(Reader: A Lightworker) Response to Jeff about “Guardians of the Looking Glass Video”


Reader Post | By A Lightworker

(Reader: Jeff) Guardians of the Looking Glass Video

I watched a portion of all 3 videos and immediately got a bad vibe. The YouTube channel was created on March 30th 2022. Don’t you find the timing awfully suspicious now that things are being exposed and the Deep State is desperate and panicking? We have been repeatedly warned that anything that invokes fear, paranoia or other strong negative feelings is the work of the Deep State or Dark Forces. This is their game – this is how they work. They will not go down without a fight. They will do whatever it takes to keep us in fear and that includes deception. While I respect the work that Charlie Ward is doing on the financial front, I question the motivation behind sharing this kind of information with the public especially now. If this is a supposed “chess move”, I don’t buy it. It is counter-productive and downright damaging.

I believe many of the threats mentioned in the videos are fake but even if they might be true, there are forces ready and poised to intervene. This war we are in has already been won by the Light despite appearances to the contrary. I have heard and read from multiple unrelated sources that our planet is surrounded by cloaked ET ships and that they are merely stationed there for observation and protective purposes at the moment. Several whistleblowers on various platforms have revealed that benevolent ETs have, within a matter of seconds, disarmed and neutralized several nuclear weapons on more than one occasion and it took the disgruntled military an inordinately long period of time to re-activate them.

For those of you who are better versed with quantum entanglement, you will understand that we are all connected in this Universe. A nuclear event has catastrophic consequences not only for the planet on a local level but it also reverberates throughout the Universe affecting all life. Like a pebble thrown into a pond, the waves reach out far beyond where the pebble was dropped. The benevolent ETs, Galactic Federation, Source (or whoever is responsible) will not allow such an event to take place – especially not at this stage in the game. Even if the [DS] were to attempt such a coup, these outside forces would neutralize and destroy the weapons before any harm could be done. Several solar flashes, asteroids and other phenomenon throughout history have been averted without us ever knowing about it. So why should we doubt them now? Never underestimate the power of Divine Intervention – and never stop being grateful for all that is happening behind the scenes to protect this planet.

And so you may ask: “Then why allow wars to occur?” The short answer: “It’s complicated”. Earth is a school – everything is a learning experience and we must trust that there is a greater purpose in the Big Picture even if we don’t understand or see it. That said, we should all strive to transcend fear right now. That just might be humanity’s greatest lesson right now.

We’ve been fed a steady diet of fear for the last 2 years at least where the plandemic is concerned. Haven’t you all had enough? The [DS] feeds off fear whereas peace, love, joy and laughter to them are akin to sunlight to a vampire. Allow your inner Light to shine bright and share that Light and Love with everyone you know instead of sharing videos that elicit fear. Even talking about doomsday scenarios or watching TV shows & movies that dwell on dark themes keeps you in a low vibration. No offense Charlie but the brighter we all shine, the faster their demise and the sooner we can graduate to a better world. Just as cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline body, neither can evil be sustained in the presence of Light. Stay strong and steady and keep imagining the kind of world you want to live in. Thoughts are energy. Collective consciousness is a powerful thing. Keep the Light on.

“Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. – Anonymous”


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