(Reader: timjoebob) Can’t Let it Go: Contradictions


Reader Post | By timjoebob

On one side you have ‘Ray’, the mysterious TLS operative, and on the other you have James Gilliland from ECETI. They both are supposed to be of higher vibes ‘in the know’ and on the good side.

I have a problem with Ray who works with The Light System (TLS). He’s pretty adamant about the idea that there’s no such thing as bad ET reptilian races, etc etc. To him it’s all bs. He says a few things that don’t add up. But, then, the very next comment he’ll say something that is totally true and obvious.

James from ECETI says there ARE definitely bad ET’S out there in the cosmos. And he makes pretty good sense about it.

Now, I’m not going to get into details because it would be too long of an article. But, wouldn’t you think that these people should be saying exactly the same things if they were truly on the same side and had access to the same knowledge…and on the same page? These guys are supposed to be lightworkers and ‘in the know’. I wonder sometimes.

It’s not surprising that the confusion and convolution of this topic is at an all time high. At some point, some people will just throw their hands up and throw both of them under the bus. Those who would do that are not being responsible but are just frustrated to the core with the whole thing.

I would love to see those two guys have a little chat, wouldn’t you?

So, obviously, there are many camps that are situated in certain sectors of this little debate scattered across the world.

My opinion doesn’t really matter. But, c’mon guys and gals, get your shit together. You could at least support one another and get on the same page and resolve this issue.

Are there bad ET’S? I think there are. It makes more sense to me. But, that’s my take on it.

Is it all bs? Maybe some of it, I don’t know. But, one thing is undeniable. We are not alone in this illusion. There are many reputable people who have experienced contact or have seen what appeared to be alien beings. I, myself and my wife, have first hand visual sightings on more than one occasion seeing aircraft that wasn’t normal. The most dramatic sighting and astonishing one was seeing a silver metallic looking craft actually de-cloaking and then cloaking again…like ‘Predator’, the movie… actually cloaking and de-cloaking. We were absolutely blown away. I would be highly skeptical about anyone telling me something like that if I had not seen anything like that for myself. It defies the imagination when it happens. I consider myself lucky to have experienced the thrill of it. Wow! Very cool, indeed. Was it an ET craft or was it one of our own from this planet? I don’t know. But, we as regular people are kept so far from the truth on these things that it’s no wonder there’s massive confusion at large on this. I have never seen an ET being, however. But, my life isn’t over yet.

Okay, I’ve said enough.



PS— check out Jason Shurka parts 1, 2, 3 on the interview disclosure from Ray and TLS. Sorry, I don’t have the link ready. Search for it.


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