Helping Freedom Win: Trump is in Charge


Who is in Charge?

What Do You Believe? Is Trump still in charge of the US? If he’s in charge, why is it taking so long to announce the fact? When will the “show” end? Also, why continue the lie at this point? I understand covert ops for a year, but it’s been over a year. Isn’t it time, now, to spill the beans?

Trump: A White-Hat, A Leader, and Not a Quitter

There is a lot that points to Trump being a white-hat and a hero. In addition to being a terrific leader. His statistics clearly show this and much more. It’s absolutely clear he’s not a quitter.

This is important, because the only way Trump would not be in charge right now is if he gave up.

During his presidency, Trump signed bills that would make it an act of treason and a crime against humanity to collaborate to steal elections. He also made the punishment for crimes against humanity much tougher.

In addition, it is clear that Trump had studied, verified the validity of, and put into place a plan of Devolution. Devolution is a series of measures that automatically put certain trusted members of the military in charge in the event of a hostile take-over of a country by treasonous actors from within the government of that country. The military’s job, then, would be to restore order to the country and return the power to the people in an orderly way.

Another important point is that all federal election ballots for the 2020 election were watermarked. Space Force was able to track and verify all (ALL) valid votes and tallies. Trump won by an overwhelming amount. This can’t be shown publicly, though, until the covert operations are ready for it. If it was just about an election, this would all be over in a day, but it’s not. See the next section for what the full plan is, and why it’s taking so long.

So many people were involved in election tampering, including all three branches of government. Election-tampering-criminals are massive and in large variety, spanning from the bottom to the top.

Trump didn’t quit. Devolution stepped in. And, amazing amounts of swamp is being drained. That’s all. Trump has not quit and never would.

How Much Swamp Needs Draining

The swamp runs deeper than anyone would have thought. I had no idea. I know most of you had no idea. And, still now, a ton of good people for every one of us (who knows…or kind of knows) has no clue of the existence or truth of this swamp.

The types of swamp-creatures being handled, by the white-hat militaries around the world right now, encompass almost every facet of life. Their talons are dug-in deep. So deep is their power and influence, that no wonder it is taking so long to catch and eliminate them all.

  • Election Manipulation (happening for centuries)
  • Corruption in all Branches of government, top to bottom
  • Taxation (of income) – illegal & criminal
  • Money/Banking crimes
  • Push to disconnect all of us from God and connect us with Satin.
  • Child-sex crimes, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money-laundering – protected by those in power.
  • Freedom of speech erosion
  • Fake Media – Crimes
  • Socialist/Communist infiltration
  • The CIA, FBI, UN, NATO, and other powerful groups are all illegal and corrupt.
  • New World Order plans for extinction of the masses
  • Suppression of free-energy
  • Pharmaceutical company & medical association crimes
  • The list goes on and on.

This list just scratches the surface. It’s huge! It’s an overwhelming and dangerous task, all of which has to be done very meticulously by forces such as white-hat militaries around the world working together in strict secrecy. This is what has to be done and this is what is being done.

Traditionally, war takes time. World War II took six years. The Vietnam War took over 10 years. This is a war bigger than any war ever actually fought on Earth. So, it’s taking time. It’s almost over though, so we all hope.

Just think about what life without swamp-creatures will be like. Count your blessings on what’s happening right now in our world. We will all finally have a chance to thrive as we should, and this includes every last one of us. Isn’t it worth a little bit of waiting for it?

What Can We (Ordinary People) Do?

We should all look for ways to support those who are draining the swamp for us, such as attend rallies, get more educated about who to vote for in the mid-terms, and turn off (ignore) mainstream media. Get involved as best as you can for now.

It’s probably counter-productive to try to “educate” all of those who aren’t aware of the extent of swamp-draining that’s being done. After all, how would you prove any of it? I only know, because I’ve done a lot of digging. But even with me, I don’t, and none of us will really, know until the time comes for full disclosure. I’m not saying not to try, but back off if your attempts don’t produce a positive result.

Be a calming influence. Ignore temptations to fight about issues. Be kind. Don’t judge others, and this includes not calling people “asleep”. That’s a degrading remark, so don’t say it. They don’t know yet, and neither do you (fully). Really, who knows until full disclosure?

Why is Trump the One to Lead Us?

  • Trump was, and still is, extremely popular. Look at the masses of people who come to every rally. One of the reasons for his extreme popularity is his attitude toward us and his true love for God and for us. Examples are the words he says over and over to us.
    • It was patriots like you who built this country, and it’s patriots like you who are going to save this country.
    • We will proudly uphold the Judeo-Christian principles of our nation’s founding.
    • Together we’re standing up against some of the most sinister forces, entrenched interests, and vicious opponents our people have ever seen.
    • As long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting (and some of these tyrants are from within) don’t stand a chance against us.
    • Trump has never claimed to be a perfect person, but he does claim to love us, and I believe he does. He also loves freedom and liberty for all, and surrounds himself with like-minded, freedom-loving, God-loving people.
    • Trump is the only one who knows the swamp well enough to effectively drain it.
  • We overwhelmingly voted Trump in for a 2nd term. This will come out (with proof) when it’s time for full-disclosure.
  • Trump uses the rallies and social media to identify “patriots” who are running for office. This is something Trump does a lot. This kind of thing is very helpful to all of us. We need help to know who to trust and weed out RINOs.
  • Trump spreads the power, realizing it will take all of us to be free. He uses the rallies as a bullhorn for candidates to speak. He also enlisted the help of many patriots, such as Durham (too many to name), knowing that this war needs many talented people.
  • Trump is powerful, yet is also a calming influence on the world. There were no wars during Trump’s presidency.
  • Statistically speaking, the list of good things Trump has done for humanity is way too long and broad for any one blog post. Suffice it to say, Trump was a better president than any other; braver; more loyal to the cause; and effective against the swamp.

We Need to Unite, Not Criticize

Please keep in mind that this is THE war of all times. Our enemies are trying to figure out what’s going on, just like we are. They are also trying to divide us to diminish our strength.

If you hear someone saying Trump is bad, consider that they’re most likely just a victim of the fake media, the enemy’s bullhorn. The way Mockingbird (fake) media works is to repeat lies and criticisms over and over and over until everyone naturally thinks it must be true. The aim is to destroy the reputation of anyone they consider dangerous to their dark agenda. Don’t fight about it though, or even acknowledge the remark. Let people have their opinions. All this will smooth out after the full disclosure (hopefully soon).

Who Are “Good” Leaders?

In these times of the Great Awakening (and Cold War) a definite phenomenon is confusion about the goodness, or not, of everyone, including our leaders. Maybe some day we won’t need a “leader”, but that day is not here yet.

Even if we evolve to a point where we don’t need leadership, per-se, we will still need reliable access to intel. In other words, it’s a very large planet and we need to have reliable ways to KNOW things.

Our fake media keeps us in the dark; military ops keep us in the dark; and all people (bad or good) who tell lies keep us in the dark. Another way to keep us in the dark is to tell us something that we have no way of verifying for ourselves. Right now we’re not getting the straight story from anyone.

This is why we all need to use our own discernment. Ask yourself, “Does the person have a possible dark agenda?” “What are their visible statistics?” What does your gut say?

We All Must Be Patient for a Little While Longer

Come Hell or high-water everything on Earth and off-Earth (and under the ground for that matter) WILL be disclosed. It MUST be disclosed, or to the degree anything whatsoever remains hidden will trap & haunt us.

For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light. Matthew 4:22

The truth of everything will all be revealed soon. My gut says we are VERY close.

Helping Freedom Win

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