Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 4, 2022

Abortion as a legal medical act anywhere in the world has been around about 100 years. The first world leader to make it available to the public was Vladimir Lenin in 1920, after the Bolshevik Revolution, which brought with it 8 million dead, mostly civilians. Afterwards, Lenin collectivized the farms and started a man-made famine that killed millions. But hey, at least he cared about health care and reproductive rights!

Planned Parenthood (originally called ‘The Birth Control League’) was founded by a notorious racist and eugenicist named Margaret Sanger, who called black people “weeds that need to be exterminated” and who shared the same view as Hitler that only the ‘fittest’ should reproduce. Nice lady, I’m sure, if you got to know her.

Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, there have been 63+ million abortions, roughly 1/3 of which have been in the black community, which comprises just under 15% of the total US population. Would Sanger be pleased with these numbers?

At this point, it has to be recognized that abortion is not merely what some would regard as simple health care, it is also an industry, and industries run on money. There have been numerous recent examples of undercover footage of Planned Parenthood agents negotiating the sale of fetal body parts for the marketplace, and describing the procedures they have for ensuring certain market-popular organs are not harmed in the extraction. In the video I saw, the head of Planned Parenthood joined in on the discussion at the end of the brokering. So, this industry takes place, whether people want to believe it or not. Though it is illegal, the human tissue and organ products of abortions are indeed a black market product for those who would deal in them. And that’s a fact.

Since Planned Parenthood was originally named The Birth Control League, I think it’s safe to say that in its current incarnation abortion is utilized as another form of birth control, albeit the last one available. The political argument is that if Roe v. Wade is revoked, back alley coat hanger abortions will be the norm again, when it will in actuality be a state’s rights issue, and if the state you are in doesn’t, for example, allow late term abortions, you could drive a state or two over to the one that does. With all of the birth control methods available today, and the fact that a woman can only get pregnant for one week in a month, is it possible that a change in abortion protocols might affect a change in personal responsibility for the two parties involved in producing a pregnancy? That remains to be seen.

It may be that young people are just constitutionally incapable of being responsible in this area and they need abortion as a failsafe. However, there is a price that comes with it. If the life that is developing in the womb is just a ‘clump of cells’ at 5 weeks, even when it has a heartbeat, and it doesn’t require any consideration whatsoever as a life form, then maybe we, as the living, don’t require all that much consideration either. It made sense to Lenin and Sanger. To them, there was no great value in the individual human being if it was more politically expedient to eliminate them en masse.


If from a consciousness point of view we are all one, at the deepest levels, then it would stand to reason that you cannot be separate from your own creations. Therefore, if there is a life in the fetal child being terminated, then those involved in that termination will at some point, most likely after their own life, have to experience what the fetal child experienced during the abortion, because they are a part of the creation of that reality themselves. This especially includes the doctors involved in the procedure, not just the man and woman who created the embryo.

Since the current criminal political administration, who got into office by election fraud, has absolutely zero to stand on in the midterms elections, it makes sense that they would want to make the upcoming vote not about the economy or any other issue, but about Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice. Even though world leaders both in the US and abroad are telling us to get ready for food shortages (just like V.I. Lenin!) the most important thing right now is not that the current US ‘President’ got into office by fraud (see ‘2,000 Mules’ and the multi-state audits) or that our once energy independent nation now relies on Russian and Saudi oil, or that our economy is hurling headlong into a major recession, the single most important voter issue is whether or not each state legislature will be allowed to vote on their own version of abortion laws.

That’s not to say it isn’t a significant issue. It does divide a lot of people and there are, as well, many who don’t want to get anywhere near this topic. President Trump did say in one of the 2016 debates that he was going to appoint 3 Pro-Life Supreme Court judges and that Roe v. Wade would be overturned as a matter of course. Well, President Trump, despite some thinking he was incompetent, even though he produced a record economy, no wars, and was brokering peace worldwide, did manage to get those 3 conservative judges appointed. So, Roe v. Wade, if Trump was right, may well be overturned.

It turns out even ‘Roe’ herself wanted it overturned. She stated long after the decision that she lied about being raped and was an abusive alcoholic who was manipulated for political purposes, and it was the biggest regret of her life. Interesting that the front woman for the law itself disavows the whole proceeding.

