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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

The Germany where the troupe of actors called government shows the indoctrinated people what there is to show in terms of bullshit. And they believe it, no matter how abstruse it is.

The Germany, where surely already many teddy bears are bought, in order to stand with it at airports and railroad stations, in order to receive the predominantly male refugees, mostly also still dark-skinned. In addition the system media strive again and again to report that it is mainly women and children. Pictures? Missing! But you know that from your “quality media”.

The Germany where we will soon have to take out a loan for a tank of gas. The call for tax cuts is getting louder and louder, but our economy minister categorically rejects it. They show us, but it doesn’t do much good.

The Germany, where many resurrect an enemy image from the time of the cold war, and yet there are good people who bring money and food to stuck Russian truckers. Unfortunately, the exception!

The Germany, where gas is sold to Poland, where forests are being cut down to deliver the logs to Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

The Germany, where the “conspiracy theorists” lead meanwhile 38:0, or was it even more?




The Germany, where the population is still made afraid of the flu with masks, distance regulations and vaccination recommendations, in Europe meanwhile the only country. What a clever “virus”, right? It’s easy, too, because very few of my fellow human beings think outside the box, let alone across the border. They are distracted by their fears.

The Germany, in which the prices rise, meanwhile no longer imperceptibly, but hard-hitting and visibly. In parallel, the shelves are getting emptier, so soon we won’t need to get upset about high prices. There’s nothing left to buy? Case closed. And then the questions will come! Good for the one who is in intensive care after his booster! (That’s a lot of people, so sorry for the joke, OK?).

The title came again like a thought flash, the first text lines also. Comparing Germany with an escaperoom I found a little funny too, let’s see what the article will bring, right? First of all, a definition of what an Escape Room is, for those who do not know such a thing:

An Escape Room is a popular activity which can be played by several participants. Locked in a room symbolising a closed place (a castle, a pirate ship, an Egyptian pyramid, a prison, a distant planet, etc.), the participants must work together to investigate and solve the puzzles that will allow them to escape in a limited time.

Reflection, cooperation, imagination and fun, the Escape Room allows everyone to share an amazing and unforgettable moment.

Since 2006/2007, looking back, I feel like I’m in an Escape Room in my own country, only I wasn’t aware of it until then. This leisure activity did not exist for me at that time. Germany as an Escape Room, a very unfair Escape Room, believe me. The set time is for life, the puzzles very often lead to dead ends, help from team members is almost non-existent, so when I started playing the “game” instead of out I got deeper and deeper into the “room”. If I am honest, there was only a “team” in the beginning, as the years went by there were less and less who went with me. There were no visible and tangible successes. The solutions could be as beautiful as they were and could be presented in such a great way. If I did what was pointed out, I was not only alone, no, it harmed me. Looking back, what happened to me was not in vain. It was lessons that led me to where I am now. I was sort of “forced” to pursue other avenues. With articles, with my own channel, with help, with advice and the passing on of “knowledge” or assessments.

The Escape Room “Germany” was opened in the last decades of the 19th century, everyone was let in, and it has been closed ever since. Even those who left Germany as emigrants were not set free. They were just diverted to other Escape Rooms. Because basically the whole world was an Escape Room. Not different countries, but different rooms. And the unsolvable puzzles to escape differed only by languages or ways. Escape was not possible, the whole world did not have one room of freedom. Supposed freedom, yes, certainly. But supposedly free is still locked up, isn’t it?




To keep people from the real solutions, the operators invented more and more new distractions, or became brutal to those who got too close to the solution. I wonder why Creator or Creatress allowed us humans to be locked up for so long. As an answer I had to give myself, I can only think of that we grow from these experiences, learn from these experiences. And when enough people had done this, help to escape showed up. Help of the galactic federation, the alliance, the earth alliance and still many other helpers of the spiritual world, which we know from fables and fairy tales. But they definitely exist. And help of the planet, which made itself available as a playing field. What were conspiracy theories yesterday, are truths today. And more and more people understand this. At least doubts arise, and we know, once a doubt is there, it takes root and grows. It’s always like that, it’s also a law of nature. The last two years, 2020 and 2021, were the years of revival, and 2022 will be the year of liberation. We must not condemn the people who do not see or want to see this. Everyone is awakening at the pace that suits them.

Today there are many channels that continue to educate uncensored about the FRiG and the world, who have really made a tremendous effort to work up all the commercial law and maritime law. Thanks for that, also for not censoring their videos and posts. Shows me that the alliance is in control. I have decided to wait for someone to unlock the FRiG Escape Room and let us all out. I don’t want to go down any more proposed paths, clones or actors, writing to or faxing institutions that no longer exist, that really only exist in name, and won’t exist in the future. Or drafting letters where I have to pay attention to centering, to commas, to periods, to wording, because otherwise it won’t be taken into account. And on top of all that, there are different points of view. One says it this way, the other says it that way. Why? Why can’t I express my will with my own words? Why do I have to abide by rules that no one has reasonably explained and taught me, that I don’t know because they are “secret”? And I have more and more the feeling that I don’t need to do this anymore. An inexplicable certainty that all this is no longer necessary. All this help is just too late for me, I would be using up resources I don’t have now. So I do what I can do for free: Cross my fingers, put successes in the morphogenetic field and observe. And I am happy about every success of others, for example a blocked collateral account. From humans blocked collateral account, mind you! And I am grateful that many go this way. It’s all small cracks that break the system. It’s about time, isn’t it?

So can someone please close the show, give awards (an Oscar, for my sake) to the best actors and directors, then take a bow and let us get going? Please. Duty calls, the Fatherland waits!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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