(Reader: Hawke) Response to Judy about UK Courts Going Down


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

I wish to seek some confirmation please even though entries pushed out are ‘rumours’ hence my request please to Judy. This is reference to – Inside the Storm the World is Connected: The International Bar Association

from the below posts via – Special: &

via Restored:

The entries near the bottom of the above posts – Please – How True, How Soon?

I ask actually as I an acquaintance of mine – whom I had shared this information with, asked me to speak to his dear friend. I spoke the friend & my heart broke hearing his struggles, his abuse, his victimisation all because he is an honest man, a loving Father & a loving husband who stands firmly with the Almighty Lord & Father yet, his divorce has taken almost everything from him. His wife filed for Divorce & has played the whole system.

He has been speaking the truth, lived by the truth & put hope into the truth yet his appearances in court only give power, control, rule to his corrupt wife. He told me that his home will be sold, he will become homeless when his wife has cleared ‘pre-planned the divorce’ which is all about money. She uses over Fifteen different name combinations with different Titles i.e. still uses Miss on her professional certifications, uses Mrs, Ms & even Mr… I kid you not – He has the evidence & proof his wife has planned this fraud to section of her monies, her assets, wealth, shares. trades etc.


I was shocked that given the amount he had advised the legal representatives & even had all the evidence yet – he still walked out with everything almost taken away. The judge did not care, listen & instead – made a ‘backhand’ deal with the wife as she would have lost millions.

To hear that he was doomed from the start with his girlfriend whom he married, that he stuck by, that he gave his life towards each & everyday yet she didn’t love him. He put his faith in to God & still hold his head up. The man made me choke as I had a lump in my throat & tears down my face. He does everything for his children hand raised them forced to lose his income as his wife wanted to run her family business. This man has literally been ‘solo’ raising his children & never shows them his struggles yet this nasty process has ripped his children apart from him. His wife would kidnap the children under force & they would cry & cry for their Father – he still had to bear this horrible, evil abuse given it pained him, hearing his children cry on the phone, yet he could not get them – he had so many allegations against him – made false by his ‘wife’ that eventually – after authorities investigated him (he didn’t know he had been under investigation since 2013) he was never made aware – all by his wife making lies – he has managed to pull his offspring away from her.

Now, with the family home being granted to the wife, sold now – he cannot house his offspring, he is of zero income, spends everything so diligently, budgeting everything & receives help at times from the Church’s food bank to feed his offspring. The recent court hearing granted him nothing, not even a couple of million as he rightfully deserves but nothing…. How is this Fair?

I wanted to reach out this story as for over Twenty years now – the man has been suffering & every angle he turns – the courts are command, so I ask please – Judy – Even if you have to private message me – Please – this is not justice or fair or universal law. This is full on corruption from court to country – I share only some of this story as I was heartbroken to hear this story & have to say that this man – He still keeps going however, now he fears that the wife has twisted & bought the court to take his children away from him…

Please, if there is any information given, he has hearings coming up – he needs help, he needs to know the court cannot destroy his whole life, his offspring’s so please – Let me know so I may give news or even anything to give him help.

Thank you



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