Since it is such a political hot topic, it makes sense that this card would be played at some crucial crossroads, so it might as well be now.

No one can really dictate what another person can or can’t do, regardless of what the law states. A lot of things that are illegal happen constantly, from theft to murder, but is it the potential legal repercussions of those acts that slow the crime rates, or the moral considerations? There is the law of the land and there is what some would suggest is the law of God, while others would say that there is no God, only secular society.

With that in mind, it’s clear that atheists and agnostics are far more for abortion, than say Christians. And Luciferians and Satanists (if you belief they exist) are very much in favor of abortion, since blood sacrifice is part of their religion, going back to the days of open Baal worship and human sacrifice to appease the pagan gods. Anyone who is willing to get down with human sacrifice to further their ‘religious’ aims or, shall we say, their career, should recognize that one day it will be them that gets sacrificed. You live by the sacrifice, you die by the sacrifice. It’s a dark game with a dark ending, and whatever temporal worldly power comes briefly with it, will be paid a thousand times over.


If this sounds like a bunch of conspiracy bunk, revisit Wikileaks and the 2016 election. Many political elites were caught with their hands in the Luciferian cookie jar, with pedophilia and sacrifices to Moloch, and Spirit Cooking all part of the sordid email evidence. But nah, important political personalities and celebrities aren’t capable of that kind of evil. Epstein and Maxwell weren’t really running a pedophile ring for the elites on that little island of theirs, which is coincidentally right next door to the Biden family’s Water Island.

Maybe having some real Christians out there standing in the breach against a death cult isn’t the worst thing in the world. When you have a Great Reset agenda telling you the world needs to be depopulated and that you will own nothing and be happy as servants of an omnipotent big tech state apparatus, maybe some Trump supporters are all that are standing between humanity and a future where human life is not valued.

If we are going to err, perhaps we should err on the side of all life being sacred. What could really go wrong if we lean in that direction, as opposed to leaning into the direction of people as products to be sold in the marketplace? The Nazis turned human beings into lampshades in their concentration camps. Think of the absolutely psychopathic lack of regard for humanity that would permit such an atrocity. That is the mindset that we should get as far away from as humanly imaginable, and if it means dialing back the abortion industry, to factor the sacred value of human life back into the equation, that should surely be worthy of discussion and consideration.

One day, perhaps, it will be doctors themselves who do not want to perform the act. Why should they get blood on their hands for something they were not personally responsible for? If it wasn’t so easy to get an abortion, people would have to be more careful about it. But not that much more. It’s not like there aren’t a slew of birth control methods readily available to virtually anyone.

Abortion is not a constitutional right. It’s not in the constitution. You’d be hard pressed to say it’s an inalienable human right. And it’s certainly not a right sent down from high heaven, in the sense of go forth and multiply, but if you make a mistake, hit the clinic.  

So, it comes down to a personal choice for all of the parties involved. No one should be able to make someone get an abortion, and as well, it is likely not to change anytime soon that if you decide you absolutely want an abortion, you can find a place where that will legally be available, and no shortage of medical doctors-for-hire willing do the business.

Doctors and the medical profession haven’t exactly shown themselves to be the great defenders of humanity and our health during the Covid Plandemic, and the massive Big Pharma Vaccine sales that followed. There are obviously good doctors and medical professionals out there, but it is my point of view that the industry at large has been deeply compromised by money and power, and has lost any moral high ground it once might have held. It’s a sad thing to witness, but the function of medicine has been usurped by industry, and true cures and healing technologies have been suppressed in the service of what you could call a darker agenda.

Myself? I don’t want anything to do with dark agendas. Do I think the industry behind abortion plays into that? Yes. That is why I am against it. I am not against female rights. And I do not think access to abortion will be eliminated. But the Life side of the argument for human rights is due for some victories. At the end of the day, one should be glad that there are still some people out there who consider it worth fighting for. After all, everyone reading these words was not aborted. And I doubt any Mother who has ever had a child would go back in time and abort that child if given the opportunity. It may be considered as health care to some, but it is definitely not health care to the developing life. To them it is the opposite of health care.

