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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

This is a German phrase: “Ich weiß weder ein noch aus!” (I know neither in nor out!) and describes a perplexity that can arise when certain events occur. Sometimes I wake up in the morning (in the last days even before the alarm clock) and feel disappointed, frustrated and somehow forced. Who knows where I have been that night. Maybe on an astral journey, maybe with my soul family, or maybe already in the new world. Returning to this 3D world is not what I want. I want to stay where I was in the night. There it was beautiful, here it is not anymore. Chaos, lingering dark forces, struggles and tasks are waiting here. That’s how I explain this feeling in the morning. It is as if I have to go to school and I know that there is an exam paper being written. And I have no idea about the subject. Or I have to go to work and there is an unpleasant task waiting for me, or a job I don’t really like. We all know this feeling, don’t we?

As the morning goes on, confidence grows, mainly because of the “rituals” I do. Mostly it is gratitude that I offer to the Creator, the Universe and other entities of the spiritual world. Gratitude that I have made it this far without taking major damage. Gratitude that I can and may perform a task that fulfills me and that I like to do. And for which I seem to have a certain talent. It is not easy to write about oneself in articles, to out oneself and one’s emotional life. But the fact is that in every writing there is always a part of the author himself. I have experienced and practiced this when writing stories, books. And it is also important, because sentient readers can identify much more easily with a subject if the author also includes feelings in his works.

If someone, like me, writes regularly (or maybe even has to write), the reader also gets to know the author, maybe even notices a change, a change of opinions. Author and reader are thus in a relationship. Since I can publish articles on IDC/OpDis, thanks to Patrick and Judy, I don’t have to write books and publish them. And these articles are also published in Germany. The stanmer academy has allowed me to have a column and I also put the “works” online in my Telegram channel. I do this “work” because I like to do it. I don’t expect anything in return, no appreciation, in fact I don’t even expect the articles to be read. I just write. Of course, we sat down together and decided to put collections of articles into book form. But not to get rich with it or to make any money at all. If you take the trouble to look into the German publishing industry, you will see that the author earns last and little. The article collections were more meant for the future, as a “thought museum” (A dear friend called it that way). For the new world where everything will be shared, where skills and talents will be put at the service of communities.

We know neither in nor out in these chaotic times. In this chaotic world with its chaotic people. We don’t know how to deal with all those who don’t see what we see. We don’t know how to deal with the “delays” in the plan. We don’t know how to classify messages, videos, articles, podcasts from many different people with different opinions and assessments. In almost all the points that are coming at us right now in NEWS, it is only conjecture, because none of the people involved in the plan will put anything of this plan out there. So-called insiders, presumably from the military, will only sprinkle breadcrumbs. Just like “Q” did. My personal experience over the last few years has been the following. Everybody who claimed to spread THE TRUTH, to spread his opinion, his assessments, his analyses as THE TRUTH, at some point came to a point with me where I had to doubt this truth. Because there were some or many indications that made my heart feel better. Whether this is due to a grown intuition or a “bullshit detector” I cannot say.

Today, when I don’t know what to do, I ask the universe, the spiritual world. It exists, and the more I deal with it, and listen to it, notice its signs, the more often and better it communicates with me. Be it numbers, be it animals looking at me (a butterfly landing on my hand), be it a time like 11:11 that I see on the alarm clock. Or a call from a friend that comes at 14:14 (2:14 pm). A message that reaches me at 17:17 (5:17 pm). These are signs and clues in my eyes. Just as many a time I get a headline “entered” for an article. Most of the time, there’s no stopping me when I’m writing. I have learned many things in the last few years and have certainly developed a little further. For example, I learned that my impatience does NOTHING to speed things up, as much as I wish it would. And I also noticed that trust and faith are very calming. With strong trust and faith, I can also check messages. I test whether the messages could fit into the plan, the plan of the liberation of mankind from the Deep State. And in addition I test whether messages agree with the “news” of the MSM or have similar effects. It is like laboratory experiments where you can find out something by testing it. If it doesn’t meet the criteria, the message is pushed aside, it can come from whoever it wants.

So if we don’t know in or out, why don’t we admit to ourselves that we don’t know? There’s nothing wrong with that, on the contrary. Remember the quote from the movie AVATAR: “It is difficult to fill a vessel that is already full!” There is some truth to that. When I think I know it all, know it all, what else fits in my head? If I admit to myself that I don’t know anything about what is happening today, there is room “in the lab” to do tests. Then I can get new knowledge, that is my task. We cannot blame the people who were forced to fill their heads with this junk by unfair means, by indoctrination, by lies, by concealment, by manipulation, by wrong schooling. We must try to empty their heads so that they can absorb new knowledge. Unfortunately, few are willing to do so, and if they are, there are the many gatekeepers who spread their “truths“. At worst even for money. Therefore there MUST, yes, there WILL be help from outside. There is no way around it. Even if we all have a divine spark in us, have creative powers, what use are they if most people are distracted from it again and again? If people are forced into fears again and again?


Each of us awakening can make his contribution, with a power and a force that dark forces do not know, or can not exercise themselves. Visualization, wishes and dreams. Manifestations arise from these, even if we cannot see them directly. Dark forces cannot manifest themselves, therefore they manipulate us, they exploit us to achieve their goals. But they have done the calculation without those who are immune to it, or who have understood that they have been manipulated and now use their powers for their purposes. It works, it works, and we are getting more and more. That is why the tide turned and we are now in the Final Countdown! The old world is dying, it too is a full vessel that can no longer be filled. Therefore it must be emptied. So that new can be filled. Please all help to make this possible! Come out of fear, come into trust, strengthen your faith!

Observe, don‘t absorb!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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