Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of May 4, 2022


Very Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Wed. 4 May 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

As of 12:55 pm EST on Wed. 4 May 2022 the Quantum Financial System was syncing into a Shotgun Start that would bring NESARA/GESARA to the world. Once the QFS was synced, every country’s currency would be revalued to a Gold/Asset-backed System.

We Are Inside the War of the Century
Buckle up, Butter Cups.
Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming.
…White Hats

“Slow Down, Be Still”

April 24, 2022- #4832 Music & the Spoken Word (

God could easily amaze us with loud, imposing demonstrations of His power, though most of the time He doesn’t. Instead, He whispers – gently, quietly, softly.

Perhaps this is because He knows that in our chaotic World, what we need most from Him is peace and He doesn’t want to force it upon us. He speaks to those who sincerely want to hear, who make the effort to hear.


And, it does take effort. It means striving to mute the noise in our lives, to clear the clutter from our minds and the pride from our hearts. It means seeking sacred moments alone with the Lord.

Simply stated, if we slow down and be still, we will know that He is God.

Judy Note: Wed. 4 May Fleming 12:55 pm EST:

  • Right now the Quantum Financial System was syncing with the Collective System, including every participating Nation State.
  • This was the Shotgun Start that brings NESARA GESARA to the world.
  • The US Treasury becomes obsolete. The QFS can’t be stopped.
  • Any second, any minute, once the QFS was synced, every bank in the world would be online and every country has to revalue their currency.
  • Once each Central Bank was informed by the QFS what their specific code was, they had to respond.
  • If the Central Bank did not comply, within hours they would be visited by a Security Team and codes would be entered.
  • The System knows who the criminals are. Mass arrests would immediately follow once the QFS was synced and the last code was entered. QFS tells the Nation States exactly what their rate was. This will happen fast.

Judy Note:

  • The Global Currency Reset officially rolled out on Sun. 1 May.
  • We expected Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to be notified to set redemption/exchange appointments by Wed. 4 May, Thurs. 5 May or Fri. 6 May – with appointments beginning that, or the next day, according to Bruce.
  • Wed. 4 May MarkZ:Weeks ago I was told to watch for a new rate between Thurs. 5 May and Sat. 7 May. Now it looks like it’s between Sat. 7 May and Tues. 10 May. Military contacts were squarely looking at mid –May. They are expecting huge changes over the next week and a half.”
  • On Tues. 3 May some bond holders received codes for their accounts, but their accounts weren’t activated and likely wouldn’t be until Tier 4B received their appointments, according to Bruce.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 have already been paid out, according to Bruce.
  • Tier 2 (the Whales who have already received 15% of their monies) have already paid off our national debt, plus were paying for NESARA out of the remaining 85%.
  • Tues. evening 3 May MarkZ: “We have had two very solid confirmations from Tier 3 that they received small bank wires (compared to what they are owed). They were Test Wires, and that tells us (imo) that real money has started moving in Tier 3. This is exciting. I think this is fantastic news.”

Apparent Schedule:

