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Submitted on March 14, 2022

3 14 2022 (Pi day)

Luna in eclipse January 21, 2019

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The Akkadians in ancient Mesopotamia laid claim to their land because their ancestors owned it before the Moon was rolled into place by two brothers.

Extracted from Edit this post Aliens and UFOs – Are They Real? | Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Source: Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet) | By John Van Auken May 5, 2020


The Strange Case of the Moon Dweller

Cayce’s reading on a Moon colony is 264-31 for a 42-year-old female homemaker: “As it has been often presented by one school of thought, the dwellers upon the Moon (the satellite of the earth) preceded the abilities for matter (expressed in a form that is known as matter in the earth). And this entity was among those that so dwelt, and is influenced by two sojourns there.”

Here Cayce is explaining that prior to souls being able to incarnate, meaning a soul becoming embodied in flesh or physical matter, preparations were being made by soul entities living in a colony on the Moon. He is telling Mrs. 264 that she was among those beings.

Adding to this interesting story is a letter that Mrs. 264 wrote to Gladys Davis (Edgar’s longtime stenographer and secretary). She wrote: “You know my first appearance was on the Moon. Well, now I understand why I never get sleepy at night, and want to stay up for hours after everyone else goes to bed – much to Dr. Brenner’s exasperation and at that time I am happy and so contented – I can think, read, meditate and write with a clearness which I don’t possess in the day. I’ve never been sleepy but a few times in my life, and at night I do not recognize or even see any difficulties. In my soul I am monarch of all I survey, without even making a mental effort. I really can’t explain how I feel.” (R264-31)

She wrote again (not clear to whom, likely Gladys): “Am studying my Life Reading, also the Life Reading Pamphlet…. I was under the impression that my Life Reading said while I was a dweller on the Moon that I came to earth of my own volition, seeing that I could be of service here. I don’t know how I got that idea, as I don’t understand it that way now, since I am studying it.” (R264-31)

She wrote again to Gladys, “Do you know what school of thought is referred to in my Life Reading about dwellers on the Moon? I would like to read something about it if I could.” Gladys replied: “We don’t know what school of thought is referred to in regard to the Moon’s indwelling. Hugh Lynn (Edgar’s elder son and president of A.R.E.) says he thinks the early Theosophists presented something like that, but he is not sure; and it seems like I’ve read something of the kind in the Rosicrucian magazines. That would be a good question to ask in a future Life Reading.”

Mrs. 264’s mother told her that when she was 3 or 4 years old “she used to gather the neighborhood children and tell them stories especially about the Moon and what she did when she used to live there. One day her father gave her a spanking for telling lies, so she never talked about the Moon again. Mother regretted not having had the life reading from Mr. Cayce earlier, so as not to have punished her. She was nearly two years old before she learned to sleep at night; liked to sleep during the day, keep awake all night.”

Over a decade ago David Icke gave out information that the Moon was an artificial structure with a manufactured (metal) exterior such that all the craters are the same depth regardless of their circumferences, which is not consistent with asteroid strike theories.

Further, NASA hit the moon with metal debris and it rang like a bell for hours giving evidence that it is hollow.

David Icke – The TRUTH about the MOON – YouTube


Recently these two articles appeared:


The Moon Isn’t What You Think It Is: Lunar Anomalies That Can’t Be Ignored – Era of Light

LUNAR MYSTERY: Rusty patches found on moon’s surface despite its lack of rust-inducing ingredients –


My poem is inspired by Kryon, Lee Carroll and Lee’s entourage by virtue of the channeled message that we will watch the Terraforming of the Moon.

Luna in Green
(Terraforming the Moon)

Counting the Moon sheep

I slip into sleep

A colossal cream-colored comet burns by

Lighting up the Heavens like a giant’s eye

Watching Earth as She spins


The spheres sing out their hymns

The darkness thins, the light wins

Man shines, the Creator grins

Stars start staring from the sky

As a Mothership slips by

Michael Moonwalks atop a freighter

Then Dances the Crater Alligator

Diana sows flowers for Tranquility

A Sea of Green gleams grand gracility

Jim sings, ‘Yes, we love her madly


To touch the Earth and sky gladly

Donald arrives in an ovoid ship

Cousin Junior’s on a Pink Floyd trip

Moonage daydreams opportune

We’re Terraforming the Moon

I see it now in my crystalline mind

Seven Pleiadian Sisters behind

The Milky Way comes into view

Twinkling at Luna in green, new

Jupiter, Saturn and Mars


Strumming their moon rock guitars

Children smiling everywhere, me too

As we open our gift, me and you

Sheeny ships glisten with moon dew

A silvery crystal-strewn hue

Luna’s quite a scene, a Heavenly Queen

Luna in the night, a whitish-green sight

First step on the way, space exploration today

Carpe Diem you say, Man’s new game to play

Earthlings growing human moon roots


In our light weight gravity suits

Raise a jug, a Moon brew mug

Give me a mighty Moon hug

The Sun smiles on the berry bushes and plants

The farmer on the Moon has holes in his pants

Oxygenated air, a breathing boon

Our closest colony, Man on the Moon

A stopover station

For the Earth Nation

Lunar cranes and trains


Watching the Moon rains

Miniature lightning strikes

Riding our Moon bikes

Zoom! Zoom! To the Moon

Zoom! Zoom! On the Moon

Syzygy’s a hooter

Flying a space scooter

Emerald glints as the Sun dips

Into a tinted total eclipse

A celestial attraction


God’s benefaction in action

Seed the egg, the tree of life

The moon is florid, flush and rife

Dare to wish a Carpenter’s prayer

Angels sprinkle moon dust in your hair

The lunar luster glows nightly

The lily cluster grows sightly

Moon-eyed senses twinge

The One Painter on a binge

Moon clouds sprout briars

Tales grow around Moon campfires

Moon dogs, moon cats

Moon frogs wearing hats

Green houses give yummy yields

Lunar fields under Tesla shields

Blessed blossoms blanket moon rooms

Blonde and bluish blushing blooms

Trees to love and prune

New places to commune

One building for a million

The Inner Moon a billion

Glass pyramids and glass domes

Diamond doors adorn new homes

Moon Lake has a pine cone design

Moonfish swimming in the moonshine

Terraforming the Moon

A great big green balloon

Hear humanity croon

We’re Terraforming the Moon

Spaceships flying by

Mankind living in the sky

A placid place to play for fun

A thousand meter hole-in-one

Everyone excited, delighted

Humanity at peace, united

See you there soon

Up on the moon


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