Helping Freedom Win: Who do you Believe? Trump? Queen Romana? Kim Goguen?


When People Claim to Be In Charge, Who Do You Believe?

  • Is Trump still in charge of the US? What about his role in the world?
  • Is Queen Romana in charge of Canada? What about her role in the world?
  • Is Kim Goguen in charge of the world’s banking? What about her role in ruling the world?


  • Trump was, and still is, extremely popular. Look at the masses of people who come to every rally.
  • He was overwhelmingly voted in for a 2nd term. This will come out (with all the proof) very soon. The proof is trickling in now, for those with eyes to see.
  • There was obvious massive tampering with (i.e., stealing) the election process. The truth of this can be seen now for those who use their discernment. For the rest of the world, the absolute proof is coming.
  • Statistically speaking, the list of good things Trump has done for humanity is way too long and broad for any one blog post. Suffice it to say, he’s been a better president than any other; braver; more loyal to the cause; and more effective in his devastating hits to the deep-state.
  • We can all see many more hits to the deep state happening now, behind the scenes. These can be attributed to the military (with Trump’s leadership) and the world-wide sting operation being done right now (headed by the Q-Team).
  • Full disclosure is going to be VERY soon.
  • We the people are here – in force, ready to back up the team and do what needs to be done.

Queen Romana Didulo of Canada

  • Queen Romana is becoming popular.
  • She claims to be Queen of Canada, appointed by the Q-Team.
  • She has been working in the background, fighting the cabal for decades, and only now is making public appearances. Her convoy around Canada is small, but warm and inviting. She will be coming to the US (every state) in April/May. This is exciting, and I plan to meet her when she comes to Missouri.
  • This queen is unlike any other queen I ever heard of, but remember Morpheus (in the Matrix)? I think Queen Romana is Canada’s Morpheus. It’s time to look at things, really look, with all our heart, to know who is light vs dark and what is truth vs false.
  • Queen Romana is bringing hope and direction to the “We the People” of Canada (there are many of them).
  • The queen is very bold to be driving all over Canada with as little on-the-ground protection as she has. , But, she is quite confident in her Devine protection. As a matter of fact, she pointed out one of the celestial vessels up in the sky in one of her videos. You could see it visible, plain as day, and then it cloaked itself.
  • Most of here messages and directions are VERY positive.
  • Statistically she hasn’t done anything visible (publicly) so far, and her claims to have worked behind the scenes for decades will be validated only when all the hidden truths get revealed.
  • She has said some unpopular things*, which perhaps were mistakes or perhaps were intentional diversions to throw off the deep state.
  • We’ll see the truth of it all very soon.


See my earlier post about QR.

Kimberly Goguen

  • Kimberly is a whole other type of white-hat/or not.
  • She says she’s in charge of the planet and all the money, yet where’s the evidence????
  • She has a super high opinion of her ability to solve all the world’s problems. (Good for her if she can.) But, it’s odd that as a leader she has only emerged on the internet and not in the flesh.
  • It’s odd too that she was picked for her role because of her DNA. Her story of being singled out as a child (by a dark individual) is suspicious of someone who has been subjected to MKUltra.
  • She has the looks of a clone (with perfect skin, occasional mental fog, and something odd about her presence).
  • So, there are lots of red-flags about Kim. In addition to the above, she has been critical of Trump’s failure to accept her help at one point. (I’m sure Trump had a reason for not accepting her help.)
  • Another point is the fact that Kim is not an accessible person, she hides, physically, for fear of being taken out.
  • Statistically, everything Kim has claimed to have done could be possible, but from what perspective (light or dark)?
  • The truth of everything will all be revealed soon. We are VERY close.

See my earlier post about Kim.

Who Are the Good Leaders?

In these times of the Great Awakening (and Cold War) a definite phenomenon is confusion about the goodness, or not, of everyone, including our leaders. Maybe some day we won’t need a “leader”, but that day is not here yet.

Even if we evolve to a point where we don’t need leadership, per-se, we will still need reliable access to intel. In other words, it’s a very large planet and we need to have reliable ways to KNOW things.

Our fake media keeps us in the dark; military ops keep us in the dark; and all people (bad or good) who tell lies keep us in the dark. Another way to keep us in the dark is to tell us something that we have no way of verifying for ourselves. Right now we’re not getting the straight story from anyone.

This why we all need to use our own discernment right now and forevermore. Does the person have a possible dark agenda? What are their visible statistics? What does your gut say?

Remember, the truth will come out soon. Be patient for a little while longer.

*Unpopular Things Stated by Queen Romana

  • Trump is “on his way out”, “his timeline is ending”.
  • Jesus was just a human construct.

Note: It could be part of a white-hat plan for various “players” to engage in petty squabbles, criticisms or other such diversions, just to throw off the enemy.




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