  • Last week: Poultry and turkey farms in Iowa and 28 other states from Maine to Utah were destroyed due to “Bird Flu” – therefore contributing to the food shortages.
  • Sun. 1 May Global Currency Reset rolled out. Declass: Fox News release info on 2020 Election Fraud.
  • Mon. 2 May Declass: Roe vs. Wade overturned leaked out, Disney Secrets exposed: Underground Tunnels & Cages/CIA Drug & Human Smuggling and connections to Occult Pedo Epstein Island.
  • Tues. 3 May Declass: Big Pharma fraud – birth abnormalities experienced by pregnant female soldiers following the Pfizer vaccine. Doctors that concluded the vaccine to be safe were employed by Pfizer or owned shares in BioNTech. Not reported in MSM, though alternative media released that banks reported that a recession was coming, the US largest bank, the Bank of America, was in a collapse as was Europe’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, while thousands of banks across the Globe were being closed or bought out.
  • Tens of thousands of small banks close across the world
  • Wed. 4 May Orange Man (President Trump): Russia wanted (the Russia/Ukraine War) to finish by May 6. Well 2 days ahead. May the Fourth (Force be with you). Same Day Nazi’s in WW2 Surrendered. We are on a Loop. White Hats are in control.
  • Wed. 4 May to June 3rd is 30 days. June 3rd was lizards Platinum Jubilee (The People’s Jubilee instead maybe). Done in 30. This would also align with Protocol 19 at beginning of June (perhaps after the 3 day blackout for flip. 3-6 June).  …Whiplash347
  • Thurs. 5 May Canada scheduled Emergency Broadcast System test.
  • Thurs. 5 May GCR funds available to all tiers.
  • Sat. 7 May Dinesh D’Sousa’s 2000 Mules about 2020 Election Fraud documentary release.
  • Wed. 11 May (5.11) 2 Year Delta coming up Q4211: We are ready to unleash hell. Memes ready? Q
  • By Fri. 13 May Biden would be out, Trump would be in as US President.
  • Sometime from Wed. 4 May to Wed. 18 May NESARA would kick in.
  • Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s Truth Social App will launch on a web browser at the end of May, Chief Executive Devin Nunes said on Monday.

The Real News for Wed. 4 May 2022:

  • Human DNA has been found in US food processing plants, thirteen of which were torched last week – believed happened in order to cover up evidence; Human DNA has also been discovered in various brands of hot dogs at the stores; McDonalds was under investigation for child body parts found in their meat processing plants; Cabal was thought to be adding mRNA Tech to our food supply and we were in a high priced food supply shortage that appeared created by our own government.
  •  Walgreens publishes data proving that COVID jabs don’t prevent COVID, while pregnant women in the Military have been aborting their babies right after being forced to be jabbed.
  • The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade turned the Abortion Issue back to the individual states to decide.
  • Last week the Biden Administration announced creation of a so-called “Disinformation Steering Board” which was nothing more than a censorship board. The Mainstream Media already acts as a censorship board. They were impinging on our right to Free Speech.
  • Former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat from Hawaii) believes that Biden is just a figurehead and Barack Obama is associated with the newly created Disinformation Management Council of the Department of Homeland Security, which they called the “Ministry of Truth” from George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”.
  • They’re going after our children:
  • The global food shortage upped it’s anti last week when in France 16 million birds (mainly chickens) were destroyed during an outbreak of “Avian Flu,” accompanied by another outbreak in America where Poultry and Turkey Farms in Iowa and 28 other states from Maine to Utah were destroyed due to “Bird Flu” – therefore contributing to food shortages across the globe. 
  • US: Last Saturday 30 April another food processing plant caught fire in Chesapeake, Virginia, amid a series of mysterious accidents at food processing plants occurring across America in the last week.

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • France claims a record 16 million birds (chickens) have been destroyed during an outbreak of Avian Flu.
  • US: Last Saturday 30 April another food processing plant caught fire in Chesapeake, Virginia, amid a series of mysterious accidents at food processing plants occurring across America in the last week. The latest incident occurred at the grain processing plant Perdue Farms, where employees of the company found a burning tank with soybeans. Preparations for the global food crisis are in full swing and in a variety of ways.

Covid/Vax Hoax:

Protests and Riots:

  • Last night in Los Angeles, ANTIFA smashed up Department of Homeland Security vehicles at a pro-abortion riot.

