The Fall of Mariupol



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Submitted on March 30, 2021



This significance of the fall of Mariupol is discussed in the following article:

It is nearly impossible to understand what is going on in the Ukraine listening and reading the western media. What has happened is that the Russians initiated a police action in the Ukraine sending in 200,000 troops to face 600,000 Ukrainian troops armed with very advanced military equipment from the US worth billions of dollars. The Ukrainians were trained in a good part by the most advanced military advisors of the United States. It is undeniably a formidable force. The US spent five billion dollars financing the overthrow of the Ukrainian Government in 2014 according to Victoria Nuland. We will discuss the meaning of this US investment later in this piece.

The Ukraine used to have about fifty-five million people in the country but that has been reduced to about thirty million people. It most recently lost five million leaving on account of the police action which arrives at the thirty million figure. It is doubtful they will come back once they see the opportunity of better jobs elsewhere in the EU. The other twenty million had already left for Europe for better jobs. This is not unusual as even in Poland a large part of their population left under EU rules for better jobs in Germany or England despite significant investment by Germany in Poland to take advantage of their considerably lower wages. Poland can hardly be said to be Catholic any more as its birth rate has plunged. In fact, Germany demanded that Poland become part of NATO before German industry would invest in Poland as reported to me by a high member of the German BND. This phenomenon is not restricted to Eastern Europe as in the Balkans most of the young population left for jobs in Euroland.




Country comparison Poland vs Germany Minimum wages (Dollars) 2022

The catalyst for this Russian police action was the continuous shelling attacks by the Ukrainian army on the population of Donbas, and Russian intel said that they had word in late February that the Ukraine planned an invasion of the Donbas with their modern army. An estimated 15,000 Russians in Donbas have been killed since 2014. We wondered how Russia did nothing for so long though it can be explained by oligarch control of Russia or the Russian fifth column. It is important to note that the Russian interest in the Ukraine is that there are about 7.5 million Russians of the 30 million Ukrainian population that are left in the country. We predicted in our speech at the Duma Peace Conference on July, 2, 2019 (see footnote one) that the 25 million Russians stranded in their former provinces when Russia broke up in 1991 would present a similar problem as the Germans separated from Germany after World War One and lead to war. The first really major police action is now in the Ukraine to prevent the Russians from being slaughtered. Russian intel reported in February that a Ukrainian attack on Donbas was imminent as Ukrainian troops were mobilizing on their border. In order to understand the military situation in the Ukraine I am including next a military analysis by Scott Ridder of the Russian and Ukrainian military. Scott is a leading US military authority.

William Scott Ritter Jr. (born July 15, 1961) is a former Marine Corpsintelligence officer who served with the United Nations implementing arms control treaties, with General Norman Schwarzkopf in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq, overseeing the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), as a United Nations weapons inspector, from 1991 to 1998. It is noted that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq and the invasion planned on 9-11 but carried out later proved that.

(Starts at 58 minutes for Scott Ritter interview)


This interview proves that Putin authorized an invasion of the Ukraine with inadequate forces in that the ratio of the attacking force should be 3-1 in favor of the attackers according to Mr. Ritter rather than as in the Ukraine the force was 1-3 in favor of the defenders. Also, it is absolutely impossible to occupy a country of 30 million people with 200,000 troops at least until it has been completely neutralized. Even Putin’s most loyal ally Ramzan Kadyrov, whose 12,000 men fought house to house in Mariupol, complained that Putin was tying the hands of his military behind their backs. Putin had available a standing army of about a million men and an active reserve of two million men. Its inactive reserve is 17 million men. Ritter is saying he needed 1.8 million men for the invasion to roll over the Ukraine in a few days. In other words, this should not have been a police action but a full fledged military invasion. If Russia mobilized all its forces it could reach the English Channel in two to three weeks. This means Russia incurred more casualties that it should have. There are apologists who say that Russia is holding in reserve a large force in Belarus allied with the forces of Belarus in the event of a Polish invasion of the Ukraine which only goes to show it should have mobilized two million additional troops for this invasion.

A Red Army force of seven field armies with a combined strength of around 1,000,000 troops entered eastern Poland on two fronts. MarshalSemyon Timoshenko commanded the invasion on the Ukrainian Front and GeneralMikhail Kovalyov led the Red Army on the invasion on the Belarussian Front.




Our sources say in Russia that Putin did not want to invade the Ukraine and was pressured into it by his security services (GRU, SVR, FSB) and military, and purposely understaffed his army to placate his oligarchs who were created by funds that came from Lord Jacob Rothschild who bought all of Russia’s industries through them at pennies to a dollar. In is interesting to note that Mikhail Khordokovsky turned over to Lord Jacob all his Yukos stock.

The Sunday Times can identify Lord (Jacob) Rothschild as the secret holder of the large stake in Yukos that was previously controlled by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oil company’s chairman. (November 2, 2003)

Roman Abramovich picked Putin because he was regarded as weak and malleable. Now we have at the CIA William Burns who cabled the State Department as our heretofore Russian Ambassador that “only a quarter” of the 13 billion dollars from the sale of Sibneft to Gazprom went to Abramovitch himself though at such an inflated price that kickbacks must have been involved. Then you have their agent at the totally corrupt Russian Central Bank Sergei Shvetsov as their transfer agent for sending Russia’s riches to Lord Jacob Rothschild in London by converting rubles into pounds. All of this stealing goes right under the nose of Putin.

Let’s look at Putin’s favorite Elivira Nabuilina next.

This is a very strange logic behind recent statements by the Russian Central Bank that they had to have their reserves abroad for operational reasons so it was inevitable that they would be seized. If all the gold and Russian central bank reserves were in Russia during a traditional crisis they could be transferred abroad if necessary. If not, they could have been retained in Russia for the emergency that they are now subject to. The Russian Central Bank is headed by a foreign agent named Elvira Nabuillina who has just been renominated despite her treachery against the Russian state. Russia has just about shown no growth during her tenure as she sabotaged the Russian economy. And she continues to transfer oligarch money out of Russia. We need only look how China handled their Central Bank to see how it is done so that China now towers industrially over Russia that has all the natural resources for a giant economy.

Stalin was a Russian patriot. Russia should follow his polices such as total self-sufficiency by 1938 so he was prepared for World War Two. Germany could not believe what Stalin had accomplished under Henry Ford’s guidance. Russia today is sabotaged by its oligarch fifth colunn.

Hitler Speaking Normally (Subtitles)

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