(Reader: Reader “E’) Gobsmacked again in Alberta


Reader Post | By Reader “E”

Greetings to my fellow Canadians,

Last year I wrote about being GOBSMACKED from the discovery that Canada was now a kingdom and had a new queen – Queen Romana Didulo. It turned out I had already joined her FaceBook page for the kingdom while seeking people /groups who wished to get actively involved in stopping the rise of communism in Canada. Some friends and I were also busy trying to track down  the presence of Chinese military in Canada and we located them on Salt Springs Island in British Columbia. So the old adage of ‘seek and ye shall find” holds true!

I digress, but the facts were that my own FaceBook postings on political issues and criminal activities of Canadian politicians got me suspended several times from FaceBook until they totally banned my account. I tried other sites and settled on Telegram learning along the way that ‘owners’ of public platforms or channels don’t really allow free speech either unless you happen to agree with their view point. The fact that I post communications from Queen Ramona is often a ‘touchy’ problem with many. The only way to survive these days is to stick to your truth.  

Therefore, using my own discernment I had instantly recognized that Queen Ramona had obviously been installed for Canadians who were feeling bereft in our lack of power of removing the Liberal party from government – The Most Unhonourable Justin Trudeau in particular. It had always seemed odd to me that while I could find videos of Norman Traversy’s quest and published documents such as these:—the-northern-magus—develops-the-art-of-resource-takeover-and-personal-enrichment.html – then why weren’t the opposition governments also finding them with their great resources??? Was I just being “racist” about the millions of dollars paid to terrorists, criminal companies and illegal aliens and for inane programs? Why was a murderer and pedophile not being accused of his crimes? Who was voting for this idiot? 

The truth is disheartening – but THEY are in it together. Most news being generated on social platforms all pertained to the politics of the USA but I muddle through it the best I can. Therefore, when Canada was provided with its own “Q-team” in the form of “Q”ueen Ramona I was a delighted. And she is a delightful lady. I never acknowledged it to her, but I too define myself as a starseed, and I am here also on my own designated mission. 

This morning,  the Kingdom of Canada stopped in medicine Hat, Alberta for a meet and greet on their return trip to Victoria. I had missed their original short stop while they were  on the way to support the truckers in Ottawa. One of my friends had caught a few minutes with her and I envied Connie for that reason. However, I scored better than my friend! I arrived at the Wal-Mart parking lot minutes before the posted schedule and got to chat with some team members.  Queen Romana came out of her RV on time to greet everyone with a warm hug. I presented her with a prized piece of Unakite since I have a passion for crystals and gem stones. There were about seven crew members and ten fans, all of us braving the wind and cold at the tail end of a spring snow storm. And yes, one person did show up with a sign stating “Queen Romana is a fraud” 

Queen Romana talked for 45 minutes giving explanations and then ushered us into her RV to warm up and chat more informally for another hour. She then declared that she had a mission to accomplish in Elkwater – getting rid of wind turbines – and needed to be on her way. 
If there is something you wish to know about the Kingdom of Canada , natural law, and her decrees then I encourage you to make the effort to communicate with her.  My biggest concern and question was “What is to happen with the children who have been recused from the D.U.M.B.S. and those whose parents may be going to prison.”  The reply was that the child who was genetically crossed with a pig (that video has been posted many times) chose euthanasia – very sad but perhaps a blessing to them. Other animal cross-bred children have been taken off planet and will be cared for by those who possess the knowledge and talents required. Other rescued children have been matched to parents or relatives by DNA.  When the dust settles, Queen Romana would like to establish group homes in the communities with caregivers. I sincerely hope and pray that all citizens will make the effort to help provide a caring environment for these innocent children during the coming years as we grow in consciousness; with both love and wealth to share. 


“E” from Alberta


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