2020 Election Fraud, Donald Trump:

  • Everyone knows the wisdom embodied in the saying “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The WSJ’s May 2, 2022 editorial argues that we should ignore the blatant fraud that took place in Wisconsin in the November 2020 election as detailed by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in his 136 page Preliminary Report issued on March 1, 2022. To ignore the fraud that Justice Gableman continues to uncover is to allow that fraud to be repeated. Justice Gableman’s Report revealed many illegal and unethical acts including Zuckerberg funded election bribery, illegal ballot drop boxes, and obstruction of evidence gathering. Gableman also revealed that the Wisconsin Election Commission shared access to Wisconsin’s registration system with Zuckerberg funded left-wing activists, disregarded Wisconsin law so that tens of thousands of nursing home residents could be exploited for their votes, and illegally encouraged Wisconsin voters declare themselves “indefinitely confined” under Wisconsin law, thereby avoiding Wisconsin’s voter ID requirements.
  • These issues are far from “ghosts” as the editorial board claims. Here is a link to the Report ( so that people can see it for themselves. I encourage everyone to read it.
  • The fact that the WSJ editorial board came out with this hit piece the day after the nationwide premier of True the Vote’s movie, 2000 Mules, which proves a massive illegal ballot harvesting operation took place in the 2020 election—especially in key battleground counties like Milwaukee County—is also curious. Voters know that unless we fix what happened in 2020, those who stole the 2020 election will try to do it again in 2022. Ignorance is not bliss. Sky high inflation, threats of World War III, and the invasion across our borders are a direct consequence of the stolen 2020 election. What happened in 2020 can never be allowed to happen again!

Inside the War of the Century, White Hats:

  • Buckle up, Butter Cups. Nothing Can Stop What is Coming. WWG1WGA
  • The War in Ukraine would cover up exposure of the Pandemic and vaccines.
  • The war would continue to be plastered throughout all Media, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Mainstream Media, Radio, Social Media and create panic.
  • This saturation of the Media would cover up the Durham Investigation into the Clintons that would lead to Fauci and Obama.
  • The war would suppress coverage of the Freedom Convoys, cover up missing-laundered Deep State money across the world; create cover for corrupt European countries, presidents, Elites and Banks
  • Unfortunately the war will bring down exposure of the New World Order (UN, NATO).
  • Currently the 32 Nations Alliance White Hats have Military Generals in every major country getting ready to rebuff the UN and NATO and their own Deep State Military forces connected to their corrupted governments owned by the Central Banking System and Deep State Cabal.
  • A world lockdown could ensue after a World Nuclear and Military Standoff.
  • In this time would be great unrest, confusion, riots and protests which would lead to Martial Law.
  • White Hats Military in every Nation will arrest their own Deep State officials in government, Media, Elites, Deep State Military – all who colluded in the Pandemic, Vaccine Bio-weapons and betrayed their country by working with the Deep State (DAVOS, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Gates, World Banks, Vatican, Chinese Communist Party).
  • In the next months expect the World’s largest earthquakes to happen. Don’t be surprised if the Deep State sticks to their Alien Invasion, Project Blue Beam Plan, create a large earthquake, and pretend to uncover massive new archeological findings and ancient technology connected to Aliens.
  • This has been their plan all along. That’s why the Deep State Pentagon, Mainstream Media, World Government and Vatican have been pushing the Alien Agenda.
  • Pay attention to the weather and tectonic weapons being used throughout the world, the volcano explosions, droughts, floods, fires, cyclones, and tsunamis.
  • The White Hat US Military was currently moving anti-ballistic missiles (ABM) through several states under the cover of night: New York, Iowa, Colorado, California, Florida, Virginia, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Arizona and Montana.
  • The  anti-ballistic missile (ABM) is a surface-to-air missile designed to counter ballistic missiles (missile defense). Ballistic missiles are used to deliver nuclear, chemical, biological, or conventional warheads in a ballistic flight trajectory. The term “anti-ballistic missile” is a term conveying a system designed to intercept and destroy any type of ballistic threat; however, it is commonly used for systems specifically designed to counter intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).
  • When the U.S, Russia, UK, China, or a large portion of the EU turn off their internet, or shut down their own grid, that means they are either making a Military Strike, or getting ready for Military attack.
  • Top war analysts predict the first strike will be a massive Cyber Attack and low yielding Nuclear Bomb (EMP) detonated 1-3 miles above the ground over major Electric/ electronic infrastructure and grids.
  • Turning off the electric grid will save the primary electronics.
  • Turning off the Internet will insure defense from ongoing Cyber Attacks crashing the systems.
  • These Events will protect White Hat communication equipment, electronic controlled grids, Military equipment and weapons.
  • The Deep State Media was also not reporting that the Chinese Military was in a constant move to their borders.
  • In the past three months the U.S. Military has been searching vessels, shipping containers and shipping boxes that were off loaded throughout the US, for surface to air missiles concealed in shipping boxes. The East Coast was being heavily searched through major cities and shipping ports.
  • All last year the Deep State has warned of major Cyber-Attacks that would cause a breakdown of Electrical Grids and Internet. That’s because they are planning this in order to cover up exposure of their virus release and vaccine deaths.
  • This was their play book, just like the Great Depression in the 1930s: You break the economy and then start a world war. Such covered up money laundering and taking over a country’s gold and resources.

