(Reader: GK) For the Sake of the Carpet


Reader Post | By GK

I took this video off JFK Jr.’s telegram and added a bunch of my own observations on the Gnostic mind effery that the Kennedy clan appears to be part of.

I’m not like most people. I resent being played. Most people would give their right arm to be conned by a Kennedy as long as they got invited to the Great Gatsby Esque bash.

mad cartoonist hard classes33.jpg

There is a side of me that would like the respect I think I deserve in that I should have been a high paid military analyst or a homicide detective. I guess the fact I never took my first 12 years in school all that seriously, they couldn’t look at my grades or SAT scores or whatever and know they should recruit me. I blew off SAT or ACT, I don’t remember which, because I was hungover, and no one really explained to me that it is how the elite recruits.

So I dodged that bullet. Besides somewhere in my subconscious I knew they were trying to get me to memorize and repeat bullshit. Like we are spinning a thousand miles an hour. Yeah sure.

I was really hungover for the other one too, (test) and I went very very stoned and walked out after about 20 minutes having penciled in answers randomly without reading the questions. I am a big believer in lucky guesses.

This, with never taking homework home and studying for tests or anything asked of me had me land in the lower 10% of my senior high school class. I lay awake at night wondering where I fell in the lower 10%. Was I in the upper 80% of the lower 10% or pretty much a retard’s retard.

Quite frankly I am lying. I never wanted to participate in the crap everyone else was doing. Other than sports that ended with a honk on the railroad tracks. I Failed that test in shortcuts to school.


Unfortunately I just have a personality that is easily rubbed the wrong way. Sort of wish people loved me because I am so good at hating their guts. Well, more annoyed. Hate is way too strong. It’s why I don’t have a dog because after the second day of walking them I would be like, fugg, do it yourself. There’s your leash. I’ll get the door.

My friend has one of those dog doors and a fenced in yard. That I would do. I just like the petting on the couch and wrestling on the floor. Walking them requires that I go out during the day and the night– and I’d rather not. Too many vampires at night and assholes by day.

This video is very interesting and my additions are what a baker would call frosting from a parallel universe. Making videos is a lot like walking dogs. I seriously don’t want to do it but the elite keeps shitting on the rug.

Incidentally, John, if you are reading this and you plan to start GEORGE up again, picture me with a regular column with cartoons illustrating each article. I shall be the funny irascible bastard everyone loves to read. You can pay me really well and I can have Great Gatsby Esque parties in the Hamptons or wherever Kennebunkport is. A big mansion with a doggy door. I will pine for some chick named Daisy and die the legend in my own mind I always knew I was. 

I like that sentence. The legend in my own mind I always knew I was.



Here you go, whatever you do– don’t show me $5 of appreciation. Because you know I will continue producing anyway. If I had a nickle for every time I made you bastards belly laugh you know Goddamn well I’d be rich. I’d fake being nice if I thought it would help.


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