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LMAO. If it wasn’t so blatantly obvious, it would be scary.

I can tell that the so-called Alliance and White Hats are in control because I can clearly see, in real time, the chemtrail grid plastering the sky above me today, yesterday, the day before, the day before that…etc etc etc. That has not changed one bit. The good guys must really love ariel display artwork…abstract…oh, how cool.

I can tell that the good guys are in control by how the MSM is still pumping out bullshit so deep you need a submarine to navigate the sewage and rats.

I can tell that the good guys are in complete control by how we can now go out in the real world and live our lives again…oh, wait, my bad. We can’t yet…not yet. We have to endure the cloned fake political entities in meat suits issuing orders/edicts as order following brain dead meat suited thugs in uniforms force unlawful restrictions on its own citizens.

America; Nazi Germany relocated. And now, Germany has embraced its old Adolf Hitler days of old. They now control Europe. Good job guys.

You rock!

I can tell that the good guys are in complete control because the narrative is unwavering. We so desperately need that near death experience. It’s OK if it drags out for another year or two because of the number one enemy of the world MSM. Tarot By Janine I think may have been wrong. The good guys are not in control of the MSM. PERIOD….and I don’t want hear one more iota of info on that subject. The proof of the good guy takeover of MSM will be an obvious one if and when it happens. It has NOT happened. Stop the bs. Watch the news here in America and then tell me I’m wrong. I’m not wrong at this moment in time.




Shall I continue? I’m already sick to death of what I’ve written so far. America has the worst and most dangerous food supply in history; food that is poisoned by glyphosates (Roundup) from the wonderful world of corporate farming. Thank you Bayer/Monsanto (Monsatan). A clear and honest 50% of our food supply is contaminated with this crap…even in USDA Certified Organic products. Good job guys. Instead of conquering these bastards decades ago, the so-called good guys were caught, again, with their pants down like so many other times…always behind the curve…always behind the curve…after the fact.

If some of us actually do survive ’till 2030 when the galactic event happens, it will be a day to remember and archive in the annuls of planet history. The Akashic records will have it then. By 2030 their Agenda must be completed or they will be toast. The jab will have done its deed by then leaving only five-hundred million left on the planet. Can you spell ‘Georgia Guidestones’?

We’ve got less than eight years to survive or die. This is a cosmic event that affects all matter in the cosmos, apparently.


Check out Frank Jacob and what he’s sharing about the Event 2030. Go to Inspired Video. Check out Jean Nolan and Frank Jacob interview/discussion on YouTube if you can get it. The full video is on Inspired. Sign up and watch it.

Here, check it out.




I’m out.



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