Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of April 27, 2022


Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Wed. 27 April 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

On Fri. 22 April the Global Currency Reset began.

On Tues. 26 April 2022 at midnight the United Nations lost all power over any sovereign nation and countries across the globe began a switch from the World Bank fiat SWIFT system to a new gold/asset-backed CIPS system.

“Doing in Order to Become”

April 22, 2018 – #4623 Music & the Spoken Word (

Life is about not just what we are doing with our time, but who we are becoming through our experiences. While it’s helpful to plan what we are going to do each day, we might also consider what we are going to become each day.

How might the person we are at the end of the day be a little different from the person we were at the beginning?


Life has a lot to do with what we choose to do. Those who truly become kind, caring, compassionate and generous have developed those qualities through the accumulation of good choices that lead to becoming a person of good character over time.

No matter how much we might need to accomplish, life was never meant to be a list of tasks. We were created to become something far greater than what we are now.

Judy Note Hints on Timing:

  • The Devolution Continuity of US Government Laws of Wars activated on 21 Jan. 2022 at 12:00 am.
  • On Fri. 22 April at 6:00 am EST Charlie Ward posted, “The global launch of the funds has just taken place in all parts of the world, marking the start of the global asset redemption program.”
  • On Sun. 24 April: “I have a very strong feeling next week is going to be wild.”…Whiplash347
  • Tues. 26 April 2022 at midnight the United Nations lost all power over any sovereign nation per national treaties. Sovereign nations switched from the World Bank fiat Dollar SWIFT system to the Chinese gold/asset-backed CIPS system.
  • Concerning Wed. morning 27 April: “I’ve waited 17 years for these last 65 hours JFK Jr. posted on Sun. 24 April.
  • Wed. 27 April Charlie Ward: “This is a very important week. It’s all going on behind the scenes! The Deep State was in a meltdown. It looks like MSN was pushing a narrative of Russia starting a Nuclear War. This was propaganda to scare those that were lacking in common sense, a perfect distraction to allow the good guys to complete the dismantling of the Deep State and Cabal.”
  • Fri. 29 April 6:00pm EST Trump would be live on Truth Social. President Trump’s next Rally was on 4/29 in Nebraska. Does anyone know the significance of that date? April 29, 1945 was the surrender of Nazi Germany to Allies. Trump was the 19th President, 45th President. There were no coincidences.
  • “Sun. 1 May sees the new system launch around the world,” according to Fleming.
  • Sun. 1 May:  Evidently Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) has not yet received notification to set appointments as expected this week because the countries of Venezuela, Iraq and Iran were not yet ISO 20022 compliant. If they were not compliant by Sun. 1 May, we may go without them.
  • Fleming: According to the CBI contact speaking directly to Nick, the WTO is hot after the Central Bank of Iraq to finally sign off for the ISO 20022 certification to be implemented. Venezuela and Iraq are lagging behind and have to acknowledge compliance and acceptance by the end of the month, then they would be starting the revaluation with or without them.
  • On Thurs. 5 May a Code Red (unknown) Event announcement was scheduled, which coincided with an American Prince announcement on Tues. 26 April at 7:21 pm when the Prince (believed to be JFK Jr.) said, 77 hours remain. Define: Anti-Christ.”
  • Code Red BIG Announcement 5.5 2022. This Is It. The Hour Is Upon Us. The Storm Is Coming. They Are Not Prepared. I Am Back. BQQM BQQM BQQM. The time has come. Everyone will be amazed. Dark to Light [5.5]. …JFK Jr.
  • “It’s Time. They underestimated us all. They thought their demonic plan would have worked in the details and everyone would have kneeled to their deranged will. They were terribly wrong. They will never change what we really are…..God’s creation! Tick Tock. Today will be a new day.” …@RealDonaldTrump_Potus
  • This was received from a good friend about the Global Currency Reset: “It sounds like God has us precisely where we need to be spiritually and intellectually, humbled and hanging on! Every great man or woman must go through an emotional transition, if only for the sake of the suffering children, if only for the hurting and helpless innocent ones. Remember the admonishing of Q: “The end won’t be for everyone. When will the military manifestation happen? When will fiscal deliverance come? When will the children finally be freed from this wretched horror? The answer lies in due time – in God’s timing – we will all prevail, for Where We Go One, We Go All.”

The Real News for Wed. 27 April 2022:

  • Naturally when the Commonwealth was dissolved the world would need a new, or let’s say, old make up: Reversal of the 1871 Act of England, reversal of the Balfour Declaration,1776 Common Law for all worldwide, 1950’s Prices (with 1955 being the chosen year), and suppressed and Quantum Technologies. …Whiplash347
  • The New York Stock Exchange has been Child Trafficking so it is going to die.
  • Upon announcement of the Queen’s death there would be a Social Media Blackout – a cover for the Internet being taken down and creating cover stories for the three day Event and Ten Days of Darkness (now referred to as Ten Days of Disclosure).
  • Event: Putin cuts off gas to Western countries = European Stock falls
  • Event: The New York Stock Exchange will explode via an EMP.
  • We will move fwd on the Julian Calendar.
  • The US Treasury Department has created the United Continental Dollar (UCN), which now is the national currency. See website:
  • The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal, Part 22: Covid-19. Part 5 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times on money and murder in hospitals:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • Whiplash347: When The Storm hits prices will skyrocket before The Crash to 1955 prices. It will be brief. Fill up your cars today.
  • Russia has stopped supplying gas to Bulgaria and Poland.
  • Russia to cut off more gas buyers that don’t pay in Rubles, Kremlin says. European gas prices up 24%. The gold-backed Ruble reached a 2-year high against the Euro.
  • Putin has ordered to extend restrictions on the export of fertilizers to unfriendly countries until August 31, 2022, with the option of prolonging this decision in the future.
  • France: On Wed. 27 April there was a partial Internet outage in some French cities after fiber optic cables were cut in the Paris region and east of France. This happened after riots broke out when Macron was declared winner of the 2022 Election that was said encased in Fraud and fixed Dominion voting machines – the same vote-changing machines used in the 2020 US Election Fraud.
  • Fox News Tucker Carlsen confirmed that over a dozen food processing plants were destroyed in the last month.
  • Germany must prepare “intensively” for gas shortages, says EnBW – one of the largest energy supply companies.
  • Tim Brown: “Over the past five months, almost two dozen food industry enterprises have caught fire in the United States. On top of that, our government has been paying farmers for decades not to grow crops, and we have a supply chain crisis where ships stay off our coast for months before they are unloaded. Famine is coming to the USA. The question is not whether it will come, but when it will come. People should know and prepare by growing their own food and adapting to what is about to happen on our Land.”
  • Over 120,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled Nationwide Over E. Coli Concerns