The White Hat Plan Behind the Scene – Private Citizen Elon Musk:

  • Private citizen Elon Musk was placed by the Military, Trump and the White Hats for many reasons.
  • The Military can’t directly bring out Disclosure because doing so would bring too much chaos and infighting directly inside the military branches, plus it would go against the Department of Defense Laws.
  • Trump can’t directly bring out Disclosure because doing so would bring too much chaos into the political arenas and cause major divisions inside the Republican Party, plus it would go against Department of Defense Laws connected to high level clearance.
  • Behind the scenes Musk was working on cures found in high level Military Technology.
  • That Military Technology was connected to a new formulation of independent governments across the world – governments that could never again be corrupted by a controlled Elite enslavement system.
  • That Military Technology consisted of future phones and banking, plus putting an end to the production of toxins and chemicals that used sugar.
  • That Military Technology also connected to GESARA, the goal of World Peace and a full implementation of Events.
  • Musk on War Path:
  • Musk could easily reach 150 million a tweet just in the US alone because if you have 90 million followers and you talk shit about the Free Masons on a Tweet, or about the FBI’S involvement in Twitter cover up Biden’s Laptop stories, or Ghislaine Maxwell pedo connections to Elites and ALL who were on the LIST in court, or calling out Bill Gates, or letting people post the 30,000 released Pfizer documents on Twitter, those 90 million followers could re-share that information to other platforms.
  • Do you really think a person with that much power is unprotected?
  • The same goes for Durham.
  • They both are on the War Path.
  • But MUSK will make a lot of (PLANNED) mistakes that will piss of the Heard. That confusion will be needed in the CLOUD OF WAR

Roe vs. Wade to be Overturned:

Trump spoke at I-80 in Greenwood between Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Below are some excerpts from his speech:

  • The networks and the media are trying to censor us and exclude us — and what FOX is trying to do is have Trumpism without Trump. I do not know how it will play out, but they are working hard on it.
  • Never forget that the radical Democrats want to lock you in your house and deprive you of your freedom, while they release dangerous criminals without bail and release repeat offenders without charges.
  • The biggest threat to public health in our Democrat—run cities is not Covid, but the Democrats’ anti-crime policies.
  • Our movement must continue to pursue a populist-nationalist economic agenda that puts working families above globalist politicians and corrupt multinational corporations.
  • No teacher should ever have the right to teach our children a transgender agenda without parental consent. We have to save our children!
  • Last week, the Biden administration announced the creation of a so-called “disinformation steering board” at the Department of Homeland Security, run by a fanatical leftist lunatic who tried to convince people that the Russian hoax was true, and Hunter Biden and the information about his laptop was published by Russia, which, as she knew, was false. The brazen and desperate attempts of the Democratic Party to impose censorship prove how cowardly they are. They are afraid of MAGA, and they should be terrified. When the Republicans take back Congress, the first thing we will do is stop funding this ridiculous propaganda council, fire the left—wing censors and stop their blatant violations of our First Amendment rights.

Must See Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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