Helping Freedom Win: Why do we Need Disasters?


Disasters Prompt Action

It’s obvious that whatever the disaster it is, the fact of a disaster will prompt more people to ACT than any other thing. Why?

We all get into routines and:

  • “we can only do so much” or
  • “we’re uneducated” or
  • “we’re “asleep” for some other reason.” I say asleep, because though a person can be physically awake and working on some level, they can be unconscious about many things.

When even the smartest people put “things-to-do” into priorities, they may miss some essentials.

Health Disasters vs Your Freedom to Live

The #1 priority on everyone’s list (logically) should be the proper maintenance of the body. Not just to keep the body alive today, but to eat, drink, and do what it takes to keep the body healthy to an old age.

Freedom has everything to do with living long and healthy. Our education doesn’t include the how-to of living long and healthy. But it should.

If we ignore even the smallest symptoms, such as allergies, constipation or tiredness, our bodies could be telling us something. We should learn to listen to what our own bodies are telling us, and not rely on authorities, like doctors, to maintain them.


Signs of Diseases & What to Do About Them

Obviously diseases don’t just pop up spontaneously. In many cases they develop over a long period of time, with only a few little symptoms here and there. Any symptoms are signs that preventative change is needed.

So many people wait till they have a disaster or get cancer (or other really serious disease) before they take the time and energy to make a change! Take any illness [even a little allergy or being a little over-weight] as a sign that change is needed. Don’t wait for a disaster!

As a matter of fact I had my own near disaster. In the year before buying my first water ionizer I think I spent more in doctor bills [trying to cure things the doctor ended up telling me were allergy-related] than I did on my first water ionizer. See my  testimonial.

Benefits of Ionized Water

The one best thing I have ever done to help maintain my body was to start drinking ionized water. I started when I was teaching & raising my family of 5 in the mid-90’s. It changed my life, the lives of my children, and I was so passionate about them, that after retiring from a 25-year career in teaching, I created an online store selling water ionizers.

In the  Benefits of Ionized Water I introduce you to topics, such as: colorectal cancer, other cancers, kidney stones, and many other diseases and their relationship to drinking antioxidant-rich alkaline ionized water.


Those who are interested in more information and proof than this, should read my page on  Hydrogen Water and Ionized Water Research.

We Should Be Healthy and Live to 100

Being healthy and living a good, long life is not just a matter of luck. There are many things we can do to create this desirable scenario for ourselves. One of them is drinking the right water for our bodies. Knowledge is important too. We’ve been subjected to all kinds of false “education” for eons. Learning some simple basics for true healthy-living can change your life forever.


There are many testimonials on my site. I can relate to every single one. Getting the right water may or may not produce a “miracle”, but it is certainly one piece of a very healthy puzzle. As an example, I’ve included, below, a testimonial I just got from a customer today:

So Many Immediate Benefits

I have had my Athena for a little over a week. During the first week I went through a lot of detox which was very impressive as I am a long term vegan who uses no substances, even sugar or caffeine. The first thing I noticed was the level of clarity, I could sense the H2 going into the brain clearing out plaque and congestion. Then places in the body where there is tension and congestion began to open. It wasn’t until the second week that the lights really turned on as the detox waned. Now I feel so clear, with significant increase in vitality. 

Helping Freedom Win

In my Helping Freedom Win site I usually focus on external struggles and what we can do to help in these very challenging times. This post is a little different in that it focuses on what our bodies need. These times require healthy bodies, so I think it’s a very important issue.

Go to my home page to learn more about how to help our world ascend to a better



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