Global Financial Crisis:

Russian/Ukraine War:

  • [Sensitive content, see full report attached below]

White Hat Devolution Plan and Continuity of US Government:

  • The corruption of the Biden Administration was in clear view.
  • Trump said Biden was Deep State and had to win the 2020 Election as it was the only way the world could see the corruption. If Trump had won the Election things would not have changed and the corruption of MSM and the Deep State would have created much more harder problems and issues to address, but by Biden taking office the corruption was being exposed.
  • The election was given to Biden as it was part of military Operations, continuity of government Devolution that would connect to Laws of Wars that activated on January 21, 2022  at 12:00 am.
  • Since 2017 Trump had signed many Executive Order(s) that pertain to the Devolution Plan and continuity of government.
  • Everything you’re watching and have been watching was a well placed Plan to catch all the atrocities, government corruptions and Crimes Against Humanity taking place within the United States three branch systems of government – which in turn connects to other world governments, leaders, Elites and their organizations.
  • Biden was a turncoat actor placed by the White Hats for infiltration into the World Deep State Society Cabal.
  • My understanding was that all his assets were frozen and he was given a choice of death, Military Tribunals and everything taking from his family including his future grandchild inheritance, or he could become the World’s most powerful mole directly placed in the middle of the Deep State sector.
  • Everything you’re seeing has been designed, such as Pelosi, Biden, Fauci and Hunter Biden’s laptop that holds the key to the Deep State Plan and how it was placed inside the Delaware Shop.
  • There were many mechanisms to this Plan: Trump, Eight US Intel. Agencies and Military Intelligence Battalions connected to a worldwide organization of White Hats working inside a Sting Operation of the Century to save the world.
  • More and more countries are experiencing the Collapse. Riot’s have started over food and gas, inflation and supply chain shortages.

The Plan, White Hats:

  • Eventually worldwide Military Coups will begin, but first Martial Law.
  • Military in 32 countries will activate martial law against riots. Food shortage gas shortage/Vaccine mandates/, forced vaccines/lockdowns..
  • CITIZENS of the World will rise against the [DS] PLANDEMIC….
  • The martial law will be an excuse by white HATS to bring in Military in all major countries.
  • In those days when people are under martial law… THE DEEP STATE/CABAL/and those who colluded in the scheme of the pandemic and Bank companies and pharmaceutical companies and deep state affair will be arrested
  • Trust the PLAN. White Hats Army IS THE ONLY WAY

Med Beds

  • Remember POTUS saying all hospital equipment will be obsolete by the end of the year? No more Chemo, Radiation etc. Med beds, UV Light Therapies etc. Hospitals & Schools will be ripped apart. No need for medical research when you have 6000 cures handed to you, that Tesla had.

The Event: Storm of the Century Cyber Attacks

Weapon grade Cyber Attacks expected. Water infrastructure is next. Gas lines in Europe were fighting an attack not mentioned. Imagine 50,000 Ships on the ocean who move 90% of Global trade and food. They are almost all digital controlled. One ship can disrupt world shipping lines for three, up to eleven months.

Mossad, Israel, Obama, Rothschilds Connections, Whiplash347:

Remember The Mossad Students in Tower 2 just before September 11 2001?

Remember Netanyahu said he thought 9/11 was good for America?

Remember Israel’s back door into Silicon Valley?

Remember they created the Saudi Wahabi to control the Internet and turn you against Islam. You would remember Facebook being controlled by Saudi Fact Checkers.


Remember they got Bin Talal to do it.

Bin Talal paid for Obama’s Harvard Schooling

Remember who created the Mossad & Saudi Intel?

Remember The UK Rothschilds Created Israel – Balfour Declaration

Remember who Sanctioned 9/11 – the Queen of England. The same Queen who got the Sanussi/Hassan Family to kill JFK.

Remember Saudi has been Flipped.

Must Watch Videos:

  • Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell:
  • Child Sex Trafficking of the Elite:
  • 100,000 Children Go Missing Every Day:
  • Dutch Whistleblower Ronald Bernard: They Worship Lucifer & Sacrifice Children. Ronald Bernard worked in the banking/financial sector and has revealed that the globe is controlled by about 8500 people who are all connected with each other. These people attend satanic churches where they worship Lucifer, and carry out child sacrifice. He states that these people look down upon ordinary humans and laugh at their misery. “We looked down on people – mocked them. Everything was worthless trash. Nature, the planet, everything could burn and break.”  (Duration: 40 minutes) @ExposeThePEDOSendTheCABAL

Read Full Report (Doc):

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