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Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Things are heating up in the world, aren’t they? Nobody can say anymore that nothing is happening. And yet there are such statements. Still. Of course connected with complaints, with frustration, with impatience. That’s what gave me the idea for this article. If I didn’t have to do research for my channel and for my articles, I wouldn’t spend so much time on the Internet. But I have a job and I do it, even if it’s hard sometimes. I take time off when my body needs it, I recharge my batteries in nature when I feel like it or when I feel it’s necessary. And I’m working on my attitude, still learning. Every day, every week, every month. Not to mention evolving. Many of us are evolving. Some with the help and support of others, some more on their own. As I have often said, nothing is as constant as change. And we realize that when we have thrown off the burden of indoctrination. It works, I didn’t really want to believe it either at first. But everyone who has awakened especially in the last three years, or say since Trump became president, did so guided and led. I explain it to myself as with “sleepers” who are activated with a certain code or after a certain event.

So there are starseeds, incarnated souls, incarnated extraterrestrials, probably distributed all over the earth. Some know it, some don’t know it, but all of them have taken on tasks. They all have different points of view, because they are just so widely scattered. And so it is also with those who basically are not up to much good. Also they give views of themselves, or opinions or estimations. And, what also seems possible to me is that not everyone can be or is involved in everything. That would be way too much for a single channel or a single informant. That’s also why I’ve been trying for months to stay exclusively in the observer role. It allows me to get a pretty big picture. There are just too many different perspectives in too many channels. And I don’t mean specific specializations, that’s actually good and certainly intentional. I can’t imagine if all channels posted the same thing. Mutual forwarding has already gotten out of hand. It becomes dangerous when we find ourselves in channels that give their views with half-knowledge or little knowledge.

We know that there are informants who tell us the same thing year after year, month after month, week after week and day after day, don’t we? They are like horses that have to wear blinkers so that they are not irritated by others. I don’t know their motivation and I don’t care, they are edge pieces in my puzzle that I have long since laid. That’s why I don’t pay attention to it anymore. And also other informants, also German-speaking ones, who have accompanied my way for a while, I see as laid, fitting pieces of the puzzle. They certainly had a certain purpose, certainly also led to one or the other insight, but then I inserted them into my overall picture and thus they are out of focus. Some of them are still present and sometimes I do a test, because I watch videos or read articles. And then, folks, I find that they’re either stuck with their opinions or views, or they’re driving in a traffic circle and they don’t dare to put the blinker on and turn. Or they have reached dead ends and don’t dare to turn around. And now, because I’m sure readers are getting upset again, I mean no offense. Everyone is where they are supposed to be, we had that in the last article. I also do not judge or condemn, that is not my place. I only show my very own personal observations.

I’ m not always right with my estimations, maybe I am wrong more than I would like to admit. Somewhere I am still standing with one leg in 3D. That’s why it’s also immensely important for me to return to the role of observer again and again. If possible high up or further away from the edge of the forest. Only there do I have a wider field of vision. And then I am happy about the fact that there are channels that observe the Schumann frequencies and share this, that there are channels that sight military movements and share this, that there are people who have already been able to implement their visions and share this, or that there are people who are always anxious to keep others in trust, in faith and in hope. And they are there, with different methods, but they are there.

Many informants with all their views naturally have subscribers, followers or interested readers. That’s good, especially when groups and group work develop out of it. Only together we are strong and groups or better communities are after all the future of all of us. We will build our nations on this. On a strong and healthy foundation. I find such a development good, even if my ego rebels against it, if it is not my point of view. However, I am still working on that. I do resist, however, when informants engage in scaremongering, consciously or unconsciously. Unconsciously is worse because I can never know what a post or forward of something will trigger in another. Example: if I post something about vaccination damage, all the unvaccinated are glad they didn’t go along with it. But what if there is someone in the channel who is vaccinated? In the past, this has certainly happened to me as well, that I posted something in the channel and just didn’t think about what I might trigger with it. I have recognized this and try to turn it off as well. This leads to the fact that I post less, for some certainly BORING, because some are just on super great and especially good news. I notice that in falling subscriber numbers. But, and I say and write more often: First, no one can make it right for everyone. Impossible! Secondly, it is my channel, which I regard as part of an information buffet. And there everyone can and may take away what he likes. He leaves the rest. And if the whole part is not what he wants, he goes somewhere else.

It doesn’t even matter how many subscribers someone has. My eyes just fall on the numbers from time to time, or I’m made aware of them by others. A few months ago, I would have burst into tears and tried to analyze why 20 or 30 people are now leaving the channel. Today I just observe and when I write something about it, it is a transcript of observations. And for those who are in channels or groups that charge money for it, that’s OK. Not for myself, but for those who can throw their money out the window, it’s OK. They made the choice, they decided. Whether this makes the view better or truer when money is demanded, I dare to doubt. But if it helps the solvent people, it is good. I also dare to doubt that, because I know from many contacts that they were disappointed afterwards and regretted paying. My father once said to me, when I wanted to sell a car as a teenager, and in his opinion it was too expensive: “Every morning a fool gets up, you just have to find him!” So, and right after as a clarification, I do not call people who pay informants, no matter for what, fools. Everybody is where they belong, and they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.

I have noticed something in the last few days that I would like to address under the topic of points of view as well. I do not mention names, but it was said by a whistleblower that he has no idea about the subject XY, has not dealt with it and has only contacts who deal with it. A few days later, he puts forward views that are precisely on the subject of XY. He badmouths XY, labels it and makes statements about it that show me, for example, that he really doesn’t know anything about it. I know the same from discussions about the shape of the earth, about types of nutrition, about politics, investments. There are always two sides of a coin, actually even three, if we take the edge with it. And I can discuss only well-founded or present points of view, if I considered all sides, or? Why don’t you discuss politics with an ultra-leftist? He doesn’t know the center and the right, he only knows the left. At some point he runs out of arguments and it ends in a ruckus or a brawl. Well, anyway, I didn’t like what was said and written there, I missed the elevated position, the eagle perspective.

Folks, I think we will have it soon and then we will know the truth about many things, very many things. Stay open to all possibilities, don’t commit yourselves, you are limiting your potential. Soon everything will be possible for us, what we want, what we like, what we love. Try to live together already now, help each other, do not quarrel. My point of view is: everybody is where he should be and he does what he should do.

Observe, don’t absorb! Trust, faith and gratitude are the magic keys for us and our manifestations.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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