Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of March 14, 2022


Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Mon. 14 March 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.

Judgment Day is Here.

United We Stand.


Nothing can stop what is coming.

God is putting on a show for those with eyes to see and ears to hear

And Anons have the front row seats.

If we don’t head in a straight line toward our set goals, we will tend to run in circles.

“Growth and Change”

Growth and Change (8/15/21) | Music & the Spoken Word – YouTube

Judy Note: Intel providers have warned us to watch for Events, not Dates. It’s hard to do so when the Mass Media won’t cover even our Civilization’s Near Death Scare Event that occurred last week.

In reality it was discovered that there were actually over 336 Bio-Weapons labs established and funded across the globe by the Obama/Biden administration. These labs were central to the New World Order’s Depopulation Plan to wipe out 70% of our population this next Fall.

Yet last Fri. 11 March, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby lied to the UN saying there was no proof that the Pentagon had bio-weapons labs in the Ukraine. A little research by anyone would uncover that the US has funded Ukraine Lab Pathogen and Bio Weapon Research since 2005. A publicly-available document shows a $15MN agreement signed between the US DoD and Ukraine’s Health Ministry to support research into biological weapon research in Kiev, Lvov and Odessa.

The UN then proceeded to refuse to act on facts presented to them about the NOW plan to wipe out our civilization. We were left to wonder, what’s next? Perhaps a global Cyber Attack will get everyone’s attention.

Global Currency Reset:

  • On Mon. 14 March Zero new Intel was to be found on the Global Currency Reset – as it had been so throughout the weekend. Apparently all Bond Holders had signed Non Disclosure Agreements and if MarkZ had a call on Mon. 14 March, it wasn’t posted as of this writing.
  • The Gold Standard Act for US currency was approved on March 14, 1900, (122 years ago today Mon. 14 March 2022).
  • “Watch out this week for the financial collapse and watch out for the Queen not being with us anymore.” …Charlie Ward on Mon. 14 March 2022
  • Fleming: “This will be our last weekend of wait-for-it-RV-GCR. It’s already begun. The US is dead last, but we’re the biggest. We are the most important Nation State with the largest number of “exotic currency and digital currency – XRP- holders,” in the world. The Great Shift has begun.
  • Fleming: Judy Byington’s take has it 100% right:
  • Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait and the US were the top gold holders and would go to gold backed currency on Fri. 11 March.
  • Tiers 1, 2, 3 bond holders were to be made liquid with bonds paid out after markets closed on Fri. 11 March.
  • Bruce reported: An executive from the lead bank Wells Fargo said Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) notifications would come out Mon. 14 March, with appointments starting on Ides of March Tues. 15 March.

Restored Republic:

  • Our Civilization’s Near Death Scare Event occurred when the Russians found in the epicenter of the Cabal’s Satanic Operations (Ukraine), 30 Bio-Weapon labs funded by the US and protected by the Neo-Nazi Khazarian Mafia that controlled Ukraine. The Bio-Weapons labs were central to the New World Order’s Depopulation Plan to wipe out 70% of our population this next Fall.
  • Documents and proof of 336 such Bio-Weapon labs across the world were presented to the UN last Fri. 11 March – which took no action.
  • Considering discovery and presumed destruction of the Globalist’s Bio-Weapon labs along with destroying their money-making DUMBS and Underground Tunnels across the globe that held their International Gun, Drug running, Child Sex, organ transplant and Human Trafficking rings, when added to their recent failure to establish medical tyranny through Covid-19 and knowing that the Cabal would go down fighting to their very last breath, the question then arose: Was a large scale False Flag Cyber-Attack imminent?

You are watching a movie – a highly advanced placed Plan was taking place: a Chess Game to expose world corruption.

  • Ukraine is the key. Putin had to make this move.
  • Trump is currently making major moves in the US.
  • Bin Salman is on course moving half a Quintillion through the Middle East and Social Media empires with his connection to the world’s wealthiest subsidiary companies in the world. He owns the most stock in major social Media Markets.
  • Xi and Modi are making major moves.

President Donald Trump:

  • Donald Trump: “I won. They know it, I know it and you know it. Make no mistake. They lost and they know it! In Chess both parties know when the last moves are made before Checkmate. The loser has one option- stall the game. This lasts only moments before the End Game.
  • “All the shootings, Facebook and border exit crap is stalling. The truth: The Military doesn’t need the election audit results. They have everything.
  • “It’s all optics for Red Pilling the masses. White Hats working hard behind the scene to expose everything – from Fauci to Gates to Election results to Covid19. Exposure and bringing to the MSM.
  • “After Events the Military will drop the Hammer: Tribunals against all the leaders in the three branches of the government system that helped Foreign adversaries to capture the U.S Gov. System and brought the Coup against a sitting President Donald Trump.
  • “The Military is the only way. Faith. Promises made. Promises kept.”

The Real News for Mon. 14 March 2022:

  •  “The virus, vaccine, 5-G, riots and wars were all about covering up the Global Currency Reset. There were two resets in place. They planned this for 20 years if not more. Every single corrupt country will collapse.” …Charlie Ward
  • On Mon. 14 March there were Earthquakes in Romania via Sewastopol Russia to Georgia and a massive underground tunnel cleanout in China (the Silk Road).
  • SpaceX launches 48 more Starlink satellites into orbit despite NASA’s warnings.
  • China demands “full account of US bio-military activities” in Ukraine. Chinese foreign ministry claims the US’ responses are “self-contradictory and confusing.” https://twitter.com/MFA_China/status/1503373100695830536
  • Rudy Giuliani reveals what Trump told Merkel at first NATO meeting: https://youtu.be/tHVmIEYw00E

International Child Sex Trafficking:

  • Britney Spears: ‘I Was Subjected to Satanic Illuminati Rituals.’ Pop-star Britney Spears detailed the “satanic” abuse she suffered at the hands of her “illuminati” handlers during her 13-year conservatorship, including sickening sexual rituals, weekly blood transfusions, and Mkultra medical experiments. Spears described in a now-deleted Instagram post on Sunday how she was stripped of her freedom and autonomy and subjected to dark and satanic practices, including “8 gallons of blood” transfusions weekly and sexual assaults by elite attendees, claiming she was “no more than a puppet” to her handlers like her father, and vowing to get “justice.”

Covid/Vax Hoax:

  • Dr. Ryan Cole to World Health subcommittee: “These vaccines do not prevent acquisition of the disease… does not prevent transmission of the disease, does not prevent illness from the disease, and does not prevent death from the disease.”

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