(Reader: “Doc” P) Call of Perseverance


Reader Post | By “Doc” P

After having been a silent researcher in the progress of all these events, I have seen increased discouragement caused by those that assume (ass u me) they know things and those that merely are doing their job in disinformation. To the readers that read the intel reports, you must discern facts from fiction, operation disclosure has provided you with valuable info hidden amongst the disinformation that is used to confuse those of the deep state that as yourself read this report. From the beginning President Trump has stated that he will never make any military operations or moves public. Thus what you read here every day is an overview of things transpired not things that will be.

Whiplash has become our greatest weapon due to his prophetic nature of calling dates that come and go, repeating the process over and over to frighten the deep state into their next moves. It has been repeated over and over again that this is a digital war of those that follow and seek the truth, a war for the soul of this planet, a war that only true faith can win.

In Biblical terms there are four simple pillars for faith, unconditional love, unconditional obedience, unconditional joy, and unconditional faith, all in the eyes of the Lord.  We understand that God has always had a plan and always will, but that that plan will unfold at his discretion. 

I can though confirm that I was able to research deep enough to confirm that JFK Jr. staged his death with the help of Ted Kennedy.  Many have discussed the missing co pilot seat and the shut of fuel pump.  Both combine to the set up of one, making sure the plain trajectory hit a specific place only several hundred yards from The Kennedys house into the ocean, second the missing seat is explained through what skydivers do to make sure the have a smooth ex-fill from the plain.  It took me a few weeks to figure out that JFK Jr. wife was an avid skydiver, and where she went so did John John.  While going through the rescue report I found that it took 15 hrs before rescue operations began.  This gave Ted Kennedy enough time to have Navy Seals place three look alike unclaimed body’s in the crashed aircraft, nicely buckled in so they couldn’t float away.  Five days later Ted Identified the body’s, any medical exams that could have been thoroughly conducted were cut short and the bodies were cremated and spread in the Ocean.  Why would they be spread on the ocean and not kept with the Kennedys burial site?  Because they were not Kennedys.  This operation was conducted due to the deep state and CIA planning the Assassination of John John.  This information can all be found in documentaries, files, coroner reports, articles, and pictures.  I am surprised that no one has been able to solve this yet.  The bodies were never identified by dental or DNA, before that could be done Ted Kennedy, the only one to identify them, with deep connections to SOC created by JFK, had them cremated.  This was a deep state move used against the deep state.  There is a time to fight and a time to retreat and fight another day.

To all of those in anguish of dates come and gone, those that feel nothing is happening, those whose patience has run dry, understand that the way chosen is to minimize the bloodshed.  If all the Retired Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers took up arms, we would face the tragedies that President Lincoln faced, a war of brother against brother.  If that can be avoided by disclosing the truth and letting those evil entities in power make their mistakes and prove their incompetence and evil agenda to awaken those that blindly trust, it will only strengthen  our mission for truth, for those whose trust has been misused and realize it will be the strongest to drive forward.

My fellow Patriots, hold the line.  Keep the faith and pray.  I have been to Combat as a medic, and I do not wish the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of it on anyone.  Taking back our liberty through violence is the absolute last resort.  Let’s beat them at their own game first, so we can come out stronger as a United people in the end, instead of the years it took after the Civil War.

If we know not our history we will never influence our future, to prevent the greatest mistakes from being repeated.

Stay strong in the Lord, stay Strong in Liberty, stay strong in equal Justice applied to all, and stay strong for our families and love towards our fellow Americans.  Have joy in their presence.

May the Lord bless every one of you with patience, endurance, and faith.

And may the Lord once again bless the people of these Great United States of America.

Yours truly,
“Doc” P


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