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Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 8, 2022


Look, if you are truly into ‘The White Hats and Trump are going to liberate us’ scenario, do not, I repeat, do not read this. It will shake you. It is meant to.

And I have no new evidence of any kind so you can save yourself the trouble on that score, it is just reasoned argument from common sense. Of course with an opening like this you have to read on don’t you …

After all, you are true patriot, steel cored and awake to boot, you are in no danger … (See how easy it is … One hook and I am actually showing it to you without any bait on and you are still going to go for it … Oh well … go ahead … )

(One more thing: it is as much addressed to me as you – a talking to given to myself I thought others could usefully share in that then morphs into something else).

Apparently you can blatantly and in broad daylight get away with killing people and their children in vast numbers, and hide all the evidence, lying about it in news stories, (having previously set up certain conditions and narratives on the internet) and no-one does a thing about it. Well there you go, who’da thunk it. And so effortlessly accomplished …

Not only openly culling people, but in the act of culling the cullers exposing the reason why they think the victims should be culled (their docile, sheeplike stupidity). It’s Nazi logic – as in, if they were real people they would not allow such an open festival of death – but put the right propaganda out there and they’re queuing up for their own lethal injection.

Mind you without the preconditions of the pressure of having them working like slaves to keep their homes and sustain their families in the first place, then they wouldn’t have so easily succumbed – even though there is tech to make much of the labour force redundant (energy, medical etc) and stream it into more time abundant, fulfilling areas  …

Then again, maybe many prefer to live in a climate of thoughtless trust even tho ultimately and from time to time it might be against their best interest. And clearly these are good people. Children at heart almost … (for such is the kingdom of heaven etc …  But then maybe that is getting the gentle as doves part right without being as wise as snakes … Anyway the snakes certainly won this round, wouldn’t you say, with so many of the population young and old alike walking around with all that stuff in them).

And of course it is right to feel justifiably hurt and confused about this turn of events, we were right there, at every turn and spin of the narrative.

Because Trump rightfully won the last but one election. And if circs could be managed that a fair election was held then, then how come the last one was allowed to be purloined under people’s very noses AND IN THE VERY SAME TERM out comes the killer jab! Isn’t that a golden once in billion years coincidence! And all of it allowed.

Yes, all while the military kept drawing its wage and standing by and … well spending it really … On nice wholesome things like tennis club fees and keeping up those subscription fees to those lavish country golf courses. Well … You have to do something to keep occupied when you’ve bought into a rationale where the country goes straight down the john … Can’t fight the guys holding the paychecks … Those expensive school fees don’t pay for themselves! Gotta think about the kids …

Yes it’s all about the children.

They know every button you hold and how to press them and play you like a cheesey accordion. Actually that is an exaggeration. The Nazi’s couldn’t get the germans into the camps themselves, but getting them to stay in and listen to the latest Goebbels broadcast on the radio while their fellow men and women were politely taken away – all in the interests of the positive greater scheme of things – was a piece of strawberry cake with cream on top to them.

And that is not to say that I or anyone would have fared better under such conditions. But what we do know for real sure is how we are faring under these. Still letting things be taken care of, where the only thing detectably and provably being taken care of is the people.

The trouble with an invisible (silent) war is, it is invisible children that are getting saved. All those newly liberated, healed and happy children floating around on invisible ships. Think of the children … Meanwhile real, living, breathing ones that go to schools and you can see with your own eyes are now walking around with time bombs in them while we do the merry dance of self congragulation on being on the right side of history, with all that amazing good being done secretly that only we know about.

Yep, that is how it is done …

Trick them into the wrong using the very sense of virtue that is their greatest strength. Who do you think is really doing the dance of self congragulation in this scenario. I mean, you are already jonesing for your next hit of intel while they have already done enough to discredit themselves a thousand times over in sane people’s eyes. Talk about all sewn up and in the bag.

Every con leaves the one being conned thinking they are the enlightened party.


That is until they aren’t.

You know the score, you live it …

Waiting to see what the next news event is  to then hit the usual intel spots to see the real underlying reason for whatever it is; the second layer of vital info that let’s you know everything is still very much alright. Well how easy are you! A couple of drinks and you’re anybodies as far as belief is concerned.

Just takes two, the incident itself and then  to give you the second layer ‘hidden’ reason behind it and you let it go … All is right with the world again …

“Oh is that my mislaid conscience poking its head above the horizon of my awareness, who will I get to lull it back down today … Gene Decode has a new interview … he’s good … “

And how do you know that Trump winning the first election wasn’t just to set you up for the Hidden President waging the silent war with the military scenario, so that everyone is jabbed and goodness knows what next is to happen in the second  … ?

The answer, if you are still groping to locate that free thinking and as yet still honestly objective part of you, is … ya don’t.

And if you really want to climb out of the battery box the matrix has got you in, you have to be open to every possibility, because, and you must surely see the logic of this, the first second and third bases that the matrix will always have covered perfectly to catch all potential rebels, is to channel them straight into a false awakening …

Where people think they have already climbed out of the battery box and are Neo flying around celebrating their freedom with their new found compadres … and then getting stuck in because Trinity Must Be Saved, when in fact they are really safe asleep still in the box, dreaming beautiful dreams … Trusting away …

I am not saying that is what the first term was about … I am saying that if you are not open to the mere possibility that it may have been you could be a Sleeping Neo ignoring credible alarm clocks.

To pull off the operation it needed to split a united society well capable of looking out for each other and itself into two levels of naivete. One to take the injection, the other more aware, to be so distracted by all the great things secretly happening and therefore trusting all was really ok, as to let the whole thing squeeze by (apart from an accepted percentage of cyber protest).

Well then, job well done wouldn’t you say?

Wonder what next is coming up while we are all hooked on the magic of the next Juan interview.

And I know I am not really ruffling your tightly programmed feathers, just as I know you are really a good person and deserve the best for you and yours. But have some nous as you go about things …

Me, I have already found and am happy to dabble my feet in intel stream that says we are on the positive timeline and things are going to work out just fine, eventually, and which allows me to wash off all those niggling worries that nobody needs in their day to day expression.

(United Network News … tho they probably wouldn’t thank me for mentioning them in the context of an all-cylinders-firing piece like this …)

Am I myself on the hook then?

Maybe … But it is a hook that allows a larger level of much needed objectivity about our situation generally, and also about the main hook being dangled and swallowed by the majority of intel followers.

And it is a hook that will allow me to celebrate the truly elected President taking up public office should it happen, because a) he is the real President, so there is a plus right off the bat, and b) less nonsense can then be got away with without being more openly challenged, and c) it will then be an apparently necessary event on the positive timeline.

It is also a hook that allows me to retain an extra layer of objectivity so I can experience proper concern for Real Breathing People, as against what could easily turn out to be Totally Imaginary Ones specifically put in my mind to distract and add a wedge of uncertainty so that real ones might more easily be harmed.

And it is a hook that allows me the confirmation of understanding that sharers such as Juan, Parkes and Decode are exactly what they appear to be – good people – who, however (especially with the compartmentalised set ups favoured by these orgs) could very easily be, Sleeping Neos, passing the narcotic along …

So now you have to ask yourself … Is my hook better than yours? Coz I have to say … there is a lot more freedom and room to maneuver on it.


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