The last point to be made is that some will say that we only care about the unborn, and once they are born they don’t matter anymore, but that is a projection from those who already do not consider the spiritual import of the soul. Of course, the value of life continues in an unbroken thread from pre-history to history to post history. The body is mortal, but the spirit from which animates it is immortal. One must consider that a violence is done to that entity in the womb, and it is done with little consideration for the life inherent in it, treating it as a product to be vacuumed up or sold. Is that a good thing? Is that something that should be celebrated in the streets? Or perhaps reconsidered with more spiritual sensitivity?

There are no judgments here and this is a very current and ongoing debate amongst humanity today, so this is a forum for discussion without the impulse to make anyone right or wrong. None of us are angels, we have all done things we regret or might have done differently with more wisdom. And that’s not even including our past lives!


I don’t consider Christianity to be an organized religion for myself, but rather it is the teachings of Christ and Unity consciousness he lived and demonstrated. The Vatican co-opted those teachings for its own political benefit, so I don’t look to them for guidance in any way. Their ceremonies are Luciferian and they’ve been engaged in enough dark dealings to not qualify as a moral compass in these times. But it is unfair to assume that anyone expressing a Christian sentiment or values is a hypocrite and a fraud, or on some moral high horse, as a fake do-gooder looking to rain on the party of free will.

It’s really not that complex. Christ taught to regard your neighbor as both yourself and God, because they are one and the same. If that simple ideology were a lived experience of all people on earth, we would be in a version of heaven right now, because just imagine the kind of world we would create if that were the case for all people everywhere. But something has held us back from this way of life, some other agenda designed to divide and separate us, and keep us at odds with each other, at the very least politically. We are told that we must fight over limited resources, but if the resources were not limited, what would we be fighting over?

If the world of Unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, was a reality for all, then would abortion even exist?

Probably not. Because the value of consciousness would be so great, so esteemed, that it would be considered such an honor to bring it into physicality on earth, and as such, everyone would cherish the act as something of miraculous grace and benevolence, and the whole community would come together to celebrate it.

And would that be so bad? For Life to be so esteemed, even in its earliest physical states? I don’t think so.

It is not wrong to argue for ideals, and for enlightened possibilities and states of being. And it’s not wrong to consider Christ as an ideal and a guide for that way of being, even if others consider Him to be an imaginary person that never actually existed. And if that’s the case, then He is the greatest imaginary person ever, because somehow His teachings are as relevant and important now as they ever were, some 2,000 years since he laid down the cornerstone of the enlightened civilizational model. 

Christ was the Greatest Story Ever Told, yet we are currently in the midst of the Greatest Political Story Ever Told. The Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice debate has inserted itself into this story with full force as of late, so I thought it only proper to bring it up while I am still around to make such points.

In the end, we will all have to answer for our acts, as we return to that mysterious and ineffable Love that birthed us out of its own Eternal Being. Being gentle with that which is under our own care is likely the most appropriate approach for the Living, since that is how we would like to be cared for ourselves. N’est-ce pas?

This truth, like all great truths, would appear to be self-evident. One can only hope that we will be guided by our better angels in this historic crossroads. The Founding Fathers of the United States were guided by Christian principles, whether people want to accept that particular truth or not. Yet they were not perfect men, they were men and women of their time, working within the modes of that day. Frederick Douglas stated that the doom of slavery was certain, because he believed in the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the genius of American Institutions. Slavery had to be eliminated to live up to the sacred ideals of the Declaration, which a miraculous Revolutionary victory delivered as a historical imperative. Was anyone else lining up to end the economic model of slavery, of human beings as a commodity to be ruthlessly traded on the open market?

Without God, or the Creator, there is no United States of America, and the ideals of human freedom and equality its founding documents espouse. There is only the Empire of the most powerful entities in the world. And you can’t expect such Empires to take into great consideration the spiritual import of its subjects. We were all once at the mercy of forces which could either kill us or nurture us. Perhaps we all once had to pray for the latter. Like they say, there are no atheists in foxholes.


It might simply be a matter of remembering what brought us here, the very miracle of us, and henceforth be led by the grace of that understanding. It sure beats politics as a guiding light.

“For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of  the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.”
Psalm 139


Parting the Washington Sea


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