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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

From my homeland, which, if I believed in all that is happening, I would no longer call my home. But an open-air lunatic asylum. But, I do not believe in all that is fed to me by the media, what I hear unconsciously. Because I don’t watch MSM anymore, I don’t listen to the radio anymore, I don’t read lying papers anymore. And that has been the case for a very long time. That’s why I say homeland, and I’m proud of the many, many digital soldiers that are here, the many humanitarians that are here, the many hidden doubters that are here.

It was over three years ago that I first heard that currencies were going to be reevaluated, that there was going to be a revaluation. So I scraped together the few Euros I just had, drove to Bonn to the travel bank and bought my first VND. On a Saturday, because it was supposed to start the next Monday or Tuesday with the increased rate. Yes, you are laughing or smirking now, but remember your first currency purchase. That was in February 2019 and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s been over three years since then. Over three years in which I have hoped, anxious and waited, despaired and disappointed, struggled and often wanted to give up. But today I’ m very grateful for this day, this tip. Because without it I would not have been able to develop, without it I would not write articles (for which I seem to have a talent…), no broadcasts with other patriots would have been possible, and certainly no own telegram channel with over 3600 subscribers.

I’ m also grateful to the many people who have come into my life, some of them even personally, like the comrades-in-arms in our project. Some important friendships have been formed that would not have been possible before. I am also grateful to the people who no longer follow my path or whose path I no longer follow. This is also a development that everyone goes through individually. You don’t have to react negatively or positively to it, it’s just part of it when paths part and new paths come along. I’ m now firmly convinced that everything happened the way it had to happen. The contact with Ron Giles was as necessary as everything else. That is why I’ m now in the place where the Alliance, the Creator or whoever wanted me to be. And I am doing the job that was intended for me. And I’ m also grateful for this, for this task. It has allowed my English to improve, although I still use a translator for reasons of innate laziness. But I understand more when reading and watching videos. The assignment has enabled me to be more familiar with America, more familiar with geopolitics, and to have a much better overview of events than I did three and a half years ago. I was a dummy then compared to now.

And, if you are honest, what would you know about the world and its dark secrets without “Q”, without Trump, without Putin, especially without the C-plandemic? Since 2016, the Great Awakening has begun and many, many websites, channels, accounts on social media have emerged. Each of the operators, just like me, went to a place, took on tasks and encouraged to learn, to research, to obtain knowledge. They all were and are in the place where they should be. And that’s never by accident, it’s been by design. It’s been meant to happen, as it was meant to happen for many here, that they bought ZIM or other currencies. The path bifurcated, and if we took the opportunity to buy currencies, it had a very specific reason. And if we didn’t, that also had a reason. No matter what we decided, we are all where we are supposed to be now, we did what we were supposed to do. We don’t know the exact reasons yet. Is it the project ideas that, miraculously, formed in our brains? Is it the motivation that we and others should be better off that was suddenly there or suddenly surfaced? Even if it is only to enrich ourselves personally, to put ourselves in a better position than others, even then it is so intentional.

In retrospect, an exchange in 2019, 2020 or even 2021 would have been a disaster. And by that I don’t mean the risk that the Deep State would have harmed us exchangers or taken the money back from us. To that end, I think the Alliance had control of everything much earlier. As early as 2016, or Trump would never have become President with the election fraud that was going on even then. He initiated so many things in these four years, of which we (should) only know a small part. For me personally, it would have been a disaster, because I would not have been able to live through this positive development towards humanitarianism. I would have given away and shared a lot, of course, but not to the extent that we will soon. Let’s call it semi-humanitarian, because I have actually always been generous when I had something. Is that why I’m not doing well at the moment? I don’t think so, because my gifts have always come from the heart and I have never regretted them, no matter what it was, no matter when it was.

I’ m also grateful to those whose path I can no longer follow or who can no longer follow my path. They accompanied me for a stretch that I’m sure was a win-win for both sides, but the timing for a fork in the road where everyone goes in a different direction was right at the time and was meant to be. After all, we’ve heard and read a lot about gatekeepers, we’ve heard and read about double and triple agents channel operators who lure into “traps”, who aren’t serious, who have other ambitions. Folks, that’s part of it, too, it’s meant to be. And that’s why there are so many different people, characters and media. They are all in the place where they belong, where they should be! How else do we want to develop, how else do we want to train our intuition? For this reason they are all there. They are all teachers. Teachers for us, for us awakened ones. They are all preparing us for what is to come and we have to go through it, we have to have these lessons. In the world to come, learning and evolving will not stop, what were you thinking? After 4D comes 5D, after that it continues. Nothing is as constant as change.

So accept it when I say that we are all there, in the place where we belong. Be proud that you are still there, be grateful that you are also dressing tasks, and may they seem so small and tiny, you have them. And you do them. Unconsciously or consciously, loudly or quietly, with giving or with taking. We are all where we are supposed to be. In this show, in this game, in this matrix. Individually, each for himself, without imitating or imitating, best still without “FOLLOWING”, because we don’t need a leader anymore, no one to run after. We will all be our own leaders on an equal basis. And individual abilities will make communities possible for us, of which we still dream now. But we will experience them, we will live in them. And then we will be proud to have survived these times in 3D. And celebrate of course, what would a successful change and a successfully completed task be without celebration?

Observe, don‘t absorb!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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