trump was still really the Commander-in-Chief, under “Emergency Military Action against a Foreign Regime Takeover”. I am just happy this fake stuff and regime is soon over, and we can move to the “Restored Republic of America” with the original Constitution.

Therefore, I do not even think the possible food shortages will be that severe. Ted Mahr is predicting August and September of 2022 as a time to be a little prepared. Everyone can buy canned goods, dry pasta, dried beans and rice to store, just in case. One could give it away if not needed. I will be buying extra, to share with my community. The Ascended Masters have stated the shortage will not be that bad, and will teach people to share and work together to make sure this created deep state action will NOT harm anyone!


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