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Pentecost represents when the Jesus rose into to the clouds and up to be with His Father. One day the saints chosen by God will rise to the cloud, and Jesus will descend from His Father back down to the cloud to meet them in the air. That too will be on a Pentecost.

This wont be until the end of the 6,000 years allotted to humans, then comes one more.

(Don’t forget there’s still 1,000 to go under the rule of Jesus!)

Back on that Pentecost, there will be a wedding supper and special events. They must learn a new song to the Lord among the special events. Then on the following Feast of Trumpets about 4-1/2 months later, the celebration and preparations, Jesus will return with HIS saints to the Battle of Armageddon.

A lot of people who don’t keep Gods Holy Days and don’t read their bible to search for truth, especially His Sabbatht only memorize some scriptures and constantly regurgitate the same ones in defense of their own false understanding which was given to them as a lie from their youth by other misled humans about some rapture which is not biblical at all.

Ask President Trump. Or Judy Byington. They found proof below the Vatican about changes made after Jesus left earth.

Gods going to clarify everything when He removes the blindness after about a thousand years. Yes, they will become old dry bones. Ez 37. But God will raise them back to flesh and blood this time to live a hundred years according to the word and truth of God and they will keep His Holy Days or go into the lake of fire. Their choice


Gods word says in another place no child will live to be less than 100. By then He will also resurrect all the abused or aborted or miscarried babies to life too. You didn’t think for a minute a loving God would just forget about them, did you?! Of course not. He gave them the spark of life and has them with him right now. Surely asleep until then.

God will have peace in His family forever.

No more wishing “pain, pain, pain” on others! God does not approve of that at all. Never did. Justice for the wicked is another matter. They will burn.

Pentecost is when Jesus rose from dead.

It’s also a future event, when only His personally chosen saints will rise to the cloud to meet Jesus. Those who dont obey his Holy Days are not His saints.

I assure you the saints wont remain there in the air floating around forever. There’s a lot of work to do yet. It’s why Jesus is coming back.

Earth will become pristine and beautiful again. That’s where the blind who rise will live! and the first thing when Jesus returns after Armageddon, He will have the good angel lock the bad ones in that pit after he binds them. Its where they all remain until after humans have lived in Paradise He recreates. I believe in God. I believe His son, the Word of God. (The third person is a figment of evil minds long ago meant to deceive you. By the way, Mary will become a saint when she rises from the dead. Right now she’s just resting, asleep. That’s all death is. If you get an answer by trying to speak to her, you are communicating with demons. I recommend you don’t do that. So does the bible.


The best part of all comes just as represented in Gods Last Great Day of the Feast, the last and 7th Holy Day. It’s only vaguely mentioned last of 7 of Gods Holy Days in Lev 23, but its spoken of often throughout scriptures. Jesus kept it when He became flesh in the NT.

Its mentioned in a variety of places throughout the bible.

You see, the Bible is one Book. It has 7 divisions. (Jesus spoke of three which were written in the OT) the Gospels, tho out of place in most bibles, are the center or 4. Then should be 5 the general epistle, 6 epistles of Paul, 7 Revelation. It was scrambled by Jerome who took license God never gave Him to rearrange the books of the bible because he rewrote it for a Pope in 300 or so AD. Jerome openly admits he did shuffle the deck.

You need a bible that flows as God inspired it to.

The original order bible is in print. It was printed, two editions, in 2007 and 2009. 

Appropriate corrections have been made. It was just a matter of putting them back as God originally had Apostle John arrange and canonize it in 100 AD.It’s in paperback, a gorgeous black leather with gold print, on CD, and free on line.

The 1948 discovery proved what many of us knew. In late 1500 they assumed the Greek the bible used was the commonly used one of the day. They had no way of knowing the Apostles wrote it using the old 22 letter Greek, not Koine Greek of their day.

There’s much I’d love to give you. I have no computer. I am typing on my phone which highly censors me. I was one of hos censored very early on. But let me give you this: or Fred Coulter, or I strongly recommend the paperback version because to start your studies you’re going to want to make a lot of notes!

This one has everything the leather one has. I know you will love it. It’s not in Shakespearian rather everyday English. Easy to read and perfectly clear.

The kjv, although a very trustworthy bible, it’s how I began, is a bit dated and we have so many proofs today they didn’t have then.


The slang English of that day used the word “hell”…”The gates of hell will never prevail against the true church of God.”

Hell is an old English word that simply means where they put potatoes in winter to keep them. It’s a he in the ground. Has no reference to death.

Should read, “The gates of where we lee potates in winter, or our loved family members, will not prevail against THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD. You see, there are still a few of us sprinkled here and there all over the globe. God has awesome plans people! The grave csnt hold all of Gods beloved children forever!

They are in rather bad shape now maybe, wrinkled, who knows, but read Ez 37. The old bones will live again in an earthly paradise garden so God can open their eyes with no scales concealing anything from them. So Jesus, then in rulership, can lead them into every hidden secret, all TRUTH. After they live and you live again to be 100 years old, then the choice of eternal life with your awesome Father who loves you, will be yours. You will decide by how you chose to live. According to Gods truth or in deception and lies of Satan and people. You must choose some day. It’s not a matter of “NOW OR NEVER”

That’s not the way God works.

He will give you a fair chance later..maybe we will need to see what happens if we chose both ways, wrong and right?

I don’t know the mind of God as completely as I long to. What I do know is so awesome and all about LOVE, TRUTH, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, JOY, ABUNDANCE……Might as well start figuring out now what you can about what God, not men requires of us. Just ask for guidance. And read the Proverbs! There are 31. Whatever date it is, read that one, throughout the day. Start recreating the mind of Christ in you. Quit listening to swear words and frustration.

Get outside. It’s been glorious lately! Thank Him. In all things GIVE THANKS.

It will change everything.

You do know you were created. And you are to be above the Angel’s. They are to become our helpers. It’s what originally got Satan so jealous. Angel’s cannot procreate.


God takes away my fears. He heals, comforts, blesses me.

Sad more humans don’t trust Him. They will be ashamed of themselves. Don’t wait. Tell God you love Him Jesus too.

There is no trinity, no 3 in one deal. Yeah, catholic church…Always ask for help if ever in danger too. Teach your children. God will protect them. But He never does anything we don’t ask for. Teach your children!!!!!

And please, don’t lie to them. Or what are you teaching anyway!!! Eggs, bunnies, sex symbols of Ishtar? SHAME! God hates it.

Lev 23 and through the entire bible. All the FEASTS OF GOD are in there…google search it! It’s easy today, well, maybe easier if I had a computer. But I’m of the off grid tendency. Computers were before my day.


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