(Reader: timjoebob) Regarding Jeff and A Lightworker’s Thoughts on Guardians of the Looking Glass Video


Reader Post | By timjoebob

I agree with some of what your concerns are.

Bottom line: The bad guys have an Agenda.

2030 is the final straw…if it goes that far or reaches its end time. There are many confusing scenarios…it’s convoluted. They can’t see anything past 2030 because everything converges on and ends there. The Georgia Guide Stones is a real structure and important information is disclosed on it. It is their plan. They are working their plan and it is working…not perfectly…but still, look, most people on planet Psycho are vaxed. Try and tell me THAT didn’t work. It worked like a charm. Order following brainwashed meat suits still enforce their Agenda. MSM still rules the airwaves. People are not waking up as fast as we were led to believe because of the simple fact that MSM is still in control of the cognitive functions of the population. People are still under heavy duty mind control. Nuclear devastation has already happened on this planet. Does Hiroshima and Nagasaki ring a bell? Yeah, war…it’s always complicated to the unwary. It’s always bs. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is bliss. This is what we’re attempting to throw off. Famine is on the horizon…coming to the world and is a known fact unless replicator technology is released to lessen the blow from the devastating weather warfare worldwide affecting crops and harvesting time. Fake political entities still issue edicts and demands and the world population responds with compliance.

Yeah, this planet is a classroom…the worst class in school where we’re encouraged to comply with authority and not question motives of the authors. So, being a radical and nonconforming to edicts from tyrants and traitors becomes duty of awake people. Just because some people swear upon fear of death that the Light has already won is not grounds for carving that in stone. This war is not over…not by a long shot. Being fearful for stupid reasons is stupidity. Being fearful for good reasons is just being cautious and mindful for it may save your life. Fear mongering is just part of the classroom bs brought to you by classmates and bullies. They need a voice, too. Being cocky about certain things will get you slammed and put back in your place. Nobody knows everything and nobody knows what the whole plan is or even if it’s going to work 100%…because it’s in the future. It has not happened yet. Both sides have had their dealings with Looking Glass. We’re on the outside looking in. Fear is something everyone who is fearful needs to confront and resolve the ‘why’ they’re fearful. Certainly being in a higher vibration is far better and that modus operandi should be first and foremost in living our daily lives.

To each their own. The Fat Lady is still waiting to sing. She’ll be waiting awhile. I’m not holding my breath, so I’m just taking it one day at a time without being fearful for passing on some potentially frightening info coming from reliable and sincere notable people with credentials that prove their validity and concern.



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